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denounces; denouncing; denove; dens; densa; denselben; densely; denseness; denser; densest
  1. Life is transfigured in the soft and tender Light of love, as a volume dense Of rolling smoke becomes a wreathed splendor In the setting sun.

  2. On the left the great guns of Fort de Pontisse were shelling the dense masses of German troops as they vainly sought to cross the Meuse.

  3. Ahead, but slightly to the right, was a dense column of smoke that marked the site of the destroyed village of Cortenaeken.

  4. Then, even as he faced the enemy, the dense masses of Germans seemed to melt away.

  5. Pouring onwards in dense masses came the grey-uniformed legions, intent upon forcing the passage of the River Nethe in the neighbourhood of Lierre.

  6. Only twenty yards more, and the Uhlans would be balked by the dense foliage.

  7. The dense smoke from the burning petrol-tanks, which the Belgians had fired rather than let the precious spirit fall into the hands of the enemy, rose straight in the air.

  8. For the best part of the journey the Meuse, with its limestone crags and dense foliage, was within a few yards on their right, while trees on either side of the road afforded a pleasant shade from the fierce rays of the sun.

  9. Ahead was the village of Ligny, but between the convoy and the nearest houses were dense masses of cavalry.

  10. Beyond the turf of the glacis, where almost every blade of grass stood up under the sweeping rays of the searchlights as if made of gleaming silver, were dense masses of grey-coated, spike-helmeted Germans.

  11. But this theoretical reasoning does not allow for dense regions of space that may obstruct the light, or vast regions of vacancy between vast systems of stars.

  12. He finds seams of carbon among the rocks of the second division of the Archaean (the Keewatin), and deduces from this that a dense sea-weed population already covered the floor of the ocean.

  13. Some have made the new star plunge into the heart of a dense and dark nebula; some have imagined a shock of two gigantic swarms of meteors; some have regarded the outflame as the effect of a prodigious explosion.

  14. They think that the vegetation may not have been more dense than in some other ages, but that there may have been exceptionally good conditions for preserving the dead trees.

  15. Hence the semi-tropical nature of the primitive earth, the moisture, the dense clouds and constant rains that are usually ascribed to it.

  16. It may be added, however, that the dense masses of gas which are found to surround the outer planets seem to confirm the nebular theory, which assumes that they were developed in the outer and lighter part of the material hurled from the sun.

  17. We shall see that there were; but, on the whole, it seems probable that during some hundreds of thousands of years remarkably dense forests covered enormous stretches of the earth's surface, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

  18. As the body of the star sinks in temperature dense masses of cool vapour gather about it.

  19. These Calamites probably rose in dense thickets from the borders of the lakes, their stumpy leaves spreading in whorls at every joint in their hollow stems.

  20. Further search in the unexplored geological treasures and dense forests of Africa is needed.

  21. Some of them may be still in the condition which we seem to find in Jupiter, hiding sullen fires under a dense shell of cloud; some may already be covered with a crust, like the earth.

  22. Taking with me a bountiful supply of figs, apricots, and mulberries, I laid myself out for a deal of enjoyment in the cool dense shade under the leafy kurrajong- and cedar-trees.

  23. The thermometer on the wall rested at 104 degrees despite the dense shade thrown on the broad old veranda by the foliage of creepers, shrubs, and trees.

  24. They stood beneath the dense shade of a splendid kurrajong, and lazily flicked the flies off themselves while Frank Hawden held the reins and waited for me.

  25. The position of the yellow sunbeams at the far end of the wide veranda told that the dense shadows were lengthening, and that the last of the afternoon was wheeling westward.

  26. In a short time the whole line was enveloped in smoke, and every gun on the south side of the fortifications commenced firing, forming so dense a cloud that the operations of the assailants could no longer be distinguished.

  27. In the hollows was the dense olive velvet of the rush.

  28. As they climbed the fields, the moors gradually came into sight, the last rays from the sun striking in a golden haze athwart the dense blue shadows that moulded them.

  29. It struck into the heart of the hill, an ochreous blotch against the dense velvetiness of the furze.

  30. The river was as yellow as saffron; its shores were hidden in a dense growth of underbrush that trailed its boughs in the water, and rose, a wall of verdure, far above our smokestacks.

  31. It seemed incredible that the dense growth of gigantic trees could be so soon dragged to market.

  32. Of the green thickets of the redwood forests he says, in "Primeval California": "A dense undergrowth of light green foliage caught and held the sunlight like so much spray.

  33. There the chaparral grew thickest; and there the scrub-oaks shrugged their shoulders and turned their backs to the wind, and grew all lopsided, with leafage as dense as moss.

  34. In an hour we steamed into a fog-bank, so dense that even the head-light of our ship was as a glowworm; and from that moment until we had come within sound of voices on the undiscovered shore, it was all like a voyage in the clouds.

  35. From the small door pours a dense volume of smoke, some of it stale smoke, which our entry has forced out of the corners; the kitchen will only hold so much smoke, and we have made havoc among the cubic inches.

  36. Monumental marbles were not erected by the hearth-side; the window drapery was diaphanous rather than dense and dowdy.

  37. Cobwebs as dense as crape waved in dusty rags from the ceiling; they veiled the pictures and festooned the picture-frames, that shone dimly through them.

  38. Nearly all this area--two thousand square miles--is covered with a dense growth of grass, yielding thousands of tons of hay.

