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Example sentences for "extraneous"

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extrait; extraits; extrajudicial; extramundane; extramural; extraordinaire; extraordinar; extraordinarie; extraordinaries; extraordinarily
  1. The Sixth, a good many of them, were imprudent enough to look very guilty at the reading of this extract, a circumstance which appeared to afford keenest delight to the Fifth.

  2. The greater the dissimilarity in timbre between the harmonic basis on the one hand and the melodic design on the other, the less discordant the notes extraneous to the harmony will sound.

  3. There is no doubt that the harmonic notes, the thirds of the fundamental one (E) are more prominent from their proximity with the notes extraneous to the harmony.

  4. The whole question as to what is allowed and what forbidden in the employment of notes extraneous to the harmony is one of the most difficult in the whole range of composition; the permissible length of such notes is in no way established.

  5. The vessel in which the vacuum is produced would have to be protected so that no extraneous heat could be conveyed or conducted into it in any way whatever.

  6. We have no reason for supposing that an enormous supply of extraneous heat was crammed into each nebula, merely to be radiated into space before condensation could take place, and thus retard the execution of the work in hand.

  7. In the same manner, to change the water into its solid state of ice it has to be put into a similar bath, not to extract heat from it, because it has not any to extract, but to prevent extraneous heat from getting into it.

  8. We have seen how, owing to the special conditions of naval warfare, extraneous necessities intrude themselves which make it inevitable that operations for exercising command should accompany as well as follow operations for securing command.

  9. Only in Portugal, the defence of which was a true limited object, and where we had a sea-girt theatre independent of extraneous allies, was success achieved from the first.

  10. Man, uninfluenced by extraneous circumstances, will almost always be led to seek that peculiar scenery in the external world which harmonizes with the state of the world in his own heart at the time.

  11. It does all this by extraneous aid, to be sure, but when the aid has come, it HAS done it and the result is secure.

  12. The directly apprehended universe needs, in short, no extraneous trans-empirical connective support, but possesses in its own right a concatenated or continuous structure.

  13. Whoso tells us of the one, it is then supposed, must also be telling us of the other; and a true idea must in a manner BE, or at least YIELD without extraneous aid, the reality it cognitively is possessed of.

  14. It is always a sentiment of extraneous suggestion, never a novelty in thought, that inspires our authoress.

  15. They may be crushed or restrained in their development by overloading the soul with extraneous objects; but in proportion as these powers are starved out or crushed out, the man sinks, the animal rises.

  16. Those who conferred it had too much their own way in the administration of the Federal Government, during the first twelve years of its existence, to require extraneous aid to push its power to the extremes they desired.

  17. Our love, too, proceeding from ourselves and returning to us, would suffice to make our life blessed, and would stand in need of no extraneous enjoyment.

  18. For the body is not an extraneous ornament or aid, but a part of man's very nature.

  19. A secret satisfaction came over her pallid, waxy countenance, in which her black eyes were like twin swift extraneous creatures: oddly like two bright little dark animals in the snow.

  20. And Ciccio, splashing up on his bay horse and green cloth, he was a mountebank and an extraneous nonentity, a coloured old rag blown down the Knarborough Road into Limbo.

  21. And even as he turned to look for her, she felt a strange thrilling in her bowels: a sort of trill strangely within her, yet extraneous to her.

  22. Odd, extraneous creatures, often a little depressed, feeling life slip away from them.

  23. And Pancrazio was always carrying up something, for he loved the extraneous jobs like building a fire-place much more than the heavy work of the land.

  24. It makes me feel as I did when I was a child, and Mother commanded me to let myself be kissed by unkissable and extraneous grown-ups.

  25. But he also wanted to collect extraneous evidence, in Scotland.

  26. The characters of this rhythm may be influenced by various extraneous causes.

  27. Palpebral tics are among those that ordinarily begin by a spasmodic reaction to an extraneous source of irritation, such as that yielded by a foreign body, a speck of dust, an eyelash, or by any form of conjunctival inflammation.

  28. The goal to strive after is the repression of their tic under all conditions, apart from extraneous intervention and influence.

  29. It was Stuart's habit to leave Peter at the gate, without jarring by extraneous chatter what they had found of magic in their day.

  30. A book should be thought, crystallized into truth, hard as rock, stripped of all extraneous fungus, and with some clear purpose to serve in publication, whether of good or evil.

  31. Dip into the mixture a very soft and very clean sponge, which you must first ascertain to be perfectly free from sand, grit, or any extraneous object.

  32. Eye-stones are frequently used to extract motes from the eye, sparks from steam-engines, and other extraneous substances.

  33. How could we judge what remained extraneous to us?

  34. Aesthetic pleasure is sometimes reinforced by pleasures arising from extraneous facts, which are only casually found united with it.

  35. All the other forms (natural sciences and mathematics) are impure, being mingled with extraneous elements of practical origin.

  36. In like manner certain orators and actors introduce into a work of art an emotion extraneous to the work of art itself.

  37. Besides the extraneous substances, like peeces of small boxes, or combs handsomely wrought, handles of small brasse instruments, brazen nippers, and in one some kinde of Opale.

  38. It was evident, however, that she was a little lady, though she wore a badly made frock, and her hat sat like a hard, extraneous Bath bun on the top of her neat head.

  39. Everybody knew that no train would leave Kern for San Francisco until night, but the imperious lady was in no mood to receive extraneous information.

  40. We exclude from consideration all deer that are winter-fed or otherwise assisted, and of course all that have been "improved" by crosses with extraneous blood.

  41. But thereupon occurred an influx of extraneous vermin (foxes and wild-cats) from adjacent wilds, and Nature restored her former exiguous balance of life.

  42. Accordingly, we find that every book which excites the cupidity of the true bibliophile derives its magic power primarily from within, and that this power is often materially increased by reason of extraneous considerations.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "extraneous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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