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Example sentences for "breakfast"

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breaker; breakers; breakes; breakest; breaketh; breakfastcupful; breakfasted; breakfasters; breakfasting; breakfasts
  1. As things might be, if you were the man you were yesterday, willing to throw up everything for me?

  2. Imagination would not take away her courage.

  3. The Clerk of the Court would have asked to accompany him to the Manor Cartier, but he was not sure that Jean Jacques would like it.

  4. Next morning at breakfast I said nothing of my night experiences.

  5. He ate breakfast in solitary grandeur, his thoughts fixed miserably on the explanation that must follow.

  6. But when he pushed back his half-eaten breakfast and arose to his feet it was to grip his hands rather tight, and with pale cheeks walk, laggingly but directly, to the school hall.

  7. On Sunday mornings we have Pfannkuchen with currant jelly, and the Herr Professors come down to breakfast in fearful flappy German slippers.

  8. At an early hour hungry boys and girls were demanding their breakfast "quick" and were hurling orders over the banister at the sleepy Kitchen Police, toiling below.

  9. I have been waiting an hour to eat breakfast with you!

  10. Over their breakfast Aunt Pen and Pat made the plans for the day.

  11. This can be used for breakfast by cutting into slices and frying a crisp brown or made into croquettes, rolled in flour and nicely brown in hot fat.

  12. Now heat the bacon fat left from cooking the bacon for breakfast in a saucepan and place in the meat.

  13. Cook the brains for breakfast or luncheon.

  14. Use a prepared breakfast cereal, such as corn flakes, etc.

  15. So may oatmeal or other leftover breakfast cereals, as well as mashed potatoes, be used.

  16. He spoke, and bowed--not without some dignity--and vanished within the breakfast division of the marquee.

  17. The great marquee was decorated as a Gothic banquet-hall; the breakfast itself was to consist of "all the delicacies of the season.

  18. Breakfast was at half-past seven, and after that, the long morning dragged.

  19. Regular breakfast will be at nine-thirty.

  20. Yes; so she'll have some breakfast made for us.

  21. I usually breakfast in my room and dawdle around until all hours.

  22. The smiling maid appeared with Patty's breakfast tray, followed by Mona and Adèle.

  23. However, the fleshy girl soon learned that if she was to have a reasonable time for breakfast she must be up betimes.

  24. I'll have breakfast with anybody who can wait till I'm ready to get up, and we'll have one dinner all together.

  25. Before she was dressed Georgia Ames appeared, bringing a delicious breakfast tray.

  26. First of all, they are expected to cook a heavy breakfast by 8 o’clock, and nothing seems so hard to a foreigner as this.

  27. Mrs. Gaunt followed in due course, and sat at breakfast with him, looking young and blooming as Hebe, and her eye never off him long.

  28. But when the breakfast was ready the chilliness had become a downright chill, so that the blankets that were over him shook like leaves in a strong wind.

  29. Breakfast parties presuppose a condition of leisure; but when they can be compassed, they are perhaps the most perfectly enjoyable of entertainments.

  30. The next day he began to lay his plans carefully, and disappeared soon after breakfast with the ostensible purpose of climbing a height at some distance for the sake of the prospect.

  31. Make your breakfast quickly, for orders may come at any moment;" and he strode away to look after the general readiness of his men.

  32. Bless me, here's the carriage, and breakfast not half done yet.

  33. The day before I left the school, I gave, as was usually the custom, a breakfast to all my friends; the circumstance of my tormentor's sharing my room obliged me to invite him among the rest.

  34. So friendly was his smile and so polished his manner that they restrained their impatience and finished the excellent breakfast in polite silence.

  35. They started with nothing for breakfast except water, of which they had plenty.

  36. Here they were conducted to a sumptuously furnished dining room where their breakfast awaited them.

  37. However, it is generally considered dangerous to breakfast more than five in a bed.

  38. As we went in to breakfast his lips moved as if he were talking to himself, a habit he had formed whenever he had a great deal on his mind.

  39. I awoke very hungry next morning and after washing, hurried to the table where breakfast usually awaited me.

  40. At last the joyous time came to an end, and after a last breakfast with Dimitri in the dining-room of the Second Platoon, father and I mounted our horses for home.

  41. Breakfast over, we proceeded to council; but as we had no deputations to receive, and no fresh arrangements to make, our sitting was rather brief.

  42. Destripes, as we mustered round the revolutionary breakfast table.

  43. We were sitting at breakfast the next morning, when a man, dressed in black, rode up to the door.

  44. Having obtained the agreeable certainty that breakfast would soon be upon the table, they rambled through the chateau.

  45. Three seals reported on the ice; all hands out after breakfast and the liver and blubber of all three seals were brought in.

  46. We had fish for breakfast this morning, but an even more satisfactory result of the catches has been revealed by Atkinson's microscope.

  47. It looked as though we should have a pretty cold start, but by the end of breakfast the wind had dropped and the sun shone forth.

  48. During the night we had been drifting towards two large bergs, and about breakfast time we were becoming uncomfortably close to one of them--the big floes were binding down on one another, but there seemed to be open water to the S.

  49. We had breakfast at 10, and at noon the wind dropped.

  50. At breakfast we decided to pack and follow the Barrier edge: this was the position when I last wrote, but the interruption came when Bowers, who had taken the binoculars, announced that he could see the ponies about a mile to the N.

  51. After breakfast we served out ski to the men of the landing party.

  52. It was thick and snowy, yet we could have got on; but at breakfast the wind increased, and by 4.

  53. The smell of frying greeted us on awaking this morning, and at breakfast each of us had two of our nutty little Notothenia fish after our bowl of porridge.

  54. After breakfast I went on board and was delighted to find a good solid road right up to the ship.

  55. Taylor and Wright walked there and back after breakfast this morning.

  56. Before breakfast we discovered the ponies had drifted away.

  57. I shaved and bathed last night (the first time for 10 days) and wrote letters from breakfast till tea time to-day.

  58. The frozen fish, which was a large one, sufficed for both breakfast and dinner for the three of them.

  59. We'd better have our breakfast before we start.

  60. And when you get there tell the missionary breakfast is ready.

  61. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, sir.

  62. As she passed us to windward Old Charlie remarked, "There will be few aboard of her to eat breakfast this morning, the way she pitches and rolls.

  63. The next morning the Hindoo was eating his breakfast off the forehatch and looking much better than he had on the preceding evening.

  64. At breakfast the next morning I was telling my shipmates about the strange man on the foc's'le.

  65. They are an enviable breakfast delicacy on land and sea.

  66. A breakfast fit for a king," I replied cheerfully.

  67. Steward," said I, as I perfected my toilet, "what have you for breakfast this morning?

  68. Now you git breakfast just as quick as you can, and I’ll go over and see.

  69. The two, father and boy, had left the log cabin among the pines soon after breakfast in search of minnows for use in fishing.

  70. After breakfast the troubled Preacher went behind the bar in search of those scales, and was caught in the act by the landlord.

  71. When the Preacher came down to breakfast one morning there was the old gentleman, the centre of an admiring group gathered about a muskallonge.

  72. A story is told of a young woman, able to order her breakfast in six different languages, who, spending some days in the home of a farmer, made most mortifying mistakes concerning the common things of country life.

  73. The duchess now arose, and as neither her Grace nor Adelaide expended any unnecessary waste of time at their toilette, they were soon at their post at the breakfast table.

  74. When breakfast was over he again returned; when opening his cloak, he produced a violin and clarionet.

  75. An excellent breakfast was prepared for the voyagers at "The Welch Harp," and very soon smoked upon the board.

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