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Example sentences for "exquisite"

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  1. With half-closed eyes and motionless bodies, they drank in the sound like a rich draught, with a sense of exquisite refreshment.

  2. The reading of the will gave her such an exquisite sense of enjoyment that she felt quite choked in the hush which followed it.

  3. Exquisite in its taste and generous in its criticisms.

  4. The exquisite torture of his heart racked him, but he did not turn away to shut out the sight.

  5. Every jolt found an echoing note upon them, and each note so struck caused him exquisite pain.

  6. She drooped forward upon her sofa and laid face downward on a cushion--slim, exquisite in line, lost in despair.

  7. When she opened the door, Lord Coombe--the apotheosis of exquisite fitness in form and perfect appointment as also of perfect expression--was standing on the threshold.

  8. Kathryn in exquisite wisps of silver-embroidered gauze looked fourteen instead of nearly twenty--aided by a dimple in her cheek and a small tilted nose.

  9. Not able to walk except with the assistance of a cane, her once exquisite hands stiffened almost to uselessness, she held her court from her throne of mere power and strong charm.

  10. The young man and woman finding themselves gazing at this exquisitely pretty creature in exquisite mourning, felt themselves appallingly embarrassed.

  11. She clasped her hands in exquisite appeal.

  12. Her examination of opened drawers and closets revealed piles of exquisite garments of all varieties, all perfectly kept.

  13. But this exquisite creature had a hideous little mind of her own whatsoever her day.

  14. The teaching may be conscious or unconscious, intelligent or idiotic, exquisite or brutal.

  15. Robin, standing in the middle of a sitting room, all freshness and exquisite colour--the very pictures on the wall being part of the harmony.

  16. Robin felt something like a warm flood rush over her and her joy was so great and exquisite that she wondered if Anne felt her hand trembling.

  17. Madam did the honors of her table with exquisite grace, but more than once I saw her hand shake in a very singular way, as she carried food or a glass to her lips.

  18. He is singing his tender and exquisite "Faded Flowers.

  19. I fell asleep thinking of her, and the exquisite face still followed me in my dreams.

  20. His bearing was lofty, and not without a species of hauteur; but under all was an exquisite high-breeding and courtesy, which made his society quite charming.

  21. Her bearing was perfectly composed, and she advanced, with the long riding skirt thrown over her arm, walking with exquisite grace.

  22. Over the exquisite landscape drooped a beautiful rainbow.

  23. She was clad in simple white muslin, with a string of pearls in her dark hair; and I have never seen a more exquisite beauty.

  24. I had shaken hands with Mordaunt, but I advanced and "saluted" madam, and the cheek was suddenly filled with exquisite roses.

  25. He gave us the most exquisite lyrics in the English language; he moulded the thought of our first youth as no other poet has ever yet moulded it; he became the spiritual father of the richest souls in two succeeding generations of Englishmen.

  26. The American, when he first visits England, is charmed on his way up from Liverpool to London by the exquisite air of antique cultivation and soft rural beauty.

  27. By the wonderful hair alone I must have known her, by the great, brilliant eyes, by the shape of those slim white ankles, by every movement of that exquisite form.

  28. She brought the broth and bread and a glass of the most exquisite wine I ever tasted--a wine that seemed to brighten the whole room with its liquid sunshine.

  29. She made an exquisite gesture with half-open arms; all the poetry of the Théâtre Français was in it.

  30. The young girl looked at me curiously, studying me with those exquisite gray eyes of hers.

  31. She stood silent with bent head, exquisite in her silent shyness; and I told her I loved her, and that I asked for her love; that I had found employment in Egypt, and that it was sufficient to justify my asking her to wed me.

  32. Can it be possible,' he cried, 'that so execrable a fate should be reserved for so exquisite a piece of workmanship?

  33. But the relief was not more exquisite than it was transitory; a week only had passed in delicious repose, when Gabriella received intelligence that her husband was taken ill.

  34. The "responsibility" in this case would be yours for both, and exquisite would be your agony should either of them be unhappy.

  35. We shall continue, meanwhile, in his neighbourhood, to superintend the little edifice, and enjoy the Society of his exquisite house, and that of my beloved sister Phillips.

  36. It would have been truly edifying to young ladies living in the great and public world to have assisted in my place at the toilette of this exquisite Princess Augusta.

