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Example sentences for "expansible"

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  1. The species are strictly limited to Africa south of the Sahara, and are distinguished by the large and long head, expansible and often folded lips, and the white tufts of hair on the margins of the ears.

  2. The lips of the bats of this genus are even more expansible than in Molossus, in many of the species (fig.

  3. At all events, when wants of this kind have been satisfied in an assured and permanent way, there are others which take their rise in the most expansible of our faculties, desire.

  4. How could the expansible nature of our wants have contributed to the realization of progress, if, at a certain point, our faculties could advance no farther, and should encounter an impassable barrier?

  5. God himself has decreed it, in giving us expansible desires and improvable faculties.

  6. The oxygen gas consumed is replaced by a like volume of carbonic acid gas, equally expansible by heat.

  7. The more expansible metal is in the present example supposed to be on the outside.

  8. Note: It is usually constructed so as to register the change which the heat to be measured produces in the length of some expansible substance, as a metallic rod, or in the intensity of a thermo- electric current.

  9. Bodies are not expansible in proposition to their weight.

  10. When the expansible fluid first rises from the cavity upon the surface of the topaz, it neither remains still like the fixed oils, nor disappears like evaporable fluids.

  11. This difficulty was at last entirely removed by the discovery of a cavity of the form shown in the annexed figure, where A, B, and C are three portions of the expansible fluid separated by the interposition of the second fluid D E F.

  12. The two portions B, C, of the expansible fluid instantly united, and the dense fluid having retreated to the limit m n o, its other limit advanced to p q r, thus proving it to be a real fluid.

  13. The expansible fluid, on the other hand, fills the wide parts of the cavities, and in deep and round cavities it lies above the dense fluid.

  14. This spot indicates the commencement of evaporation from the expansible fluid below, and arises from the partial precipitation of the vapour in the roof of the cavity.

  15. The residue of the expansible fluid is volatilized by heat, and is dissolved, but without effervescence, in the above-mentioned acids.

  16. For this reason, as well as because of its relatively low cost, I preferably make use of zinc in the construction of the expansible parts of my apparatus.

  17. The use of books for entering lists, or for other library record purposes, is gradually giving way to the more mobile and economical systems to be obtained by the use of expansible files and card indexes.

  18. Even in the alphabetical folders an expansible number should be given to each folder in order that it may be indexed briefly and clearly.

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