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Example sentences for "axing"

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  1. There are fine, spreading hairs on the leafstalks, and the leaflets are obcordate and toothed.

  2. The leaves are few and small, the upper ones sessile and the lower stalked.

  3. Sure enough, they began as soon as they sot down in the porch, to axing me about my business, and then about yourn.

  4. Never before did I go again your will, Miss; but axing your pardon, I must now.

  5. No, then, indeed I didn't, darling; and glad enough he was to be axing me.

  6. Deed thin I'm axing yer pardon for keeping yer honours all this time in suspinse.

  7. Would you mind axing him to pardon a poor boy, Mr. McKeon?

  8. Be spaking now as if you war axing the boys about the rint.

  9. Devil a wife, then, axing your riverence's pardon.

  10. A lot of his men is to take them to Ballinamore to-morrow; unless indeed, they all has the thrifle of change in their pockets, Corney was axing about.

  11. Freddy, me boy, I crave the privilege of axing ye a question.

  12. While we are looking about, and axing ourselves whether there's anybody else at all around us, one of the spalpeens sinds his bullet down here, coming closer to us than is plaisant.

  13. Axing your pardon," said Barney Bill, taking his blackened clay from his lips and holding it between his gnarled fingers, "you said so.

  14. And thatʼs what made me be axing of you; for I knowed one name right well as he out with once or twice; not at all a common name nother.

  15. Judy made a desperate effort to collect the scattered remnants of her wits, and presently said doubtfully: "Is it Mike ye are axing about?

  16. Saints presarve us, this is the third time I am afther axing ye!

  17. Is it the hole your honour's axing about?

  18. I s'pose you have some veighty reasons for axing me to do it?

  19. Day after day, always the same monotonous groaning and moaning, always the same monotonous pick-axing the rock in the dim light, always the same monotonous sending up the broken pieces.

  20. We was just axing that you'd take us upon trust as it were, and believe in the honesty and straight-for'ard-ness of men as had proved theirselves to be rogues and worse.

  21. Of course we knowed right well, sir, how much we was axing of you when we offered to chime in on your side.

  22. Axing your pardon again, my lady, but--wife!

  23. There's whiles you'd fair think it was axing for somebody to come out.

  24. I thought it was likely axing for money or summat like that, and Simon had more than enough to bother him as it was.

  25. Don't waste your time axing questions," she answered.

  26. Morning brought no letter nor yet telegram, so Amos went down to Merripit post office and sent a wire off to the Exeter lawyers axing for news of his brother; and he waited till an answer came down.

  27. And where did you larn these fine lies if I ban't axing too much?

  28. Axing your pardon, sir, but might you be name o' Barrymaine, no offence, but might you?

  29. There you are wrong, sir--axing your pardon.

  30. They wouldn't dare to do much without axing him, though I 'spose they might a skulp any man wharever they got the chance, without stopping to ax questions.

  31. Lone Wolf and his men war on their way home, and had no more idea of meeting yer folks than he had of axing me to come down and act as bridesmaid for his darter, when she gits married.

  32. A-axing ob a lady's age I tink is impolite, And when dey gins to interview I disremembers quite.

  33. Terry went into the kitchen, with the news that "masther was awake, and axing for tay.

  34. There's a jintleman in the drawing-room as is axing afther masther.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "axing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.