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  1. But this letter is not at all explicit; it merely condemns those who pretend "to deprive the Church of the external jurisdiction and coercive power which was given her to win back sinners to the ways of righteousness.

  2. They explicitly affirmed that the Church had the right to exercise over her erring children "constraint by an external judgment and salutary penalties," but they said nothing about the nature of these penalties.

  3. Every Catholic will admit that the Church has a coercive power, in both the external and the internal forum.

  4. It seemed to palliate the too flagrant contradiction which existed between ecclesiastical justice and the teaching of Christ, and it gave at least an external homage to the teaching of St. Augustine, and the first Fathers of the Church.

  5. In the case before us this assumption is met by the peculiar difficulty, that the culture of Egypt is influenced essentially by the nature of the land, and therefore can hardly have had an external origin.

  6. Inscriptions are not found now on the external side of the pyramid.

  7. With this result before us the only course open is to seek for external evidence, and attempt to ascertain the antiquity of the civilisation of Egypt independently of the priests and their traditions.

  8. In the ruins of Erech the whole space between the three prominent heaps of ruins and the external walls is filled with tombs, bones, and relics of the dead.

  9. Only a few external touches in the dress of the priests can be carried back with certainty to Egyptian influence.

  10. On the external wall of this hall are displayed the triumphs of Sethos over the Schasu, the Cheta, and the Retennu; there are recorded the campaigns already mentioned against the tribes of Cush, the Punt, and the Naharina.

  11. As this use of pictures to assist the memory became more common and more regular, from external no less than internal reasons, it quickly acquired certain abbreviations and combinations.

  12. In the ten reliefs mentioned above the external wall of the second court displays in the most brilliant colours the warlike achievements of Ramses III.

  13. The primary result of this feeling was that the body must be preserved as the vehicle of personality even when life and soul have left it; it must be protected from decay and ruin and any external disturbance by nature or man.

  14. On the external walls pictures are everywhere engraved, and the temple in which the statue of the goddess stands is also surrounded by very lofty trees.

  15. The error arose from interpreting exoterically instead of esoterically, and was a natural result of that system of western scholarship which sees and often cares only to examine external aspects.

  16. It is the depth and intensity of this early intuitive knowledge of the external world that explain why the experiences of childhood take such a firm hold on the memory.

  17. To limit the sphere of outward activity is to relieve the will of external stimulus: to limit the sphere of our intellectual efforts is to relieve the will of internal sources of excitement.

  18. But though self-discipline of this kind is the result of long habit, it always works by a sort of external compulsion, which Nature never ceases to resist and sometimes unexpectedly overcomes.

  19. But when scientists speak of the principle of life as being the outcome of an act of spontaneous generation without any external creative power, then we must disagree with them.

  20. It was no part of the ancient oratory to raise the affections of the congregation, either by gesticulations, or the use of external shows.

  21. Johnson defines a ceremony to be "outward rite, external form in religion.

  22. All the office and power of man in it is only to minister the external form, but the internal power and grace of remission of sins is properly God's.

  23. This is to be attributed partly to external and partly to internal advantages.

  24. He went round the cantonments, and saw at once how large a force it required to defend such extensive works, and how small a body of troops could be spared for external operations.

  25. While external affairs stand thus, internal matters are not free from anxiety.

  26. The misfortune of this was that so many troops were necessary for the actual defence of the works, that only a few could be spared for external operations.

  27. It merely aggravated the external symptoms of a deeply-seated disease.

  28. His thoughts were continually ranging beyond the limits of Shah Soojah’s dominions; and whilst the edifice he had reared was falling to pieces by the force of its own innate corruptness, he was devising measures of external defence.

  29. The Rabbit is closely allied to the Hare in its form and external aspect, the two differ greatly in habits.

  30. Their coat is harsh, abundant and long; and they have neither tail nor any visible external ear.

  31. Of the Whale proper, there are no less than seven different kinds; all distinguished from each other by their external figure or internal formation.

  32. Until they become perfectly hard, these two early sprouts are protected from any external friction by a kind of velvety skin, which dries up as soon as the cartilage turns to bone.

  33. The Pangolin (from the Javanese word Pangoeling, meaning to roll into a ball) have short legs, furnished with stout claws; they are devoid of any external ear and have no trace of teeth.

  34. The Seals belonging to this group differ from the others in having prominent external ears.

  35. The Roman has less religious passion and also much less abandonment to the external than the Southerner or even the Englishman.

  36. Indeed the way in which all external expression is regarded by the Italian differs radically from the way in which it presents itself to the Anglo-Saxon and the Teuton.

  37. We in England, also, do not know how to express ourselves by means of external symbols; but the Italian experiences no such difficulty.

  38. His medium of existence is therefore essentially inward knowledge and not external natural form, by means of which He can only be represented imperfectly, and not in the whole depth of His idea.

  39. Now, what art transfers into external existence are the differences[161] proper to the idea of beauty and immanent therein.

  40. Even the child's first impulse involves this practical modification of external things.

  41. The concrete content itself involves the element of external and actual, we may say indeed of sensible manifestation.

