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  1. We are not ready, it is true, for exotic humans.

  2. Because these serve for outlet to their restive emotionalism and supply scope for exotic sensation, while at the same time giving them temporary mastery over the male--who is always at a disadvantage in exhibitions of feeling.

  3. This garden abounded with all sorts of delicious fruit and exotic simples, fountains of sundry inventions, groves, and small rivulets.

  4. We were invited to the collection of exotic rarities in the Museum of Ferdinando Imperati, a Neapolitan nobleman, and one of the most observable palaces in the city, the repository of incomparable rarities.

  5. Behind the castle the present Duke Gaston had begun a fair building, through which we walked into a large garden, esteemed for its furniture one of the fairest, especially for simples and exotic plants, in which he takes extraordinary delight.

  6. Hence to the physic-garden, well stored with exotic plants, if the catalogue presented to me by the gardener be a faithful register.

  7. It is well chosen, having in it hills, meadows, wood and upland, natural and artificial, and is richly stored with exotic plants.

  8. The profitable fruit-trees he rooted out, and planted rosemary and valerian, and exotic shrubs, or scentless amaranths, in their stead.

  9. A stately cypress avenue leads to the entrance doorway, through which one enters an oblong court full of exotic growth and even in April a blaze of colour.

  10. Of all these the Casa del Chapiz, though degraded into a low-class dwelling, is with its beautiful garden the most perfect remnant of the exotic Moor.

  11. The very leather- parings and bits of thread that had drifted from the work-bench into the front yard, and seemed to have taken root there like some strange exotic weed, were a delight to him.

  12. An outline of the physical aspects of the exotic kinsman who had so unexpectedly added himself to the figures at our happy fireside seems not out of place here.

  13. Camellias strewed the very floors in the ante-room and passages; hundreds of exotic plants decorated the hall, the corridors, and the rooms.

  14. The ceiling was hung with glittering cloth of gold; the brilliant flowers and exotic fruits, the sheen of silver and crystal, under the blaze of gas lights as numerous as the stars of heaven, were dazzling with splendour.

  15. Esther was at the door to meet her, and even in this outer air she could hardly help putting up her nose a little at the exotic smell.

  16. To Anne, Madame Beattie was exotic as some strange eastern flower, not less impressive because it was a little wilted and showed the results of brutal usage.

  17. The human soul, however weak, is not like an exotic plant.

  18. Instead of wise, patient effort to develop a feeble constitution and to educate his mind by systematic courses of study, he had been treated as an exotic all his days.

  19. As though answering intuitively the unspoken question on my lips, she shrugged blame from her as some exotic songbird might have shrugged its first snow.

  20. Like a palm trying to patronize a pine tree, his crisp exotic young ego swept down across her young serenity.

  21. Except for the exotic hardware, this lowbrow looks as if he has sunk back into the Stone Age.

  22. The more I look at it the more I believe that this is a physical problem, something to do with the exotic and massive adjustments the Disans have made to this hellish environment.

  23. Indifferently turning the body over, the boy drew the knife, as indifferently wiping it on the dead man's raiment, and stood for a moment as still as any one of the exotic specimens of statuary which ornamented the whole house.

  24. She was admirable in her madcap carelessness and exotic colouring.

  25. The exotic names transposed his thoughts to another avenue.

  26. Lora was vastly amused; this was indeed a courtship out of the ordinary--it pleased her exotic taste.

  27. For she read very stiltedly, with a strange exotic accent for the love passages or the death scenes.

  28. If the coal-tit does this, then it seems likely that the great-tit does so also, in which case his extracting the seeds from the larger cones of exotic firs would be only what one might expect.

  29. Brazilian landscapes painted by Frans Post, richly carved chimney-pieces, and exotic objects of every kind adorned the halls; but, alas!

  30. But there are few exotic peoples (Andamanese, Ainus, certain Hindus) who make use of the same gestures.

  31. In Gustave Moreau's work, conceived independently of the Testament themes, Des Esseintes as last saw realized the superhuman and exotic Salome of his dreams.

  32. It grew warmer and a soft wind whispered through the strange wide-spreading trees and bushes and exotic blossoms.

  33. Bowren moved down a winding lane between exotic blossoms, through air saturated with the damp scent of night-blooming flowers.

  34. The display continued for almost an hour, as one exotic device after another was carried next to the riverfront.

  35. That morning, however, she reigned like an exotic flower, flourishing amid the mercantile gloom.

  36. It is a remarkable little place, generally over-looked by travellers in the rush to the show-places of the Riviera, and the suggestion is here made that any who are seeking for a real exotic could not do better than hunt it here.

  37. Not only the rock-bound gorge but the whole basin of Ollioules is a wonderland of exotic and rare natural beauties.

  38. La Turbie is quite as much of an exotic as Eze.

  39. Another exotic in the way of nomenclature which one meets at Villefranche is moucharabieh, which is not found in many dictionaries of the French language.

  40. The Villa Eilen-Roc has also wonderful gardens, laid out with exotic plants, and open to visitors.

  41. His power in creating designs that are alive is hardly more original and personal than his use of antique and exotic formulae in rendering details such as hair, eyes and draperies.

  42. Further color and exotic interest are given by the gaudy bangles and kerchief of the slave.

  43. The great characteristic of Japanese art is its intense and extraordinary vitality, in the sense that it is no mere exotic cultivation of the skilful, no mere graceful luxury of the rich, but a part of the daily lives of the people themselves.

  44. There were no chairs, but low broad divans about the walls, a thick carpet with inlaid stands in the center laden with boxes of cigarettes, sugared exotic sweets and smoking incense.

  45. It sparkled in the red and green and crystal jewels like exotic dew scattered over the exotic human flowers.

  46. The audience, composed mostly of their own world, followed the exotic fortunes of the plays with a complete discrimination in every possible emotional display and crisis.

  47. Rust-resistant varieties of hybrid and exotic cottonwoods are being developed and may provide the best control of this disease.

  48. There are five important species of coneworms in the South, one or more of which attack all of the native and exotic pines.

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