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Example sentences for "brings"

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bringest; bringeth; bringin; bringing; bringinge; bringt; brinish; brink; brinks; briny
  1. This brings us face to face with the fundamental error of this dangerous policy.

  2. Money brings care, I have always heard, and the want of it sometimes freedom from anxiety.

  3. We need a little vinegar, mustard, pepper and horse-radish that brings the tears even when we do not feel pathetic.

  4. You may say what you will in print about him, he brings no rebutting evidence.

  5. He knows how to fish for obstacles, and every time brings up his net full.

  6. In using bicarbonate of soda, a much less quantity brings about the desired result, 1-1/2 grains of bicarbonate of soda being equal to one ounce of limewater.

  7. It has been found that the application of heat, either as dry heat, or in the presence of moisture, brings about a definite change in the character of the foodstuff.

  8. This milk is subjected to a treatment which brings about a more complete emulsification of the fat than is possible in cow's milk, causing it to resemble in character the quality of the mother's milk.

  9. The erepsin in the intestinal juice, "succus entericus," brings about further change in the proteins, with the production of amino acids.

  10. Older children~ do well with frequent small meals, since they are not so apt to give rise to pressure which brings on the paroxysms of coughing and vomiting.

  11. The turbidity of fresh urine then is the only kind which need be considered, since standing in the cold often brings about this condition, due to the growth of bacteria and deposits of both phosphates and urates.

  12. Then, for desert, the steward, the hot beads touring about the mounts of his large pale face, brings along oleaginous fritters of plum duff.

  13. I think only of the morning, for it brings me your letters.

  14. She brings with her also the most charming woman in the world,' added Mr. Temple, with a smile.

  15. It brings out what is most impressive in human action, without owing any of its effectiveness to sensationalism or artifice.

  16. The writer first shows the hero in relation with the people of the East and then skilfully brings into connection the Anglo-Saxon race.

  17. Woman brings us into the world, woman is our first teacher, woman makes the world what it is, from century to century.

  18. She brings me cakes and the toffy made by her own hands; and if I go to the Manor Cartier, as I often do, it is to be polite and neighbourly.

  19. And in the name of God," cries I, "what brings you here?

  20. I cannot well move in the matter myself, which brings me to you.

  21. The mention of these rambles brings me to a strange scene of which I was a witness.

  22. This brings me to speak of the exception, my old lord.

  23. He was son-in-law of Augeas; he had married his eldest daughter; she was acquainted with all the poisons which the earth brings forth.

  24. It brings me back to my poor child and her prospects.

  25. If a girl’s a very nice girl the American method brings her to great completeness—makes all her graces flower; but if she isn’t nice it plays the devil with any possible compromise or biais in the interest of social convenience.

  26. But I shall like him still better if he brings his mother.

  27. It brings the water to my eyes to watch the new nature struggling in him with the old.

  28. I do not know what it is that suddenly brings to my mind Constance von Zehren.

  29. He brings three fingers of his right hand to his forehead, and says, "Serviteur!

  30. Why, Klaus, what in the name of wonder brings you here?

  31. The smaller beacon, low down on the horizon, was that of the Ile de Sein, whose few inhabitants live by what the sea brings them in--be it fish or wreckage.

  32. It is Annie who brings the simple meal and sets it down without looking at the man.

  33. Love brings the most intense sorrows, the keenest joys of life.

  34. He brings things home to you that you never saw before.

  35. And oh, friend, do you know what day it inexorably and relentlessly brings nearer?

  36. She flaps herself free from the grip of her rescuer and creates a disturbance which brings scores up to the landing on the double quick.

  37. He takes her in his arms and brings her down from her room to the library as if she were a child.

  38. Again his voice rang out, "What brings you here?

  39. What a man brings home in his heart after fishing is of more account than what he brings in his basket," says W.

  40. No other sportsman brings home more from his sport than he takes to it than the fisherman.

  41. Oft disappointment strikes down sure ambition: The unthought chance God brings to full fruition.

  42. And though one can not immediately measure one's self with men who surpass one through ampler resources, growth in an unexpected quarter brings hope of a like good fortune to others that dwell in obscurity.

  43. A king out hunting (Herod or Herraud, King of Sweden), for some unexplained reason brings home two small snakes as presents for his daughter.

  44. Empty red and white brings in vice, and is frittered away little by little by the lightly gliding years; "But courage plants firmer the hearts devoted to it, and does not slip and straightway fall.

  45. None takes any charge of me, and no man in the ranks brings comfort to the veteran, unless, perchance, Hather is here, and succours his shattered friend.

  46. Old age crushes noble arts, brings down the memorials of men of old, and scorches ancient glories up; shatters wealth, hungrily gnaws away the worth and good of virtue, turns athwart and disorders all things.

  47. Courtesy brings to some stores of Love, while most are commended by brightness of beauty.

  48. What will prolonging of life avail, if it only brings back the memory of sorrow?

  49. In the families of German national kings we not unfrequently find among the women a hideous mixture of ambition, revenge, and bloodthirstiness, which brings kings and kingdoms to ruin.

  50. App) maintains that the passage was inserted by Mary's enemies, and brings forward some reasons for this view which are worth considering.

  51. The crown that secures the highest independence appears to the poet the most desirable of all possessions, but the honoured gold consumes him who wears it by the restless care which it brings with it.

  52. But Zeal once more renews his accusation: he brings forward Adultery and Murder, Impiety and Sedition, against her.

  53. He brings a message from Birdie to say that there has been some sort of parley with the enemy who wish to fix up an armistice for the burial of their dead.

  54. Herbert brings amazing fine detail about the night and day battle on the high ridges.

  55. As a matter of fact, apart from some rubbish, he brings one letter for me; none for any of the others.

  56. He brings a great reputation with him from the Western Front.

  57. Captain Boyle brings this and will be at your disposal.

  58. Not one single living soul has been seen, since the engagement of our Marines at the end of February, although each morning brings forth fresh evidences of nocturnal activity, in patches of freshly turned up soil.

  59. I hate him for he is a Christian; But more for that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis, and brings down The rate of usance here with us in Venice.

  60. With leave, Bassanio: I am half yourself, And I must freely have the half of anything That this same paper brings you.

  61. It is the social lure as well as the theatrical appeal that brings the people there.

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