  42. For this external element no longer has its notion and significance, as in classical art, in its own sphere, and in its own medium.

  43. Now the spiritual has withdrawn into itself out of the external and its immediate oneness therewith.

  44. For each type finds its definite character in some one definite external material, and its adequate actuality in the mode of portrayal which that prescribes.

  45. For art-scholarship (and this is its defective side) is capable of resting in an acquaintance with purely external aspects, such as technical or historical details, etc.

  46. Do you assure me, then, that you will cure me of my leprosy, without making me take any potion, or applying any external medicine?

  47. The external forms, the actual relief, which are the product chiefly of the superficial agencies or erosion.

  48. Besides external symmetry of form, crystallization produces also regularity of internal structure, and often of fracture.

  49. The constituent particles are chiefly, at least, distinctly crystalline, as shown either by external form, or cleavage, or both.

  50. And the external form of the mass may be:— Botryoidal, having grape-like surfaces.

  51. And in Peredonov's case, the inner spirit takes possession of external objects, and all the concrete things that his eyes see become symbols of the evil that is within himself.

  52. These mythical deep-rooted groves, throwing out fresh shoots from age to age in the popular literature of the race, are far more convincing proofs of the early existence of these traditions than any mere external evidence'.

  53. How, Rousseau asks, can the will of the State help being for me a merely external will, imposing itself upon my own?

  54. The rest being equal, the government under which, without external aids, without naturalisation or colonies, the citizens increase and multiply most, is beyond question the best.

  55. It may be said that the reason for expansion, being merely external and relative, ought to be subordinate to the reasons for contraction, which are internal and absolute.

  56. The will remains purely rational, but Rousseau feels that it needs an external motive power.

  57. External ornaments are no less foreign to virtue, which is the strength and activity of the mind.

  58. This does not mean that the body politic cannot enter into undertakings with others, provided the contract is not infringed by them; for in relation to what is external to it, it becomes a simple being, an individual.

  59. I will show later on how the external strength of a great people[2] may be combined with the convenient polity and good order of a small State.

  60. I had intended to do this in the sequel to this work, when in dealing with external relations I came to the subject of confederations.

  61. But what desires can always be satisfied despite external circumstances?

  62. Before that she had been to me an extraneous but majestic object of external nature: but since then she has become a human being.

  63. It has been shown that such children will be exposed, even under favoring external circumstances, to the danger of neuralgia at certain important stages of their physiological history.

  64. The following are various sources of external irritation which I have known to produce the affection: 1.

  65. Then there is the auricular branch, which starts from the same two pairs, and supplies the face, the parotid region, and the back of the external ear.

  66. These cases, however, are very rare in comparison with others in which the peripheral source of the neuralgia is either the uterus or ovary, or the external genitals.

  67. But the damage inflicted upon his nervous system by various external influences was quite extraordinary.

  68. Five months before coming to me she sustained a severe shock from being thrown out of a chaise, without suffering any external or visible damage.

  69. One case has recently been under my care in which the foci of greatest intensity of the pain were an external humeral and a radial point; but besides these there was an exquisitely painful scapular point.

  70. But when the external call of the gospel is attended by the internal call of the Holy Spirit, he feels a quickening power; he hears and obeys the divine command.

  71. In addition to this, the writing may be modified by the results of training and other external influences.

  72. The absurdity of the claim is self-evident, for the "flashes" due to a blow do not emit light, and can therefore never cause any external object to be visible.

  73. It was proved that on the day of the murder Tawell had bought some Scheele's prussic acid in London, but he accounted for this by the fact that he was constantly in the habit of buying the poison for external use.

  74. The human soul uses reason, sees many things, inquires about many more; but even the best instructed receives by his external senses (as through a lattice) light and the beginnings of knowledge.

  75. The covering prevents the wind, and the motion of air from any external cause.

  76. Roman monk =Jovinian= opposed on substantial doctrinal grounds the prevailing notions about the merit of works and external observances, especially monasticism, asceticism, celibacy and fasting.

  77. His piety was deep, earnest and sincere, but is quite of the legalistic and hard external kind that characterizes Roman Catholicism.

  78. Christ and those crucified with Him proves His divinity--is both on external and on internal grounds extremely doubtful.

  79. It was as though that extra-worldly endowment of her childhood having ceased to manifest in external ways, had turned its light inwards.

  80. If we think truth, we see it expressed in harmony, beauty, symmetry, because the external is the expression of the internal.

  81. If you think the real and true, you help to make that show forth, if you only think of the external or apparent trouble or defect, and regard it as the real, you are harming instead of helping.

  82. Personally, that is, physically we are only a part of all external limitation.

  83. What, then, are these so-called "personal liberties" which the individual is supposed to possess in virtue of his humanity and independently of any authority external to himself?

  84. Old Andries passed a hand over his eyes, in the way one is apt to do when he wishes to aid a mental effort by external application.

  85. I am not certain that any external cause aroused me from my slumbers.

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