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Example sentences for "expanding"

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  1. The expanding currency and consequent depreciation in the value of money had immediately resulted in a corresponding rise of prices, which for a while the States attempted to control.

  2. Twenty years before the Revolution the expanding population had reached the mountains and was ready to go beyond.

  3. The great work of Hartley expanding and elaborating these views was published in 1747.

  4. Those vast subterranean corridors, lined with tombs and expanding very frequently into small chapels adorned with paintings, often of no mean beauty, had for a long period been an inviolable asylum in seasons of persecution.

  5. It has a white dorsal stripe, expanding into a broad patch of white on the rump and tail.

  6. A conical rifle bullet, with a cavity in its base plugged with a piece of iron, which, by the explosion of the charge, is driven farther in, expanding the sides to fit closely the grooves of the barrel.

  7. The act or process of changing or expanding an expression into another of equivalent value or meaning.

  8. Salver-shaped; having a slender tube, expanding suddenly above into a bowl-shaped or spreading border, as in the blossom of the phlox and the lilac.

  9. Liquids, in contrast to gases, cannot expand indefinitely to fill an expanding container, and are only slightly compressible by application of pressure.

  10. A flat-topped or convex cluster of flowers, each on its own footstalk, and arising from different points of a common axis, the outermost blossoms expanding first, as in the hawthorn.

  11. The unbroken envelope retains the steam produced as the juice is heated, thus hastening the process of expanding and bursting the tiny cells and converting the firm pulp into a delicate sauce.

  12. On the other hand, the manufacturers and the merchants of the midlands and the north adored a chancellor whose budgets were associated with expanding trade and a prosperity that advanced by leaps and bounds.

  13. LIP generally of a rich rosy tint, expanding from a narrow sagittate claw into a round and ample, 2-lobed disk, more than double the size of the petals, with five dwarf calli and some yellow streaks at its base.

  14. It obtains its name from the three thread-like feathers on each side of the head expanding into a lancet shape at the extremity, and which form a very striking ornament.

  15. It had, indeed, been gradually expanding since we joined it at Lio.

  16. Ploughing was the universal occupation of the villagers; and the yellow flowers of Tussilago Farfara were everywhere seen expanding on the clayey banks of the rivulets.

  17. The pile is of brown jasper, long and lancet-tipped, expanding into rounded wings at each side of the base.

  18. In the review of his history it seems that his constantly expanding powers are opening to him a still broader field of usefulness and establishing him more firmly in the position of prominence which he today occupies.

  19. Since 1897 his attention has been given to the insurance business, and his constantly expanding powers have brought him into prominent relations with the profession.

  20. His constantly expanding powers marked him a man above the ordinary and distinguished honors came to him as the years passed.

  21. Liberal educational opportunities were accorded the subject of this sketch, and his life has been one of steadily expanding and increasing usefulness.

  22. Such joyless toils in early youth endured, The expanding dawn of mental day obscured, Each genial passion of the soul oppress'd, And quench'd the ardour kindling in his breast.

  23. A great blackish seaweed of the Southern Ocean, having a hollow and expanding stem and a pinnate frond, sometimes twenty feet long.

  24. Let your National Assembly, therefore, redouble its efforts, inaugurate a fresh campaign of ever-expanding activity, and make a solemn determination not to relax till their one aim is attained.

  25. Italy with an assurance that, in the event of France expanding in North Africa, Italy should find "compensation" in Tripoli.

  26. Thus, the two great expanding Powers entered anew on that course of rivalry in Asia which has never ceased, and which forms to-day the sole barrier to a good understanding between them.

  27. The government's policy of offering incentives to high-technology companies and financial institutions to locate on the island has paid off in expanding employment opportunities in high-income industries.

  28. The large reserves of tropical hardwoods, not fully exploited, support an expanding sawmill industry that provides sawn logs for export.

  29. The government's development strategy centers on expanding local financial institutions and building a domestic information telecommunications industry.

  30. Since the war ended, the government has maintained a firm grip on the economy, expanding the use of the military and party-owned businesses to complete Eritrea's development agenda.

  31. Then, steam navigation expanding in these seas and men of his craft being scarce at first, he had 'got on' after a sort.

  32. More emphasis is being placed on the research program, not only by enlarging the appropriations for State experiment stations but by providing funds for expanding the research work of the department.

  33. Enlarging production is consumed by an increasing demand at home and an expanding commerce abroad.

  34. In this year of 2353, all major copper deposits had long since been exhausted and only small new deposits were being found, not nearly enough for the needs of the expanding system.

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