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Example sentences for "expansions"

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expansible; expansion; expansionary; expansionist; expansionists; expansive; expansively; expansiveness; expatiate; expatiated
  1. When a young growth in the vigour of its youth reaches the surface of the water, it spreads out horizontally over the surface of the liquid in thin leaves or foliaceous expansions of different forms.

  2. The foliaceous expansions of osmotic growths are formed by colonies of cells or vesicles disposed in regular lines, which may present various patterns of innervation, parallel, palmate, or pennate.

  3. These changes and expansions and problems we shall consider more in detail in the chapters which follow.

  4. The elaborate works of the choral lyrists may be regarded as the highly wrought expansions of rudiments already existing among the Dorians.

  5. Many of the sublimer flights of meditation in Sophocles are expansions of early gnomes.

  6. In Nautilus there are no fin-like expansions of the integument, whereas such occur in the Decapod Dibranchs along the sides of the visceral hump (figs.

  7. The auricles, one pair, are contractile expansions of the efferent branchial vessels.

  8. In the majority of the Decapoda and in the Cirrhoteuthidae, the mantle is produced into lateral symmetrical expansions which have the function of fins.

  9. Each muscle is held in place by expansions on either side of the tendon as well as by the tendinous insertions.

  10. Division of these expansions allows a greater retraction of the muscle and is, therefore, to be undertaken when a considerable degree of squint has to be overcome.

  11. The tendon is first button-holed about its centre and the expansions are then divided upwards and downwards to the required extent.

  12. It is absolutely necessary to put the actual rods to be used for making the pendulum in a hot water bath, and measure their expansions with a microscope.

  13. The total length of the steel rod and of the steel tube down to the centre of the bob was made to the total length of the zinc tube, in the ratio of 5 to 2 (being the ratio of the expansions of zinc and steel); for a 39.

  14. The solid or cubical expansions of these bodies are three times the above quantities respectively.

  15. It has been a history of extravagant expansions in the business of the country, followed by ruinous contractions.

  16. Pertaining to expansions of the ethmoid bone or ?

  17. Relating to expansions of the nasal septum.

  18. Pertaining to expansions of the nasal bone or cartilage.

  19. He makes use of these expansions in the solution of numerical equations.

  20. To one who does not specialize in the history of mathematics such expansions may create surprise, for did not Newton invent the binomial theorem after the death of Oughtred?

  21. Oughtred lays great stress upon expansions of powers of a binomial.

  22. As a matter of fact, the expansions of positive integral powers of a binomial were known long before Newton, not only to seventeenth-century but even to eleventh-century mathematicians.

  23. The squids, however, are all elongated in shape, and have finlike expansions of the mantle only on the tail.

  24. In what follows the actual quotations are from his English work; some of the summaries take account of the brief expansions in his later Latin version.

  25. Now practically all invertebrates breathe through modified portions of the integument or outer surface of the body, and their gills are merely expansions of this.

  26. In the annelid they are projections of the parapodia, in the mollusk expansions of the skin, where the foot or creeping sole joins the body.

  27. Professor Taussig's account of expansions and contractions of the silver currency in his Silver Situation, passim.

  28. A thousand factors besides volume of standard money in a country determine the expansions and contractions of credit, and the long run average of credit.

  29. Thus currency expands when prices are low and contracts when prices are high, and such expansions and contractions tend to lower the high prices and to raise the low prices, thus working toward mutual equality.

  30. There seems a universal instinct which teaches that certain stretches, expansions and deep breathings are necessary at this time.

  31. By sympathetic expansions of the torso and by manipulating with the hands the parts that are especially constricted, curvatures, even in the back, can be improved.

  32. The alternate expansions and contractions resulting from these changes of temperature cannot but produce changes, however slowly, in the contour of the moon's surface.

  33. The expansions and contractions described above would not only be able to throw down walls of the kind, but they would be sure to do so from time to time.

  34. These expansions are clothed with minute feathers or scales, coloured in regular patterns, which vary in accordance with the slightest change in the conditions to which the species are exposed.

  35. She had imposed these things upon him not because she loved him, but because these things that were the expansions and consequences of her love for him were only obtainable through him.

  36. He thought of the endless, big, expensive, fruitless books, the windy expansions of industrious pedantry that mocked the spirit of inquiry.

  37. Translated, they represent the expenditures of the railroads for permanent improvements and expansions during that busy seven-year period.

  38. It was none too much--not even enough when one comes to consider it beside the great expansions in service as represented by the showings of passenger-miles and ton-miles.

  39. Fourier used sine-expansions or cosine-expansions as it suited him for the function between the limits, and his results had been pronounced to be "nearly all erroneous.

  40. In the Centriscidæ and Macrorhamphosidæ the expansions of the hypocoracoid called infraclavicles are not developed.

  41. One or two small lake expansions were passed, but generally there was a steady current and a good depth of water.

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