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  1. Its chief axis lies about seven degrees to the westward of the Island of Corvo.

  2. Defn: A substance, resembling keratin, present in nerve tissue, as in the sheath of the axis cylinder of medullated nerve fibers.

  3. It is usually a plate or strip of metal, or slip of wood, often cut into some fanciful form, and placed upon a perpendicular axis around which it moves freely.

  4. Rotating on an axis, or moving along a surface by rotation; turning over and over as if on an axis or a pivot; as, a rolling wheel or ball.

  5. Defn: The diagonal or lateral axis in a monoclinic crystal which is at right angles with the vertical axis.

  6. It consists of a ring in which the body can turn on an axis through a diameter of the ring, while the ring itself is so pivoted to its support that it can turn about a diameter at right angles to the first.

  7. The surface has two separate sheets when the axis of revolution is the transverse axis, but only one when the axis of revolution is the conjugate axis of the hyperbola.

  8. Meckelian cartilage, the cartilaginous rod which forms the axis of the mandible; -- called also Meckel's cartilage.

  9. Defn: A quadrilateral, one of whose diagonals is an axis of symmetry.

  10. Defn: The longer, or transverse, axis of an ellipse.

  11. Defn: Facing outwards, or away from the axis of growth; -- said esp.

  12. Called also axis in peritrochio, and perpetual lever, -- the principle of equilibrium involved being the same as in the lever, while its action is continuous.

  13. Its axis of rotation, which had always heeled over to the plane of its orbit, as the mast of a yacht under sail heels over to the level of the water, heeled over by imperceptible degrees a little more and a little more.

  14. Any one who watches a spinning top as it 'sleeps,' will see its axis making a slow circular movement, exactly after the fashion of this circling movement of the earth's axis.

  15. The back side of a flower, next to the axis of inflorescence.

  16. An axis bearing stamens or pistils or both (calyx and corolla usually accompany these).

  17. The central axis of a spike or raceme of flowers or of a compound leaf.

  18. A flower-cluster in which the axis is shortened and the pedicels of the lower flowers lengthened, forming a flat-topped inflorescence, the marginal flowers blooming first.

  19. The front side of a flower, remote from the axis of inflorescence.

  20. A simple inflorescence of sessile flowers arranged on a common, elongated axis (rachis).

  21. Said of a wood section made at right angles with the axis of the stem; across the grain.

  22. The part of the axis of a flower which bears the floral organs.

  23. A simple inflorescence of flowers on pedicels of equal length arranged on a common, elongated axis (rachis).

  24. The actual size of the source is comparatively small, and hence it is necessary to mount the carbons so that the arc remains at one point on the axis of the optical system.

  25. The simple explanation is, that, in the upheaval of the country, the Squak Mountain was made by a cross axis of elevation which runs east and west, or at right angles with the Cascade Mountains.

  26. It is nearest to the metamorphic axis of the mountain, and hence is the bottom seam in the group.

  27. Mr. Willis interprets this coal-field as being a dome-like anticlinal, with compressed and crumpled sides, whose major axis runs nearly north and south.

  28. Professor Ostrup's remarks about the shifting of the neutral axis of a beam and of the pressure line of an arch are based on theory which is grounded in impossible assumptions.

  29. As f, which would result if the neutral axis were taken at the center of the beam.

  30. It can be safely said that the neutral axis is at, or a little above, the center of the beam.

  31. The neutral axis would come somewhere between.

  32. Analogy with a riveted truss fails; even the anchorage above the neutral axis is far from realization.

  33. This higher position of the neutral axis is the one more generally shown by tests of beams.

  34. The writer would place the neutral axis from 0.

  35. It would seem that the point where their full strength should be developed is rather at the neutral axis than at the centroid of compression stresses.

  36. Uranus seemed obvious, the major axis lying parallel to the line of the spots.

  37. The first break is on one pair of 9 x 18 inch corrugated iron rolls, eight corrugations to the inch, the corrugations running parallel with the axis of the rolls.

  38. The long bones of the limbs consist of an axis of cartilage; the extremities of the cartilages frequently undergo calcification and are thus converted into epiphyses.

  39. This squirrel cage ensures that the several axes of the rollers keep parallel to the axis of the journal during the rolling motion.

  40. This wound was situated just above the upper border of the scapula, and measured 7 by 4 millimeters, with its long axis roughly parallel to the long axis of vertical column.

  41. This wound appeared physically quite similar to the wound which we have described before in 388 "A," with the exception that its long axis was shorter than the long axis of the wound described above.

  42. The genus Melilotus is closely allied to Trifolium, and the first leaf bears only a single leaflet, which at night rotates on its axis so as to present one lateral edge to the zenith.

  43. The longer axis of the loop was at first horizontal, but afterwards became vertical.

  44. Whilst thus moving the leaflet also rotated on its own axis (and this was a point to which no attention had been before paid), for the plane of the blade differed by 41o after an interval of only a few minutes.

