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  1. Its flowers, of a yellowish green colour, are in drooping, axillary clusters among the leaves.

  2. The greenish flowers are much like those of the Sycamore, and appear at the same time, but grow in loose, erect, axillary racemes; and the wings of the fruit always spread horizontally in a straight line.

  3. The flowers are yellowish white, arranged in pairs on terminal and axillary racemes, with a small bract at the foot of each short flower-stalk.

  4. Its flowers are solitary on axillary peduncles, from half to three-quarters of an inch in diameter, with petals much longer than the three-veined sepals.

  5. The flowers are axillary and sessile, either solitary or in pairs, rather large, and of a pale purple colour.

  6. Its spreading stems are from six to twelve inches long; and the heads of flowers are small, sessile, globular, and either axillary or terminal.

  7. The small white flowers are placed singly on rather long terminal and axillary stalks; and the hairy calyx, which adheres to the ovary, has five blunt lobes less than half the length of the petals.

  8. The leaves are thin, elliptical, deeply and regularly toothed; and the flowers are in unbranched axillary spikes which are shorter than the petioles, the males and females being intermixed.

  9. Each axillary peduncle bears only one flower, the calyx of which has long, narrow segments, and the corolla is hairy within.

  10. The leaves are narrow and keeled; and the small, white flowers are arranged in small axillary clusters of two or three.

  11. The second case was that of a servant suffering from axillary abscess; the wound was syringed out with carbolic acid solution, of strength 2-1/2 per cent.

  12. Axillary membrane absent; arms robust, forearm not noticeably heavier than upper arm; distinct transverse fold on wrist.

  13. They are principally small shrubs, with terminale or axillary flowers, and flower during summer.

  14. It frequently flowers in our collections, but seldom carries fruit; flowers white, in small racemose axillary spikes.

  15. The leaves are pinnated in four pairs; leaflets ovate, lanceolate; flowers small, white, in axillary panicles.

  16. From its proximity to the trunk, hæmorrhage is one of the chief dangers to be apprehended during this operation, especially from the axillary artery.

  17. To insure the removal of the lymphatic vessels as well as the glands, it is best not to separate the breast at its axillary margin, but keep it attached by the tail of lymphatics surrounded by fat, which will lead up to the glands.

  18. While in each stage the axillary artery gives off branches, those arising from the third stage are by far the most important, especially the subscapular, which leaves it at the edge of the muscle of the same name.

  19. Surgeons now operate even when the axillary glands are diseased, and by a very free dissection and removal, even in hopeless-looking cases, life may be prolonged.

  20. The axillary artery appeared to have been torn across, and as the lower orifice still bled freely, I tied it in the first instance.

  21. The flowers are borne on axillary stalks, and the fruits vary much in size, shape and colour, numerous forms and varieties being known and cultivated.

  22. When the axillary artery is the seat of embolic impaction, and gangrene ensues, the process usually reaches the middle of the upper arm.

  23. The individual glands attain a considerable size, and they fuse together to form a large tumour which fills up the axillary space.

  24. When suppuration occurs, its spread is limited by the attachments of the axillary fascia, and the pus tends to burrow on to the chest wall beneath the pectoral muscles, and upwards towards the shoulder-joint, which may become infected.

  25. Rupture of the popliteal artery in association with fracture of the femur, or of the axillary or brachial artery with fracture of the humerus or dislocation of the shoulder, are familiar examples of this injury.

  26. There is acute pain on attempting to abduct the arm, and there may be localised tenderness in the region of the axillary nerve.

  27. In the upper extremity, the subclavian is pressed against the first rib by making pressure downwards and backwards in the hollow above the clavicle; the axillary and brachial by pressing against the shaft of the humerus.

  28. The axillary glands receive lymph from the arm, mamma, and side of the chest, and pass it on into the lowest cervical glands and the main lymph trunk.

  29. When the pus forms in the axillary space, the treatment consists in making free incisions, which should be placed on the thoracic side of the axilla to avoid the axillary vessels and nerves.

  30. AN; c1] pick the tips of plants or their axillary shoots off.

  31. Flowers are in axillary spikes, colored green, with small, tri-segmented fruit in the calyx, bearing tiny rounded seeds.

  32. The inflorescences are terminal or axillary spiciform racemes.

  33. The spikes are solitary, axillary and terminal and 1/4 to 1 inch, the peduncles of the spikes are often confluent in a leafy spathiform panicle; the rachis is fragile with short joints deeply excavate on one side.

  34. The inflorescence consists of a solitary terminal or axillary raceme 1 to 2 inches long; joints are shorter than the spikelets, excavate on one side and with a pore which is hidden by the sessile spikelet.

  35. Branches arise from the axils of leaves and when a considerable number of the axillary buds, especially from the lower nodes, develop into branches the plant becomes tufted in habit.

  36. Branches and axillary buds grow out piercing the sheaths near the nodes.

  37. The internodes are cylindrical and somewhat flattened on the side towards the axillary bud.

  38. This stem is somewhat semi-circular in transverse section and it is almost straight and flat in the front (the side towards the axillary bud).

  39. But in some grasses axillary buds, instead of growing straight up through the sheath, pierce the leaf-sheath, come out and then they grow out as branches.

  40. The axillary in recent years has come to be a much used artery.

  41. When the basilic vein arrives at the axillary space it takes on the name of the axillary vein, and as the vessel passes beneath the subclavian bone, it becomes the subclavian vein.

  42. Again the axillary artery is in a secluded place, being as it is in the axillary space (arm pit).

  43. On each side the subclavian passes down beneath the clavical bone and enters the axillary space where it is known as the axillary artery.