  39. If this idea could be shown to be true in any case, we would ask why are the immense beds of coal stored away in the mountains of Pennsylvania and Virginia, while at the same time the surface is covered with dense forests of timber.

  40. These mountain tops and sides are completely covered with dense growths of forests; the lower hill-sides and this great valley are covered with grasses.

  41. After passing through dense pine forests for nearly ten miles, we suddenly emerged into one of these park-like areas.

  42. The soil of Egypt and Babylonia not only supported a dense population, but also supplied food for neighboring peoples.

  43. A white, misty obscurity began to gather over the waters, and in the morning this had grown to be a dense fog.

  44. More dense snow-hung woods beyond the clearing where we begin our ascent of the Big Mountain,--a chief that carries the range up several hundred feet higher than the part we have thus far traversed.

  45. It grows rank and tall, in dense communities, and always presents to the eye a generous mass of color.

  46. A rumbling roar broke forth from the further side of that mountain stream, and as the dense bushes beyond were violently agitated, the hill buffalo wheeled that way with marvellous rapidity.

  47. In front of his center and right the ground was generally open, bounded on the side of our approach by a wood, with dense and tangled undergrowth, and traversed by a sluggish stream, which converted the soil into a deep morass.

  48. Our men had driven the enemy from his advanced encampment, and he had fallen back behind an open field to the bank of the river, where, in a dense wood, was concealed an infantry line, with artillery in position.

  49. The mountain-side was covered with dense wood.

  50. Owing to ignorance of the country, the dense forests impeding necessary communications, and the extreme difficulty of the ground, the whole line was not formed until a late hour in the afternoon.

  51. A dense fog suddenly enveloped him, so as to obscure all distant objects.

  52. During the night and the succeeding day the enemy crossed in large numbers at and below the town, secured from material interruption by a dense fog.

  53. The country intervening and round about for several miles is known as the "Wilderness," and, having very little open ground, consists almost wholly of a forest of dense undergrowth of shrubs and small trees.

  54. The line of battle thus completed extended from the right of the plank-road through a succession of open fields and dense forest to the left of the Stone turnpike.

  55. He had crossed the main road to the west, entering a dense wood, and our troops on the right had moved out and were closely engaged with him.

  56. A dense fog settled over the field, increasing the obscurity and rendering great caution necessary to avoid collision between our own troops.

  57. Before daybreak I instructed the brigade commanders and the field-officer of the day to feel forward as far as possible; but all reported the enemy's pickets still in force in the dense woods to our front.

  58. Yet "his blindness was as dense as his hide," and he had refused to abjure his faith.

  59. Solid matter is most easily provided by burning a gas rich in dense hydrocarbons, not a poor and non-luminous gas.

  60. If they pass too readily, and at too low a temperature, to the exit pipe, this is apt to get choked with tar and dense hydrocarbons.

  61. The Diary of November 3rd says: He could see nothing, owing to the dense foliage of the trees, which were very fresh and odoriferous; so that he felt no doubt that there were aromatic herbs among them.

  62. There was a tearing, grating noise for'ard, followed almost instantly by the hiss of water meeting something intensely hot, and by dense clouds of vapour.

  63. He puffed out his stout little chest, gazed aloft at the dense and spreading cloud of smoke, and waved his hands excitedly.

  64. There they stand, mere relics of a magnificent past, but now erect in the midst of desolation, with only scattered huts about them, where once there must have been a dense population, rich and lordly.

  65. The viceroy passed in triumphal procession between files of soldiery, with cavalry for a body-guard and a dense mass of humanity thronging the sidewalks, looking on and cheering.

  66. For the first five days after the Chancellor had run aground, there was a dense black smoke continually rising from the hold; but it grad- ually diminished until the 6th of November, when we might consider that the fire was extinguished.

  67. Already the raging flames that poured forth from the hatches have given place to dense black smoke, and al- though occasionally some fiery streaks dart across the dusky fumes, yet they are instantly extinguished.

  68. Soon dense masses of lurid clouds came rolling up, and a crackling, like the rattle of musketry, resounded through the air.

  69. While the One Spirit's plastic stress Sweeps through the dull dense world, &c.

  70. This represents the Crucifixion; the three crosses rising into a sky spotted with the winged heads of angels while a dense crowd presses below.

  71. This grey ecclesiastical stronghold is a thoroughly scenic affair, hanging over the hillside on plunging foundations which bury themselves among the dense olives.

  72. During all the spring months in Venice these gentry abound in the great resorts, and they lead their helpless captives through churches and galleries in dense irresponsible groups.

  73. The air is thick with it and dense and difficult to breathe; for it was genius that was not happy, inasmuch as it, lacked the art to fix itself for ever.

  74. It consists of a narrow low-browed cave, shaped like a Latin cross, every inch of which except the floor is covered with dense symbolic mosaics.

  75. Not one of our brave fellows wavered, but fired rapidly in return among the dense masses of the foe.

  76. We must have eyes of a different nature to most men to pierce through this dense mist," quoth Martin, laughing.

  77. For two hours the battle raged, the sky obscured, and the castles and batteries almost concealed by the dense masses of smoke, on which a lurid glare was reflected by the flames belched forth from the guns.

  78. The smoke was rolling over them in such dense clouds that the camp was wholly obscured from view until they were upon it.

  79. A thin, fleecy veil covered the moon, but it was not dense enough to fully hide objects on the landscape.

  80. Well, I was even as these dear, dense women when I was young.

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