  37. You have made, there, that rare and exquisite acquisition-an ardent friend for life.

  38. It's an exquisite sort of pain, but it's very nearly unbearable.

  39. There would have been no philosophy, no divine hours in the garden, no acute, exquisite anguish of love and sorrow.

  40. So must rolls and butter have tasted in the youth of the world, when gods and mortals were gloriously mixed up together, and you went for walks on exquisite things like parsley and violets.

  41. No sinner, cursed with a body at variance with his soul and able in spite of it to hear the music of heaven and give it exquisite expression, shall ever again be identified by me with what at such great pains he has kept white.

  42. We have reduced our existence to the crudest elements, to the raw material; and you, I know, have grown a very exquisite young man.

  43. It is as extravagantly delighted by exquisite scents as it is extravagantly horrified by nasty ones.

  44. Beyond this is the salon with a wonderful old tapestry stretched across one of its walls and some exquisite Louis Quinze chairs in which kings and queens might have sat.

  45. Child of the tenements that he is, he is possessed of the most exquisite old-fashioned courtesy that I have ever yet encountered; and he has the starriest eyes of any mortal born.

  46. Palms are found in dense and beautiful groves; and among them is the exquisite water-palm, or lattice leaf-plant.

  47. One was directed to Petropolis, a colony founded by Germans in the heart of scenery of the most exquisite character.

  48. It boasts of the delicious mangosteen, which almost melts in the mouth, and delights the palate with its exquisite flavour.

  49. There is not even what Coleridge with such exquisite happiness defined as being the quintessential property of Swift--"anima Rabelaesii habitans in sicco--the soul of Rabelais dwelling in a dry place.

  50. Not for the first and probably not for the last time I turn, with all confidence as with all reverence, for illustration and confirmation of my own words, to the exquisite critical genius of a long honoured and long lamented fellow-craftsman.

  51. In the exquisite and delightful comedies of his earliest period we can hardly discern any sign, any promise of them at all.

  52. This statue is in the Vatican, and there one can compare it with the exquisite bust known as the "Young Augustus" and with the statue of the emperor when aged, in which he is veiled as a priest.

  53. These plates of metal were worked into designs in relief, ornamented with delicate filigree work, with paintings in enamel, and even with rare antique cameos and exquisite gems.

  54. The exquisite group of Ganymede and the Eagle (Fig.

  55. Other theories may arise, and we can only listen to them all, and yet not know the truth; but the more we study the more we shall admire these exquisite figures.

  56. He knew, besides, that she had an exquisite figure: perhaps it was the fact that her shoulders were a trifle squarer than is common with women that made her look somewhat taller than she really was.

  57. Her soft dark hair was as abundant as ever, and the thinness of her face seemed but to show more plainly the exquisite moulding of her features.

  58. As in watching the movements of an exquisite child, moments of satiety seemed impossibly remote.

  59. Those of the maritime cities of Italy vied with one another in the exquisite carving of their prows and the gaiety of their banners.

  60. Her dress was in exquisite keeping with her person.

  61. I think there is a sweetness in the versification not unlike some rhymes in that exquisite play, and the last line but three is yours.

  62. Lamb and his sister see us often: he is printing his play, which will please you by the exquisite beauty of its poetry, and provoke you by the exquisite silliness of its story.

  63. To Theodora her attendance was a new and exquisite repose.

  64. Or, to speak of a popular book, take the "Pastels in Prose," the most exquisite book for the price ever known in the history of printing.

  65. The collector was Sir Julius Caesar, of England, and this exquisite and unique collection is in the British Museum.

  66. I flatter myself that I have made the margins of a good many books very interesting by means of small wood-cuts, of which our modern magazines provide an abundant and exquisite supply.

  67. But although she has remarkably fine eyes, exquisite features, and the most delicate complexion in the world, I believe that she is a woman of probity.

  68. But the wonderful eyes, the thrilling voice, the exquisite figure of the beautiful lady who had taken possession of my imagination, quickly reasserted their influence.

  69. But here it is more elaborately done, and with a really exquisite finesse.

  70. One pretty little foot appeared, and could anything be more exquisite than her hand?

  71. And these dumb teachers of men have put into the soul of France a fine and exquisite spirit.

  72. It is shattered and gone, and in its ruins we see its exquisite beauty, its ineffable grace, its symbolism of a faith that once sufficed.

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