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allowe; allowed; allowes; alloweth; allowing; alloy; alloyed; alloying; alloys; allready
  1. This allows about 8 inches for manure, and 1 inch rising to 2 inches of loam on top.

  2. One reason is that it destroys insects and fungi which lodge underneath the bark; but probably the chief reason is that it softens the bark and allows the trunk to expand.

  3. There is a slit or opening in one side of the hopper, which allows the tree to stand nearly in the middle of the canvas.

  4. A very showy method is that of a frame made like an inverted V, which allows the fruits to hang free; with a little attention to trimming, the light reaches the fruits and ripens them perfectly.

  5. A copper rod allows the discharge to pass too quickly and produces a violent shock, whereas iron offers more impedance and allows the flash to leak away by damping down the oscillations.

  6. This pressure, then, diminishing upon the muscular system, allows it to expand.

  7. With respect to the northern limit at which the climate allows of that peculiar kind of slow decomposition which is necessary for its production, I believe that in Chiloe (lat.

  8. No sensible man in the East ever allows a religious old woman to pass his threshold.

  9. It is to prevent further ill-health that she allows us to suffer for our disobedience to her laws.

  10. Nature allows herself to be tried to the utmost before she permits nervous prostration.

  11. Instinct teaches these animals more truly, in this particular, than man allows reason to guide him.

  12. This is true of the laboring women of the Emerald Isle, and other countries of Europe, and in the Indian female, whose blanket allows the free expansion of the chest.

  13. If the gentleman calls about the thousand pound bill, tell him that I can get it discounted for him, for fifty pounds in money and eight hundred in wine--which allows a hundred and fifty for discount and my commission.

  14. Out of politeness each one uncoils and allows to hang down his back his long plaited hair, for to keep it on the crown of the head would be a disrespect to me.

  15. You presume to say that he is so because he allows his son very little money to squander?

  16. The attempt to read an inscrutable woman allows her to dominate us too commandingly.

  17. The peculiarity of Jonson's Masques most deserving of remark seems to me to be the anti-masque, as they are called, which the poet himself sometimes attaches to his own invention, and generally allows to precede the serious act.

  18. Where it is almost inconceivable, that the poet could have failed to see the application which might be made of the passage, especially as he allows the confidant to answer, J'ai tout vu.

  19. On the other hand, he allows that the other Greeks could not bear the slightest comparison with them in a knowledge of the Dramatic Art.

  20. I shall sit still," growled the Capuchin, "but I shall henceforth turn my back upon Neiderkircher if he allows our soup to become cold instead of sitting down at once and dining with us.

  21. If so sagacious and eminent a man as Count Stadion allows success to mould his opinion, am I not right in not believing that the frivolous fellows whom you call 'the nations' have no well-settled opinions at all?

  22. When it begins to thicken with the heat, he and his helper stir it assiduously with a wooden spatula, and then he allows it to boil for an hour.

  23. The American, as his inauguration of government happened when things were easier for individuals, allows him a vacation of 11 months in the year for a few years, and finally a holiday altogether.

  24. Under each furnace is a hidden receptacle for the moisture,[11] from which a vent is made through the back wall toward the right, which allows the vapour to escape.

  25. Then, replacing the boards on the caldron, he allows the brine to boil for three quarters of an hour.

  26. When this is done the master opens the slag-vent with the tapping-bar, and when all has run out he allows the iron mass to cool.

  27. Afterward he again draws off the slags from the crucible, which the assistant does not quench by pouring water upon them, as the other slags are usually quenched, but he sprinkles over them a little water and allows them to cool.

  28. On the other hand, he allows that we can think of a form of reason which in every respect is the opposite of our own, without meeting any logical inconsistency.

  29. There is no phenomenon which allows us to state that this process takes place along the axis of the conductor.

  30. Nevertheless, the modern mind allows itself to be convinced that light possesses a finite velocity and that this has been established by actual measurement.

  31. What is it in the nature of the bones that makes them accessible to mechanical causation only, and what is it in the muscles that allows our will to rouse them magically?

  32. The field of the inner life of man allows us, as nothing else does, to penetrate it with our own intuitive experience.

  33. Our functional conception of matter, developed earlier (Chapter XI), allows us to recognize in these two substances representatives of the Salt-Sulphur polarity.

  34. You will see that the physicist allows himself even greater liberty than the sculptor.

  35. For if we have to ascribe to F and m the same quality, then the rule of multiplication allows us to ascribe to a nothing but the character of a pure number.

  36. Looking with childlike openness and intensity of participation into the world of the senses, he allows nature's phenomena to impress themselves upon his mind without giving any preconceived preference to one kind or another.

  37. She allows Leskjewitsch the utmost freedom of speech, and is ready to laugh at his worst jokes.

  38. He never allows me to go out, I am a prisoner here!

  39. This, however, is not altogether a disadvantage, for it allows the visitor to view without distraction the imposing line of bulwarks ranged across the promontory from sea to sea, and to appreciate calmly all their significance.

  40. The visitor of a day recognises its wonderful attractions at the first glance, and long familiarity never allows one to feel satisfied that he has given to the scene all the admiration which it deserves.

  41. They were four in number, and, notwithstanding the changes of centuries, they have left their impress upon the ground to a degree which allows their site and contour to be clearly identified.

  42. But everything is in favour of the more silent downrighter; who allows nothing to escape him, neither stores, private or public houses, nor pedestrians.

  43. It belongs to a serving brother, who, perceiving that I am not in petticoats, allows me to enter.

  44. Lastly, I came to the apse, that part of a Romanesque church in which the artist seizes the purely religious ideal, or allows it to escape him.

  45. Dr Buckland allows that the circumstances of the incarceration of his Toads were not natural.

  46. For the former I have never seen it tried: and to prove its efficacy with the latter, the samp-wallah generally carries about in small earthen vessels a number of these animals, one of which he allows to wound him with his sting.

  47. Ibsen, too, allows Per Gynt to dwell on this fairy-tale.

  48. Our fairy-tale is kindlier, and allows the young fellow to gain his dove princess after strenuous adventures.

  49. The addition of a leather sole with tar and oakum sole-packing allows us to distribute the weight of the body over the entire ground surface of the hoof.

  50. The practitioner who allows the acute symptoms of the laminitis to mislead him, simply because their severity has overshadowed those of the primary disease, may lose his case through unguarded subsequent treatment.

  51. In attempting to turn either to the right or left he allows his head to be drawn to the one side to its full extent before moving, then makes his hind feet the axis around which the forward ones describe a shuffling circle.

  52. This is a condition sometimes found in foals immediately after birth, and is due to nonclosure of the foramen ovale, which allows a mixture of the venous with the arterial blood in the left cavities of the heart.

  53. On the contrary, it recognizes whatever possesses an historical cause and foundation, and allows it to stand in its proper place, and in its true and original significance and rights.

  54. But a graduated exercise, the completion of which is the rassembler, soon allows us to remedy such an inconvenience.

  55. We here see the usefulness of this perpendicular flexion, which allows us to place on a level the forces of the two opposite extremities of the horse, in order to make them harmonious, and induce regularity in their working.

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