  45. One of these seedlings, moreover, described in the afternoon an ellipse of considerable size, with its longer axis directed towards the window.

  46. With many kinds of plants, the radicle, whilst still enclosed within the seed and likewise after its first protrusion, lies in a straight line with the future hypocotyl and with the longitudinal axis of the cotyledons.

  47. The ellipse described on the 29th had its longer axis directed at nearly right angles to a line joining the two cotyledons.

  48. The two blades thus formed a highly inclined roof over the axis of the seedling.

  49. Fresnel next produced his cylindric refractor or lens belt, consisting of a zone of glass generated by the revolution round a vertical axis of a medial section of the annular lens (fig.

  50. Experiments were also made with different pattern of trumpets, including forms having elliptical sections, the long axis being placed vertically.

  51. Colchicum illustrates the corm-development which is rare in Liliaceae though common in the allied order Iridaceae; a corm is formed by swelling at the base of the axis (figs.

  52. The zones or prisms are generated round a vertical axis and divided into segments.

  53. We have already remarked, that no species approaches so near each other, as that of the fallow-deer to the stag: nevertheless, the axis appears to be an intermediate shade between the two.

  54. Gastrulation of the amphioxus, from Hatschek (vertical section through the axis of the ovum).

  55. There is a long, round, cylindrical rod of cartilage which runs down the longer axis of the vertebrate embryo; it appears at an early stage, and is the first sketch of the spinal column, the solid skeletal axis of the vertebrate.

  56. In its axis is seen the dorsal furrow or medullary furrow (a).

  57. The thick wall of the nerve-tube, which runs through the long axis of the body immediately over the axial rod, encloses a narrow central canal filled with fluid (Figures 1.

  58. In this way we get a definite axis of the ovum with two poles.

  59. The two halves of the vertebrate body that are separated by this horizontal transverse axis and by the chorda have quite different characters.

  60. The vegetal pole of the vertical axis is just in the centre of the primitive mouth.

  61. At both poles of its axis this globule has a pit-like depression.

  62. The oval shield in the centre also looks whitish, and in its axis we see the dark medullary groove.

  63. In man and all the more advanced vertebrates the body is made up of a series or chain of similar members, which succeed each other in the long axis of the body--the segments or metamera of the organism.

  64. To this end rows 4 and 5 of the perforations pass currents working the second telephone diaphragm, which moves the mirror on a vertical axis so that it reflects the ray horizontally.

  65. From this stone it is possible to look outwards towards the Hele Stone, which lies in line with the axis of the monument drawn through the centre of the Altar Stone.

  66. Chance might bring two stones into such a position on the Solstice, but, in this case, the entire monument is so arranged as to place the rising sun in a due line with its axis on this particular day.

  67. Yet we all know that the earth revolves on its axis and circles the sun.

  68. For years I thought I had a clear conception of the motions of the earth on its axis and around the sun, and with little effort could visualise it as "A great round marvel, rolling in space.

  69. Indirectly connected with the Vice Trust or serving it off and on, she is still the axis of swollen profits to the Trust.

  70. Woman is the axis around which revolves the wheel of the social evil today.

  71. Her division is made by a dab of clay placed at right angles to the axis of the cylinder, at a distance from the bottom determined by the ordinary length of a cell.

  72. A cross-bar of the sticky spiral serves as an axis for the tiny machine, which turns, turns swiftly, like a spit.

  73. The columns referring to "turns per square inch" mean the number of turns, the ends of which would be exposed in one square inch if the wound coil were cut in a plane passing through the axis of the core.

  74. A photographic film moved in a direction normal to the axis of the turn of wire will have drawn upon it a straight line by the beam of light.

  75. This lens serves to distribute the rays of light from the lamp, with the result that the signal may be seen from a wide angle with the axis of the lens, as shown in Fig.

  76. At 4 there is shown a loop of wire supposed to revolve in the magnetic field of force on the axis 5-5.

  77. An engine resembling the Umpherston, but with a larger roll, the diameter of which is equal to the full depth of the engine, the backfall being in a line with the axis of the beater roll.

  78. Greatest distance across zygomatic arches of cranium at right angles to long axis of skull.

  79. Greatest distance across braincase, taken at right angles to long axis of skull.

  80. In operating they are generally so arranged that the product of the crusher falls directly into the rotary screen, which revolves on an inclined axis and empties the separate pieces into small bins below the crusher.

  81. Equilibrium was maintained by means of a heavy gyroscope which would prevent any turning of the axis of its rotation.

  82. The entire flyer shell could be revolved about the axis so that oblique motion with our bow and stern motors was readily possible.

  83. This was for the reason that the energy of the rockets was expended fore and aft, except for steering, and the forces were therefore along the horizontal axis of the vessel.

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