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Example sentences for "expansionary"

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expanse; expanses; expansibility; expansible; expansion; expansionist; expansionists; expansions; expansive; expansively
  1. The government also hopes to reduce unemployment and strengthen and diversify the economy through tax reform and a series of expansionary budgets.

  2. His economic program suggests that although he will shun his expansionary policies of the 1980s, he will avoid tough measures needed to slow inflation or reduce the state's role in the economy.

  3. Our budget will help meet it by being expansionary without being inflationary--a job-producing budget that will help take up the gap as the economy expands to full employment.

  4. I ask the Congress to accept these expansionary policies--to accept the concept of a full employment budget.

  5. To achieve this, I will submit an expansionary budget this year--one that will help stimulate the economy and thereby open up new job opportunities for millions of Americans.

  6. Germany is also a natural and historical leader of central Europe - the future lebensraum of both the EU and NATO and the target of their expansionary predilections, euphemistically termed "enlargement".

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