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  1. Harriet dropped some grass in the road, marking a trail into the byway to notify Jane that they had arrived.

  2. The gate that had once shut off this byway from the main road lay broken at one side of it and a ridge of grass had grown knee high in the middle of the lane.

  3. This byway leads you between high walls, then takes a bend and introduces you to a long row of rusty, dusty little pictures of the stations of the cross.

  4. It wasn't here, however, that I found my compensation for forfeiting the spectacle on the Corso, but in a little church at the end of the narrow byway which diverges up the Palatine from just beside the Arch of Titus.

  5. Presently we struck a byway to our right which brought us to Barcombe, a village of no interest; after this we found ourselves in a tree-bordered lane of the delightful Devon type, and this we followed for several winding miles.

  6. A little beyond Hungerford we bade good-bye to the Bath road, for espying a promising byway we followed it up the narrow Kennett valley.

  7. Leaving Haughmond to its ancient peace, and finding the road we were on led to Shrewsbury, we took a byway to our left, chancing where it might go.

  8. The roads were sometimes good, and sometimes as execrable as a colonial byway in winter, with mud up to the axles.

  9. And presently he slipped out by a byway into the street again, among the savages.

  10. This byway I took, and, hurrying down it, arrived at the point near the lodge fully five minutes before he appeared along the road.

  11. THE OLD BYWAY Its rotting fence one scarcely sees Through sumac and wild blackberries, Thick elder and the bramble-rose, Big ox-eyed daisies where the bees Hang droning in repose.

  12. Into this delectable byway there turned, late in the night of the second day after that memorable evening at Strathorn House, a man who, looking quickly around him, paused before the closed gate of one of the dwellings.

  13. John Steele looked around; in a byway he saw the lighted window of a cheap oyster buffet.

  14. But at that instant, she stepped quickly from the byway into the main road.

  15. Up the valley runs the road to Dorking, going out by Reigate Heath, where on a byway to Leigh is found the curious feature of a windmill turned into a little church.

  16. Near these turns north a byway to the Church of Chaldon, lying a mile or so behind our route.

  17. For the longer way to the other side, he takes the Hog's Back road, turning off on a byway marked "Moor Park.

  18. At Shifnal a policeman, in response to our inquiry, directed us to the byway leading to the village of Tong, some three miles distant.

  19. When we prepare to take our leave, we ask the custodian concerning the road to Lulworth, and he points out the uninviting byway through the fields.

  20. We were attracted by its imposing appearance at some distance from the main road, and the byway into which we turned led into an ill-kept farmyard.

  21. Three or four miles out of Barnsley on a byway off the Doncaster road is the village of Darfield, whose church illustrates the interest one may so often find in out-of-the-way spots in England.

  22. A few miles out of Margate we turn from the main Canterbury road into a byway from which we enter the lanes through the fields and farmyards.

  23. A shaded byway leads to the main road, which soon brings us to Romsey.

  24. A broad easy road leads from Winchester through Alton to Jane Austen's Chawton, from whence a secluded byway brings us to Selborne, a nook that every tourist knows.

  25. In all our wanderings about Stratford, and hardly a highroad or byway has escaped us, we have missed the old cottage where Mary Arden is said to have lived.

  26. I left Simmo to go on down the river, while I followed the little byway curiously.

  27. Only one spot in the open streets of the town, I think, keeps an air of Kingston as the customers of the Castle Inn may have known it, and that is the little byway through which runs the water splash of the Hogsmill river.

  28. Of tiny village streets there is no more fascinating byway than the little road which leads up to the south door of Lingfield Church.

  29. The collecting of Pamphlets and Tracts is an interesting byway of book-collecting.

  30. There is yet another byway of book-collecting which we must study before we may graduate in book-lore.

  31. Chapbooks, Broadsides, and Ballads: a curious byway of book-collecting this, for the knowledge to be gleaned from these curiosa is not probably of great value.

  32. There is an interesting byway in connection with this heading: the collection of English books printed abroad.

  33. A curious byway of collecting, this; for although it comprises books upon every subject under the sun, yet it will not help the collector to acquire knowledge upon any single subject.

  34. One June day I took the byway over the hills, and as I leaned upon a gate looking towards the castle, a sound of wheels not far off was heard on the gritty roadway, and from round the corner a party of Gypsies hove in sight.

  35. From the sea-front it was a change scarcely Aladdin-like to find oneself in smoky William Street, a byway shut in by dingy walls, which in the deepening dusk took on an air of mystery.

  36. We never sought to turn off the main-traveled streets into a byway but our path was barred by a guard seeking to know our business.

  37. I remember Liege best at this present distance by reason of a small thing that occurred as we rode, just before dusk, through a byway near the river.

  38. The best time to see it is at sunset, and the best way to gain it is by following down the narrow byway beside Little St. Mary's, and turning to the left at the bottom.

  39. It makes a most fascinating byway to walk along, though it leads nowhither, ending abruptly where it dips down into Fulbourn Fen.

  40. Our Cam byway here ends; for the river here passes out of the populated area of Cambridge.

  41. The footpath past these sheds is a pleasant byway between the two places, through the green meadows along the riverbank, and so also is the river itself, hereabouts no more than the "brook" which Chaucer calls it.

  42. Several miles through a narrow but beautifully kept byway brought us to the village of Chipping-Ongar, a place of considerable antiquity, and judging from the extensive site of its ancient castle, at one time of some military importance.

  43. It is but a few furlongs off the road by which we left Richmond and the byway we entered dropped down a sharp hill to the pleasant spot on the riverside, where the abbey stands.

  44. On our return from Helmsley, we noticed a byway leading across the moorland with a sign-board pointing the way "to Coxwold.

  45. A byway runs directly among the magnificent trees, which we found as imposing as the pictures had represented--sprawling old trees, many feet in circumference, but none of very great height.

  46. Returning, we left the Epping road shortly after passing through that town, and followed a narrow, forest-bordered byway with a few steep hills until we came to Waltham Abbey, a small Essex market town with an important history.

  47. Another lonely church, set, not at the end of a byway by the river, but on the highroad itself, greets you as you enter Cascina.

  48. About half-way down we strike into a byway called Hill's Lane, at the corner whereof rises an ancient frontage whose oaken beams display the date 1440.

  49. And so we kept to that byway for a mile or so; and it was rough uneasy riding, though a pretty green lane enough.

  50. It was then with a light heart that I set out by a byway under Furze Down, and so across the open heath, coming down at last through the woods to the ruins of the abbey and the river of Beaulieu.

  51. They walked for a quarter of an hour, turning at last into a quiet, genteel byway westward of Regent Street, and so into a club house of respectable appearance.

  52. Here was opulence at home and superb; here must poverty lurk and shrink, feeling itself alive only on sufferance; the din of highway and byway was a voice of blustering conquest, bidding the weaker to stand aside or be crushed.

  53. Amore Altiero Since thou and I have wandered from the highway And found with hearts reborn This swift and unimaginable byway Unto the hills of morn, Shall not our love disdain the unworthy uses Of the old time outworn?

  54. And our high hearts shall praise the beauty hidden In starry-minded scorn By the same Lord who hath His servants bidden To seek with eyes new-born This swift and unimaginable byway Unto the hills of morn.

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