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  1. Smithlord, expecting it was another foreign decoration and wondering what language he would have to speak this time.

  2. A bit of a scrap with a foreign power would do us all the good in the world.

  3. A new and unintelligible system is presented to them in a language foreign to their understanding, and contradictory to their feelings.

  4. From the Egyptian character of the designs, and especially of the drapery of the figures, in several of the specimens, it may be inferred that some of them were not Assyrian, but had been brought from a foreign people.

  5. ANU, the Lord of the Mountains, or of Foreign Countries.

  6. The ornaments on them were so purely Assyrian, that there can be little doubt of their having been expressly made for the Assyrian king, and not having been the spoil of some foreign nation.

  7. I caused the inhabitants of foreign countries (?

  8. Whilst the Babylonians thus imported the produce of the East and West, they also supplied foreign countries with many valuable articles of trade.

  9. The subsequent part of the inscription contains no notice of any foreign conquests, but speaks of the building of various temples and palaces in addition to the walls of Babylon and Borsippa.

  10. This was done because foreign builders had sent their engines, which they themselves claimed were built on his system, and they had placed his name on their productions.

  11. I do not choose to be caught by a foreign enemy at the end of this exhausting conflict; and still less in the midst of it.

  12. It is sometimes wise and even necessary for a government to postpone seeking a settlement of difficulties with a foreign power, even when it is clear that a settlement is highly desirable.

  13. Foreign ministers we have had eighty-six and they but fifty-four.

  14. She is my brother's daughter; he and I Had once hard words, and parted, and he died In foreign lands; but for his sake I bred His daughter Dora.

  15. Many young people are being confirmed in English and they often attend services in foreign languages.

  16. His appellation carries the thought of a peculiarity of that particular age, which is foreign to the people of our own.

  17. Shem alone is the true root and stem, yet the heathen are grafted upon this stem, as a foreign branch, and become partakers of the fatness and the sap which are in the chosen tree.

  18. Thus ideas most foreign to the sense of Scripture are defended 46-47.

  19. For he had no need whatever to fear his father and mother, who at the divine command had thrust him out to go into some foreign land.

  20. But his mercy is the more abundantly exercised because it is the very nature of God, while wrath really is foreign to God; he takes it upon himself contrary to his nature and forced thereto by the wickedness of men.

  21. The native musicians were very naturally jealous of the foreigner, and the numerous foreign musicians in London jealous of one who made more money out of the extravagant English than they did themselves.

  22. It was probably the Elector's intention that he should spend some time in foreign travel before taking up regular duty.

  23. Vortiger bethought him what he might do, and thought to send messengers into other lands, after foreign knights, who might him defend; and thought to be wary against Ambrosie and Uther.

  24. Afterwards thou drewest upon thee foreign people, the Saxons to this land, therefore thou shalt be destroyed!

  25. Two days or three thus shall this token be, ere foreign men approach to the land.

  26. The five shall remain, the sixth shall forth proceed out of the country to a foreign land; be he man ever so loved, he shall forth depart.

  27. The fare was simple, but various and abundant; no dishes with foreign names, no drinks more luxurious than sherry and claret.

  28. To brave it would be possible, of course; but then we must either go to a foreign country or live here in isolation.

  29. Barrington Spink and his foreign looking mechanic were running the new boat Spink had built all about the cove to show her paces, using, of course, only the motor.

  30. Foreign Office and we had big receptions I was puzzled sometimes.

  31. They travel very little, don't read much foreign literature, and are quite absorbed in their own interests and surroundings.

  32. We dined at the Palazzo della Consulta where Cairoli, Foreign Minister, lives.

  33. I have done a fair amount of sight-seeing these days, and yesterday he paid a long visit to Cardinal Nina--Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Vatican.

  34. The foreign marriages, too, make a difference.

  35. Much chaffing and commenting when some pretty girl appeared, smiling and blushing, wanting to have a letter written to her sweetheart away with his regiment in foreign parts or high up on some of the hills with his sheep or cattle.

  36. It doesn't make the position of the Ambassador very pleasant, but Desprez is very wise, has had long training at the Foreign Office, and will certainly do all he can to conciliate and keep things straight.

  37. Visconti Venosta was going to make a great speech attacking the Ministry on their foreign policy, and they thought there would be a lively seance.

  38. Foreign Minister, decreed that henceforth no "paquets" of any kind that were not on official business could be sent by the "valise.

  39. Foreign Office, "one of the few men who could look ahead a little, and who was independent, not limited in his views by what the Chamber of Deputies would think.

