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Example sentences for "denouncing"

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denounce; denounced; denouncer; denouncers; denounces; denove; dens; densa; dense; denselben
  1. Any day there might enter the fort some Indian or half-breed, who could recognise his former leader, and who might feel inclined to place himself in comfortable circumstances by denouncing him to the Government.

  2. Denton extended a denouncing and dirty forefinger at the Factor's broad chest.

  3. She raised a denouncing finger, and met him with the single word, 'Traitor!

  4. We send not our messengers otherwise than bearing good tidings and denouncing threats.

  5. Be bold in denouncing the heresy, but slow and timorous in denouncing the erring brother as a heretic.

  6. In a curious chapter, he exhausts invective in denouncing them.

  7. They wrote letters home severely denouncing him; and they seemed to stand more in fear of France than of England.

  8. Franklin wrote, to the people of Pennsylvania, a noble letter of indignant remonstrance, denouncing the deed as atrocious murder.

  9. Boldly denouncing all creeds, and all religious faith, he announced it as his creed and his faith that piety consists in conduct alone.

  10. Bothwell, with a troop of fifty men, rode through Edinburgh defiantly denouncing vengeance on his concealed accusers.

  11. In France and Spain men forgot the ties of blood and country in the blind fury of religious zeal, but in Scotland we do not find town arrayed against town and neighbor denouncing neighbor on the ground of a different faith.

  12. It is not to be supposed that Mr. Gladstone really cared anything about the Transvaal or its independence when he was denouncing the hideous outrage that had been perpetrated by the Conservative Government in annexing it.

  13. But it is time we should return to the London Tavern meeting, where we left Mr Cobden, this time denouncing the active interference of Russia.

  14. When Bolingbroke was denouncing the set of men who surrounded James Stuart at St. Germains he specially exempted Berwick from reproach.

  15. As always happens when the cry of wolf is raised, "the most guilty and foremost and loudest in the cry", those who were denouncing French influence, were to a large extent English propagandists and not of the best type.

  16. A series of articles signed "Publicola" began to appear in the Centinel, denouncing not only Paine, but Jefferson himself.

  17. His best friends thought his propensity of arraigning and denouncing those who differed from him, was often carried to excess, but he refused to give it up or modify it.

  18. There, too, men spoke upon almost every imaginable evil theme, denouncing both God and Government in words which one would have thought no decent workman would care to hear.

  19. They held tumultuous meetings denouncing the Quakers and the whole proprietary government in Philadelphia, and they organized an expedition which included some delegates to suggest reforms.

  20. Their preachers, who were their principal leaders and organizers, encouraged them in denouncing Quaker doctrine as a wicked heresy from which only evil could result.

  21. Guns were fired into the dense mass of forest, but with no effect, for nothing could be seen; but we heard the men jeering and denouncing us close by: two of our party were slain.

  22. On my denouncing his heartlessness, Musa-replied, "Well, no one tell him go in there.

  23. He was animated and glowing throughout, hurling defiance among the opposition, and bravely denouncing the Kansas swindle from first to last.

  24. Newspapers who'd lost circulation by talking sanely about space travel now got it back by denouncing the people who'd answered the first broadcast.

  25. And therefore prominent persons broke into public print, denouncing Burke for having predicted the end of the world from his safe refuge in Asteroid M-387.

  26. He had been denouncing the flat in the abstract, and he had not expected this concrete result.

  27. Spying and tale-bearing became prominent features of official life, the meaner office-holders trying to save their own heads by denouncing others.

  28. I've seen them even at revival meetings clothed in the seven tailored sins and denouncing the devil with their bustles.

  29. So he read with unction political speeches and art reviews denouncing the phantasts of his day, and from them he borrowed elaborate invective.

  30. Just like Bodhidharma, denouncing all worldly fame and gain, his attitude toward the world was diametrically opposed to that of Ei-sai.

  31. Lao Tsz, led by his mistaken idea, called the Kalpa of Emptiness the Path; otherwise he did so for the temporary purpose of denouncing worldly desires.

  32. He looked so cool, however, and withal so handsome and intrepid as he lay back and gazed into Leech’s eyes, denouncing him fiercely and daring him to shoot, that Leech hesitated and turned toward his men for encouragement.

  33. A meeting was held in Brutusville, denouncing the outrage of such speeches as those of Leech, at which Dr.

  34. And I have gotten letters warning me and denouncing the men who have planned and worked up the matter—and who would carry it through if they were allowed to do so—as though they were thieves.

  35. From the workshop to the cottage there rolls along a formidable outburst of anger, accompanied with national songs, denouncing the plots of tyrants and summoning the people to arms.

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