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  1. To leave your card on the local representative of Queen Wilhelmina is the first rule of etiquette to be observed by the foreigner traveling in the Outer Possessions.

  2. It was as though a foreigner visiting the United States were to land at Sag Harbor, on the far end of Long Island, instead of at New York.

  3. Randal, "strange that my fortunes seem so bound up with the fate of a foreigner like Beatrice di Negra and her connection with Frank Hazeldean.

  4. Meanwhile Nora took refuge in a quiet lodging in a sequestered suburb, which an English servant in the em ployment of the fair foreigner recommended.

  5. As you know yourself, Senor Aguara, one of our statutes is that no foreigner who marries a Paraguayan woman may take her out of the country without permission of the President--our executive chief.

  6. The poor foreigner was duly crestfallen, as happens whenever one has nearly spoilt a friend's property through some piece of blundering.

  7. A respectable witness takes his oath that he saw the trooper strike the foreigner with his clenched fist, and knock him down.

  8. The poor foreigner tries to make a defence, but was fined five pounds.

  9. It was my decided opinion, however much a foreigner may be respected on the gold-fields, that the right man should be taken from among Britons.

  10. The hand of the foreigner had loosened the stone from the mountain-side, but it rolled down by its own laws.

  11. To them the foreigner represented force and nothing else.

  12. The presence of the foreigner on the soil sacred to the gods was an insult and a deep humiliation.

  13. It was the first open attempt by the Chinese to apply the homoeopathic principle to their international affairs in using the foreigner as an antidote to the foreigner.

  14. Now, on the contrary, the foreigner who enters the gate is hustled, robbed, and stoned.

  15. An embassy to Europe and America was appointed, equipped, and despatched in the month of November 1867, and with a foreigner at its head.

  16. Nevertheless, the ubiquitous Jesuit had found his way there, under desperate subterfuges; for if the foreigner in general was proscribed, the foreign religionist was anathema to the rulers of Korea.

  17. Whatever the true motives may have been for recasting the Tsungli-Yamen--and it would be hazardous for any foreigner to dogmatise about such matters--a great improvement was remarked in the efficiency of that body.

  18. If aggression towards a foreigner on the part of a great man's servants were submitted to, there would be no end to it, they being 500 to 1.

  19. He cannot foresee that a French frigate will soon lie in the very bay smiling at his feet, and cover the returning foreigner with her batteries.

  20. The curious foreigner pokes, a human raven, over the scenes of carnage.

  21. The foreigner is ruling within their gates.

  22. For the first time in its history the foreigner is master here, Though personally unknown to these mixed revolutionists, Maxime Valois is free to go in safety.

  23. Western and Christian Europe was placed, territorially, beyond reach of attacks from the foreigner and infidel.

  24. Give up Caesar to the Germans, and let the foreigner know that Rome does not enjoin perjury, and rejects with horror the fruit thereof!

  25. He felt a shame for it before the foreigner such as a slave on the block may feel before her purchaser for the father and the family that have sold her into disgrace.

  26. I think I told you, my Lord, in one of my letters, that I had owed a very happy, yet very struggling time in my boyhood to the singular kindness and generous instructions of a foreigner whom I served.

  27. True, you told me of that; and your foreigner will be pleased to hear of your success, and no less so of your grateful recollections.

  28. But indeed it so rarely happens that an Italian girl of high name marries a foreigner that we must dismiss this notion with a smile at the long face of the hypothetical fortune-hunter.

  29. I know him but slightly, as one knows any foreigner who makes a sensation.

  30. And this foreigner was the uncle of the Emperor of the French, of the conqueror of the world.

  31. The children of the foreigner faded away, And came trembling from their strongholds.

  32. At the hearing of the ear they made themselves obedient to me; The children of the foreigner came feigning to me.

  33. Silently the Jewish guide and the curious foreigner go by one place where under an old lilac bush a heap of stone stands out, and when the foreigner asks, ‘What is this?

  34. The real cause of the sudden deadly hatred of the foreigner was twofold.

  35. It was more than doubtful if, at that time, the Japanese had any right to stop a foreigner from travelling in Korea, for the passport regulations had long been virtually obsolete.