  44. The course of the brachial artery may be marked out by drawing a line from the middle of the axillary space (arm pit) to the center of the elbow, provided the palm of the hand be turned upward.

  45. If it is impossible to tie all the severed vessels plaster of paris may be used, and then by injecting either through the brachial, axillary or femoral a thorough injection may be obtained.

  46. The basilic or axillary vein may be used to remove blood from the heart instead of the femoral.

  47. Inject a few ounces of fluid toward the hand as the axillary is above the point of collateral circulation.

  48. The embalmer will meet with these in the axillary and inguinal regions, or when he is raising the axillary or femoral arteries.

  49. If the blood will not flow by this method and the operator is using either the axillary or the femoral, there is hardly any use of trying any other method.

  50. This vein is not as much used as the axillary or the femoral for the removal of blood.

  51. After leaving the axillary space, the artery passes down the arm and is known as the brachial artery.

  52. Other scales, much smaller than the axillary and apical, occur on the ligamentous tissue of the hinge of some adults.

  53. The axillary buttresses are reduced to mere bony points near the posterolateral corners of the forelobe and do not articulate directly with the carapace (Figs.

  54. The most frequent sites of the pockets are the skin of the axillary and inguinal regions, and the skin of the limbs and neck, especially near the bases of these members.

  55. A long stout process, the axillary buttress, arises on each side from the hyoplastron and articulates with the tip of the first costal.

  56. A lateral apex of the pectoral lamina projects upward behind the axillary scale on each side, in the position occupied by the apical scale of adults.

  57. Exit in anterior axillary line one inch below the right anterior axillary fold.

  58. This was incised (Colonel Stevenson) and a wound of the axillary artery in its third part discovered, and the vessel ligatured.

  59. Entry, over the first right intercostal space beneath the centre of the clavicle; exit, at left anterior axillary fold.

  60. Entry, at the junction of the left anterior axillary fold with the chest-wall; exit, immediately to the left of the seventh dorsal spinous process.

  61. Entry, at angle of the right scapula; exit, at the junction of the left anterior axillary fold with the chest-wall.

  62. The aneurism was of the third part of the axillary artery, and a ligature was applied at the lower margin of the pectoralis minor.

  63. At junction of brachial and axillary arteries.

  64. In this a wound of the first part of the axillary artery proved fatal in the twenty minutes occupied by the removal of the patient to the dressing station.

  65. A Mauser bullet entered immediately within and below the left coracoid process, and emerged at the back of the arm at its inner margin, 2-1/2 inches above the junction of the right posterior axillary fold.

  66. The arteries of the upper extremity are the most suitable for operation, and the axillary may perhaps be the vessel in which interference is most likely to be useful.

  67. In the upper, compression of the subclavian is necessary during interference with axillary hæmatomata, combined with direct pressure on the bleeding spot after the clot has been removed.

  68. Entry, in the seventh left intercostal space, in the posterior axillary line; exit, immediately below the ninth costal cartilage, close to the position of the gall bladder.

  69. Vertical slits are less common; they occurred with the greatest frequency in the posterior axillary folds.

  70. After death clots were found extending from the heart into the axillary vein.

  71. The axillary fluctuates less than the internal temperature.

  72. The pulse in the convulsions was quick and feeble, the skin very hot, and the axillary temperature 103°.

  73. It has solitary axillary white or rosy flowers, followed by black several-seeded berries.

  74. The plants have small flowers, usually arranged in dense axillary clusters.

  75. There is one anterior vena cava, formed by the union of the two jugular and two axillary veins.

  76. European, are amongst the oldest English garden shrubs, and bear axillary flowers of various colours, occurring two on a peduncle.

  77. The prescapular, axillary and cubital lymph glands when in a state of inflammation, cause lameness of the front leg, and the superficial inguinal and deep inguinal lymph glands not infrequently become involved also.

  78. The proximity to the axillary lymph glands makes for easy dissemination of infection when the contused musculature becomes infected.

  79. Compression is made on the upper part of the humeral, or on the axillary artery.

  80. It may possibly be required for aneurism of the subclavian, or of the root of the carotid; or for large axillary aneurism, greatly raising the shoulder, and involving the parts at the root of the neck.

  81. The dissection is next proceeded in, from the axillary region forwards, and the tumour detached first on one side, and then on the other.

  82. But when swelling has taken place deep in the axilla, it is impossible to ascertain its exact extent, and it may be considered very certain that a chain of altered and enlarged glands lie along the course of the axillary vessels.

  83. The axillary artery may be tied on account of wounds, either immediately upon the infliction of the injury, or some time afterwards.

  84. The incisions are not so deep nor so extensive, and do not implicate so important neighbouring parts as those for ligature of the axillary artery; and besides, the vessel is tied farther from the diseased part.

  85. I am induced to subjoin the following example of axillary aneurism for which the subclavian artery was tied, in the belief that, from the unique manner of its termination, it will be interesting and instructive to the reader.

  86. Ligature of the Subclavian Artery is required for the cure of axillary aneurism.

  87. The whole of such a tumour cannot be taken away, and, in removing even the more prominent and accessible parts of it, there is great risk of wounding the axillary vein.

  88. On their upper parts they bear pale blue, axillary flowers in leafy clusters.

  89. The white flowers, borne in axillary clusters forming whorls and spikes, are followed by small, brown, oblong seeds pointed at one end.

  90. Even later than this is the growth of the axillary and pubic hair.

  91. A French physician had under observation a girl who when only three mouths old had well-developed breasts, and in whom only a little later the pubic and axillary hair grew and menstruation began.

  92. With amazement the child watches the growth of the axillary and the pubic hair; and in girls attention is aroused by the enlargement of the breasts.

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