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  1. Come," said Lothon, "there you go, crying out about your blessed artery which is not even scratched!

  2. An inch or two more to the left and you would have had the artery severed.

  3. During these moments the Surgeon General occupied a chair by the head of the President's bed and occasionally held his finger over the carotid artery to note its pulsations.

  4. Two or three feeble pulsations being noticed, followed by an intermission when not the slightest movements of the artery could be felt.

  5. The artery then passes forwards, and barely appearing on the ventral surface of the cranium, enters the brain cavity through the foramen lacerum medium (fig.

  6. The internal carotid artery also enters the tympanic cavity by a canal which commences in the foramen lacerum posterius, and passes forwards to open on the inner side of the bulla.

  7. Father says he has tied the croaking artery nineteen times.

  8. Do you think Jimmy's croaking artery will have to be tied up, Jack?

  9. As the carotid artery is in the neck, and Jimmy's injuries are all in his legs, I should say not," said Jack.

  10. The large artery in my thigh is not injured.

  11. I suppose the exertion he used, the day being very hot, had assisted to remove the slough in the wound in his throat, the carotid artery being injured; he died instantly from one gush of blood.

  12. This night I was so reckless of life, thinking the artery injured, that some fool gave me a bottle of strong wine, which I drank off at a draught.

  13. In an artery the pulse is due to the expansion and contraction of the elastic walls of the artery by the action of the heart upon the column of blood in the arterial system.

  14. For the sake of convenience, the radial artery at the wrist is generally chosen to detect the precise character of the pulse.

  15. This is the principal artery or primitive aorta (Figure 2.

  16. From this it is driven through the trunk of the branchial artery (the foremost section of the ventral vessel or principal vein) into the gills.

  17. It passes into the enlarged base of the trunk of the branchial artery (Figure 2.

  18. Hamlet, when he bursts from his friends, explains his vigour by the rush of the spirit into the arteries, which makes "Each petty artery of this body As hardy as the Nemean lion's nerve.

  19. And so the vital spirit is spread into all the body and worketh in the artery veins the pulses of life.

  20. In the second case an aberrant artery was given off from the radial side of the brachial artery, again almost at its origin.

  21. This aberrant artery anastomosed below the elbow-joint with the radial side of the radial artery.

  22. In the first of these the brachial artery bifurcated almost at its origin, the two halves re-uniting at the elbow-joint, and then dividing into the radial and ulnar arteries in the usual manner.

  23. These answer tolerably well when the divided artery is small.

  24. They can not distinguish between an artery and a vein.

  25. There are so many that if they were placed together, side by side, their united diameter would be much greater than the diameter of the large artery (aorta) which passes blood from the left side of the heart.

  26. Illustration: Stopping flow of blood from an artery by applying a tight bandage (ligature) between the cut and the heart.

  27. As the large arteries pass away from the heart, the diameter of each individual artery becomes smaller.

  28. If the wall of a vein is carefully examined, it will be found to be neither so thick nor so tough as an artery wall.

  29. The pulse, which can easily be detected by pressing the large artery in the wrist or the small one in front of and above the external ear, is caused by the gushing of blood through the arteries after each pulsation of the heart.

  30. This artery breaks up into a mass of capillaries.

  31. The blood after exchanging its carbon dioxide for oxygen is sent out to the cells of the body through the artery (A).

  32. A handkerchief with a knot placed over the artery may stop bleeding if the cut is on one of the limbs.

  33. If blood, issuing from a wound, gushes in distinct pulsations, then we know that an artery has been severed.

  34. When empty, a vein collapses; the wall of an artery holds its shape.

  35. Thus we may close the artery until the doctor is called, who may sew up the injured blood vessel.

  36. Convolutions are frequently made, in order to diminish the force of the blood in particular organs; this is especially the case with the carotid artery before it enters the brain.

  37. The blood which is found in the pulmonary artery has the same dark purple colour with that in the vena cava, while that in the pulmonary vein resembles the aortal blood in its brightness.

  38. The greater the action of the stimulus of the blood, the greater will be the contraction, that is, the nearer will the sides of the artery approach towards the axis.

  39. As is well known, a deep slash of the midthigh, inside, causes death nearly as quickly as a cut throat; if the femoral artery is divided the blood pours out of the victim almost as from an inverted pail, a horrible cascade.

  40. It was later known as the Watling Street; it was the artery which drained the Midlands; it became the connection with sacred Anglesey, ultimately the northern door into Ireland.

  41. The road from Winchester to Farnham and so to Canterbury would take an increasing traffic, would become the main artery between the west and the Straits of Dover, and would leave the most permanent memorials of its service.

  42. But he considered it impossible, and there, too, was the great artery of the river along which flowed men and supplies of every kind for the Union.

  43. He kept a course some distance from the road, where he was sheltered by the deep foliage and could yet see what was passing along the main artery of travel.

  44. Why should not the plains on both sides of the Danube guarded by the Balkans and the Carpathians constitute a strong realm, one and indivisible, with the great river flowing as an artery through its centre?

  45. It is composed of one artery and two veins, twisted together like the strands of a cable, and of a sheath surrounding them composed of the chorion and amnion.

  46. Only a very small portion, however, passes into the lungs, the great part being taken along a tube called the ductus arteriosus into the great artery called the aorta, where it begins to turn down to the lower part of the body.

  47. This is composed, as already stated, of an artery and two veins, which twist round the artery, like the strands of a rope.

  48. The place where the ductus arteriosus pours the impure blood into the aorta, is almost immediately opposite to where the artery is given off which feeds the left arm.

  49. And because the artery has its origin in the heart, the spirits issuing thence retain its infected and vitiated nature, and according to its depravity fascinate and destroy.

  50. And yet the Rue de Wattignies is an artery of importance, copiously inhabited.

  51. The Rue de Rivoli and the Rue Saint-Antoine are the main artery of the Fourth Arrondissement.

  52. The nation needs (as you say) at this hour the highest thought and inspiration of a true womanhood infused into every vein and artery of its life.

  53. Permanent control of such hemorrhages can only be effected by grasping the severed vessels in the open wound with artery clamps, and then ligating below the clamps with cat gut.

  54. When an artery is severed, the inner and middle coats immediately retract and curl up within the lumen, partially closing up the cut end.

  55. A saclike dilation in the wall of an artery as the result of weakness of its tissues.

  56. Any one of the small blood vessels which serves to connect an artery and a vein and to allow of the passage of nutrient matter and oxygen from the blood into the tissues and of waste matter from the tissues into the blood.

  57. Deep pressure, with the fist upon the abdomen just to the left of the vertebral column, will compress the aorta and greatly reduce the escape of blood from any artery supplied by the descending aorta.

  58. An enlarged and tortuous vein, artery or lymphatic vessel.

  59. It is not essential that the part be entirely severed, or even nearly so, for if only the main artery is severed, gangrene will ensue.

  60. Obliterating Endarteritis, is a condition in which the walls of an artery become inflamed and thickened, thus obliterating its lumen.

  61. Thromboangiitis Obliterans is similar to the above and differs only in that a thrombotic growth occurs in an artery obliterating its lumen.

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