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Example sentences for "avenue"

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  1. You cannot know what a thrill of horror it sent through every avenue of this great city.

  2. On another avenue there are plantations of forest shrubs, and near them a cafe to accommodate visitors.

  3. The Hôtel de la Garonne was in a small unrenovated street in which the cobble-stones of old Paris still flourished, lying between the Avenue de l'Opéra and the Place de la Bourse.

  4. When Fifth Avenue was lately repaved the use of this material was considered, but, on account of the popular prejudice against all wood pavements and the delay which would be involved in obtaining the blocks, the idea was abandoned.

  5. The little park consists of from thirty to forty acres, well wooded and traversed by an avenue in this form, leading from the road to the front of the house.

  6. She might even have boarded a Sixth Avenue car, or hailed a passing cab.

  7. They separated in the neighborhood of 30th Street, Duvall and Miss Morton taking a taxicab that stood before one of the smaller Fifth Avenue hotels.

  8. Leary lived with his wife and two children on the third floor of a Second Avenue tenement.

  9. And then, later on, I went to a saloon a piece down the Avenue and got a glass of beer.

  10. Grace bowed to the doctor, then hurried out of the hotel, and jumping into a taxi, ordered the driver to take her to Columbus Avenue and 96th Street.

  11. It was five minutes to twelve when they reached the corner of Fifth Avenue and Ninth Street and turned west.

  12. What is the building at Columbus Avenue and 96th Street?

  13. In a moment both vehicles had turned into Seventh Avenue and were driving rapidly uptown.

  14. He remembered that it had been about nine o'clock when they left the Grand Theater, and perhaps half-past when he had gone into the drug store in Sixth Avenue to get the aromatic spirits of ammonia.

  15. To the right he could see the bulk of the apartment building, blocking his view of the avenue beyond.

  16. He walked down the avenue to its rear wall, only to find that it abutted against the wall of the next building.

  17. The old house stood in a hollow near where the Atlantic avenue railroad depot now stands.

  18. Before Flushing Avenue was opened, at this point, the easterly end of the Navy Yard property, the old Wallabout Road diverged from its course, describing a half circle.

  19. The Vanderbilt farm was in the twentieth ward, between Clermont Avenue and Hamilton Street.

  20. Another small redoubt, which stood like a warning sentinel, was erected a short distance west of the fort, about where DeKalb Avenue now intersects Hudson Avenue.

  21. He saw the necessity of erecting intrenchments along the high land extending from Fulton Avenue southerly to the old Gowanus Road, at the creek which made up from the bay where Freeck's mill stood.

  22. So I gave the best part of a month to the study of the Pemberton Mill tragedy, driving to Lawrence, and investigating every possible avenue of information left at that too long remove of time which might give the data.

  23. A magnificent example of the pai-lou is that on the avenue leading to Wo Fo Ssue, the temple of the Sleeping Buddha, near Peking.

  24. Every avenue toward the betterment of their condition was practically closed.

  25. The pai-lou is commonly made of wood with a tiled roof, but sometimes is built entirely of stone, as is the gateway at the avenue of the Ming tombs.

  26. They tore along the Avenue with unexplained and most inexplicable speed, Hope being concealed by riding backward, and by a large shawl, and Blanche and her admirer receiving the full indignation of every chaste and venerable eye.

  27. As she came out upon the Avenue for the walk home, she saw a group of people from a gardener's house, who had collected beside a muddy crossing, where a team of cart-horses had refused to stir.

  28. Indeed, most people on the Avenue seemed to be happy in inverse ratio to their income list.

  29. But then Hope seldom cared to drive on the Avenue at all, except as a means of reaching the ocean, whereas with most people it appears the appointed means to escape from that spectacle.

  30. The Avenue abhors everything but a vacuum.

  31. By four o'clock in the morning he found himself in the Avenue de l'Observatoire.

  32. No later than last week a concierge in the Avenue du Roule was found hanging from a tree in the Bois de Boulogne.

  33. At its eastern end is the avenue that leads to Carton, seat of Ireland’s only duke.

  34. The avenue leading to the palace was formed by palm-trees growing at short distances from each other along either side of the roadway.

  35. A file of American doughboys, led by a corporal with a tin trumpet and officered by a sergeant with an enormous American cigar, goose-stepped down the Avenue de l'Opera, gaining recruits at every step.

  36. The avenue of inspiration is the subconscious part of the mind, that part of us which in fact constitutes the greater self.

  37. Thus this attunement is at once an avenue for our assault, or our sure shield of defence, according as its note determines.

  38. Each morning she watched her husband walk down the broad avenue to the electric car,--alert, strong, waving his newspaper to her as he turned the corner.

  39. She had the New Yorker's amusing incapacity to comprehend existence outside the neighborhood of Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

  40. At the Legislative Palace the Chasseurs de Vincennes, and a battalion of the 15th Light Infantry; in the Champs Elysées infantry and cavalry; in the Avenue Marigny artillery.

  41. In the avenue of the Presidency the fiacre stopped for a moment.

  42. Numerous regiments of cavalry were drawn up in the grand avenue of the Champs Elysées.

  43. In the Rue de l'Université there is a door of the Palace which is the old entrance to the Palais Bourbon, and which opened into the avenue which leads to the house of the President of the Assembly.

  44. And beyond it, past the two brass guns pointing down the long vista, was an avenue of palms, bordered by green grass and beds of flowers, and intersected by broad paths leading back to the solid white squares of the tents.

  45. The car lurched around a corner and swung into the avenue for the race to the station.

  46. She whirled the corner of the avenue onto the side street at full speed.

  47. Over the trees the west begins to burn like a furnace; and the painters gather up their chattels, and go down, by avenue or footpath, to the plain.

  48. Hawthorn is another of the Spring's ingredients; but it is even best to have a rough public lane at one side of your enclosure which, at the right season, shall become an avenue of bloom and odour.

  49. Women, there is a connection between the Fifth Avenue and the Five Points!

  50. Think of it long and patiently, till you come to see, as she bids you, the true relation between the idleness of women and money in the Fifth Avenue and the hunted squalor of women without money at the Five Points.

  51. He explained that when they came to the Third Avenue L they must get out of the car and take the elevated train uptown, since Madge had explained to him that Mrs. Curtis lived on Seventieth Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues.

  52. Tania explained that she knew almost all of New York, and particularly she liked to wander up and down Fifth Avenue to gaze at the beautiful palaces.

  53. Then there is the avenue to the house and that is rather long.

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