  40. Under a French form, the word appears in a speech of Robespierre's, quoted in the British and Foreign Review for July, 1844, p.

  41. Finally, forced to take refuge with a foreign power, he was there a prisoner, and there he died.

  42. I have met with them, and I thank God for them; and what may not be good for English children may be good for foreign ones.

  43. Now this, he says, was the state of men before Christ came; this is the state of all men by nature still; the state of all poor heathens, whether in England or in foreign countries.

  44. There he knocked upon a door, which was soon opened by a man apparently forty years of age, a man of slightly foreign appearance, with a careworn look, but with as honest a face as you could find anywhere.

  45. May you never forget who you are, and that your grandfather, aye, and his grandfather, and so on back, have bled and died on foreign soil for the same flag and country that you are going to serve.

  46. For, because of the greatness of their empire, many things were brought to them from foreign countries, and the island itself provided much of what was required by them for the uses of life.

  47. The fact that there was in Europe, Asia, or Africa no copper or tin age prior to the Bronze Age, is conclusive testimony that the manufacture of bronze was an importation into those continents from some foreign country.

  48. They claim to be full-blooded Zunians, and have no tradition of intermarriage with any foreign race.

  49. The silence of all other myths of the Pharaonic religion on this head render it very likely that the above is merely a foreign tradition, recently introduced, and no doubt of Asiatic and Chaldean origin.

  50. The fact that in America alone of all the world is found the Copper Age, which must necessarily have preceded the Bronze Age, teaches us to look to the westward of Europe and beyond the sea for that foreign country.

  51. He then shows that, although copper ores are found in the Alps, the probability is that even "the copper also was of foreign importation.

  52. The god Thoth of the Egyptians, who was the god of a foreign country, and who invented letters, was called At-hothes.

  53. In Yucatan the traditions all point to an Eastern and foreign origin for the race.

  54. Morlot has pointed out that the bronze implements of Hallstadt, in Austria, were of foreign origin, because they contain no lead or silver.

  55. But he was impressed and startled by smartly dressed men and women, the passing of carriages, and a sudden conviction that he was strange and foreign to what he saw.

  56. A herring and soda water might have sufficed, but these were matters foreign to the manor.

  57. His spirits had received a dampener, but in a few minutes he seized upon a cigar and began smoking; as the wreaths curled over his head he began to talk, and this time it was on subjects totally foreign to myself and even to himself.

  58. They consisted of vague vapourings about the easterly boundary, the unpreparedness of the army, even mentioning foreign intervention.

  59. He is just now creating a new article of export; he has undertaken to supply a foreign enterprise with tar, Norwegian tar.

  60. We asked the Lord to give us the means which are needed for carrying on the day schools, for buying Bibles, as several sorts are needed, and to enable us to assist missionary work in foreign countries.

  61. Received a little bag made of foreign seed, and a shell flower, to be sold for the building fund.

  62. During this month I had been especially led to send much assistance to home and foreign laborers.

  63. My soul has been longing for further supplies for home and foreign laborers, to whom I have sent of late all I could.

  64. As to this latter point, my heart had been especially longing to be able to send again help to home and foreign laborers, knowing how very great the need of many is.

  65. It had in addition to this been much in my heart to send some money to several brethren who labor in foreign lands, in dependence upon the Lord only for their pecuniary supplies; but I had been kept from doing so for want of means.

  66. Now at last, in answer to my prayers, I have received this morning one hundred and sixty pounds for home and foreign laborers.

  67. I therefore disposed of the money, to aid such foreign missionary brethren as, according to the best of my knowledge, resembled most the class of men whom she wished to assist.

  68. One thousand five hundred and fifty-nine pounds eleven shillings sixpence was spent in this way, by which twenty-one brethren were assisted who labored in foreign lands, and nineteen who labored in Great Britain and Ireland.

  69. In the conduct of his foreign relations, the Bruce proved himself an adept in diplomacy.

  70. Speaking in a low, wonderfully rich voice, Vittoria Lodi led the way into the familiar little salon, where a young man, known to most of the foreign colony in Florence, sat reading a medical paper.

  71. A grayish tinge, absolutely foreign to it, had overspread his face.

  72. But so foreign were these things to Ivan's own simplicity of nature, that he ended by repudiating his first doubts of the boy before him who had borne so much.

  73. He pitied, profoundly; yet he wondered at much in this ethereal, fair-haired youth that was utterly foreign to himself.

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