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  1. When she did credit to her teacher, the lessons went on, sometimes in the avenues of the private park just outside of the family drawing-room, so called because it was adorned with portraits of the Imperial family.

  2. In these dusky avenues youth and maiden tell each other Love's eternal story, wandering away into the dreamland shadows, vocal with sweeter melody than that of bird or breeze.

  3. A dense throng of brown humanity, clad and unclad, walks to and fro beneath the dusky avenues of feathery tamarinds which shield Solo from the ardour of the tropical sun.

  4. An exquisite plain, described by de Charnay as unrivalled even in Java, surrounds Sourakarta with belts of palm, avenues of waringen, and picturesque rice-fields of flaming green and vivid gold.

  5. Local costume affords a continuous feast of colour, and streets and avenues appear like moving tulip beds, the broad blue sky and dazzling sunshine of this tropical land intensifying every glowing tint of robe, fruit, and flower.

  6. Pretty bungalows stand beyond the interlacing avenues of dusky trees, and a framework toy of a church in the green outskirts, contains numerous brass tablets recording English lives laid down in this weary land.

  7. The official buildings of Makassar, including the Dutch Governor's palace, face a green aloon-aloon, flanked by superb avenues of kanari and tamarind trees.

  8. It opened long avenues of light adown the snowy landscape,--soft blue shadows trailed after it, like half-descried draperies of elusive hovering beings.

  9. The main street, arcaded on both sides, and the crooked but highly picturesque alleys of the older quarters are in striking contrast with the broad, tree-shaded avenues and squares laid out in modern times.

  10. With regard to street improvements the most important recommendation was that of the construction of two main avenues 140 ft.

  11. He couldn’t be rushed, and there were three or four avenues of escape.

  12. We can’t bring Fritz to a final action in the lower part of the North Sea unless we can cut him off entirely from his avenues of escape.

  13. Will not the new avenues for pleasure and happiness compensate for your ancient ceremonials and superstitions?

  14. Give them the privilege of attending your universities, open to them the avenues of knowledge and you will create for Russia an intellectual element which will eventually place her in the front ranks of the nations.

  15. New avenues of activity should be looked for.

  16. I advise every one to read that speech, so that they may have some idea of the capabilities of this country, of the vast wealth asking for development, of the countless avenues opened for ingenuity, energy and intelligence.

  17. By the annexation of these islands we open new avenues to American adventure, and the tendency is to make our country greater and stronger.

  18. They want stages stopped on fashionable avenues so that the rich may not be disturbed in their prayers and devotions.

  19. The avenues converging on the Houses of Parliament were choked with people, and vehicles had to be diverted from the streets.

  20. The House of Commons in the last Act which revised the conditions of elections of members of Parliament was careful to leave open many avenues along which Money might attain to the heart of things.

  21. We have so completely closed the avenues of intelligence that the enemy has not been able to get the slightest intimation of our strength or the dispositions of our forces.

  22. Until the avenues by which the enemy derives information from our country are closed, I shall look for a series of disasters.

  23. Well-loved grounds of Saint Werner's by the quiet waves of the sedgy Iscam, with smooth green grass sloping down to the edge, and trim quaint gardens, and long avenues of chestnut and ancient limes!

  24. He began to find out that he was in a sort of hornet's nest of Reformers, every one of them anxious to point out avenues of salvation for Society.

  25. What I tried to discover, rushed through broad avenues and streets hardly more than passageways, was the special characteristic of a city which had already possessed me.

  26. A fact that had nothing to do with the tropics or the outskirts of Havana, where wide dusty stone avenues dropped abruptly in soft roads, and the balconies were added purely from habit.

  27. Her active, eager little body hurrying with quick steps after the long strides of Albert down the corridors and avenues of Windsor,[48] seemed the very expression of her spirit.

  28. Although the eye is the organ of perception par excellence, our other senses are also avenues by which we intuit and recognize objects.

  29. When we are asleep, however, and the avenues of external perception are closed, they assume greater prominence and distinctness.

  30. It is plain that the closing of the avenues of the external senses, which is the accompaniment of sleep, will make an immense difference in the mental events of the time.

  31. First of all, there is the mystery of sleep, which quietly shuts all the avenues of sense and so isolates the mind from contact with the world outside.

  32. To explain failure especially are the avenues of escape utilized.

  33. But there is only one feature in sleep by virtue of which it can be taken as a figure of death; and that is, the condition of unconsciousness which shuts up the avenues of one’s senses to all one’s environment.

  34. For a long time I was swallowed up in its whirlpool of excitement, and comparatively paid but little attention to its evils, believing that much good might result from the opening of the avenues of Spiritual intercourse.

  35. When in combination they appeal to both eye and ear, they provide avenues for intellectual understanding and activity that neither school nor press can parallel.

  36. The avenues of opportunity are becoming more numerous.

  37. Invention has broadened the scope of labor, opening continually new avenues to the workers.

  38. Cities are learning how to make constructive plans for beautifying avenues and residential sections, and making efficient a whole transportation system; they will learn how to get rid of overcrowding, misery, and disease.

  39. When one leaves the broad avenues between the walls of the groves and pleasure-gardens, and enters the city, one's senses are offended by everything that is unsightly and unclean.

  40. The splendid avenues and boulevards were lined on either side by the charred skeletons of what had once been handsome buildings.

  41. From one end of the avenues to the other pass two processions of people, carriages, and horsemen, going in opposite directions.

  42. The Prado, to be precise, is a very wide avenue, of no great length, flanked by smaller avenues which run toward the eastern part of the city.

  43. A producing monopoly is one controlling the manufacture or the source of supply of an article; a trading monopoly is one controlling the avenues of commerce between the source and the consumers.

  44. No small part of the evil is the closing of the avenues of safe investment to the small capitalists, giving to a favored few a measure of monopoly in investments yielding large returns.

  45. Beyond a general desire to keep them open, his special aim was to have a tidal lake, bordered by avenues with trees.

  46. Railroads and canals are the avenues of commerce; and here again the Free States excel.

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