  36. In some of the places I found only terrorized and tearful women who did not dare to speak to a foreigner because the local gendarmes would beat and torture them if they did so.

  37. More than one foreigner is saying, these days, 'I am proud of the Koreans.

  38. Their doings were the laugh and the amazement of every foreigner in the place.

  39. He had the idea that the Christians favoured the coming of the foreigner and so he turned his wrath on them.

  40. Finally, the Government of Korea was to engage no foreigner without the consent of the Japanese head.

  41. Under these, any person who, even as a non-commercial act, allowed a foreigner to stay in his or her house for a night or more must hereafter at once report the fact to the police or gendarmes.

  42. He braced himself up for an interview with some stranger, and in walked a foreigner wrapped in a long cloak, and looking exceedingly like a stage brigand.

  43. Foreigner though he might be, it was the Primate's part to speak for the conquered race the words it could no longer utter.

  44. Resentment against the foreigner dimmed her sense of horror.

  45. Honor," rejoined Pyot gravely, "the opinion of all those who have seen the body is that it is that of a foreigner .

  46. The mystery which surrounded the foreigner who lodged at the Quakeress's cottage had made strong appeal to her idealism.

  47. The mysterious foreigner had a small court round him; Adam Lambert, only his brother and the old Quakeress.

  48. She alone--save the murderer himself--knew that the man who lay in that deal coffin out there was not the mysterious foreigner who had never existed.

  49. They quite felt with the old woman's sullenness, her hatred of the foreigner who had disturbed the serenity of her life.

  50. He had been allowed to view the body, and to swear before Squire Boatfield that he recognized the clothes as being those usually worn by the mysterious foreigner who used to haunt the woods and park of Acol all last summer.

  51. There was no direct access from the cottage to the forge, and old Mistress Lambert seemed satisfied that the foreigner should rest there, at any rate until the smith came home, when, mayhap, he would decide otherwise.

  52. He had oft seen the foreigner of nights in the park, and never doubted for a moment that the body which lay across the elm chairs in the smith's forge was indeed that of the stranger.

  53. Therefore, the foreigner with the high-sounding name was conveyed by the watches at the squire's bidding to the cottage of the Lamberts over at Acol, the only place in Thanet which he had ever called his home.

  54. At a given date all through the Shah's dominions--and this shows a good deal of determination--the foreigner and his tobacco were to be treated with contempt.

  55. The foreigner is usually fluent in four, five or six different languages, and has a smattering of scientific knowledge which, if not very deep, is at any rate sufficient for the purposes required.

  56. From this social caricature it seems that some distinguished foreigner was visiting this country in 1784, whose general appearance was exciting more public attention than would be considered polite.

  57. English Curiosity, or the Foreigner stared out of Countenance.

  58. The foreigner is dressed in a gay military uniform, and has gone to enjoy himself at the theatre; but the eyes of the audience do little else but stare at his uniform.

  59. English Curiosity, or the Foreigner Stared out of Countenance.

  60. English Curiosity, or the Foreigner Stared out of Countenance, i.

  61. But since Paddy was a foreigner he was possessed of some curious license, and his grotesque ways could be explained fully in the simple phrase, "'Tis a foreigner.

  62. How can one expect such a man to meet with a foreigner on even terms, or to treat him with equality and true friendship?

  63. Where the foreigner produces at lower cost, gets the lowest available rates by reason of size {396}of consignment, style of packing, etc.

  64. No man considers a foreigner entitled to the same openness and truth from him as his own people.

  65. Here and there, no doubt, a real friendship springs up between a foreigner and a Chinese, owing to qualities which each finds and appreciates in the other, but as a rule the feeling hardly goes beyond one of respect.

  66. I could give numberless instances of the tact and fine feeling constantly displayed by my hosts in their dealings with the dumb and unknown foreigner who seemed to have sprung upon them from nowhere.

  67. That the Chinese in general have no liking for the foreigner seems to me a matter for no surprise whatever.

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