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Example sentences for "impossibly"

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impositions; impossibile; impossibilities; impossibility; impossible; impost; imposter; imposters; imposthume; impostor
  1. In the event of a surrender the poor woman would never again be able to begin to collect: she was now too old and too moneyless, and times were altered and good things impossibly dear.

  2. In the relatively dim Earthlight the moonscape was somehow softened, and yet the impossibly jagged mountains and steep cliffsides and the razor-edged passes of monstrous stone,--these things remained daunting.

  3. It is simply an abstract of the results of a topographical survey which may not impossibly have been, as it claims, the one conducted by Yu.

  4. If it had impossibly come down to us from some elder time, or had not been so perfectly modern in its recognition of feeling and motives ignored by the less conscious poetry of the past, it might be ranked with the great epics.

  5. But it may be that the effect is not the same in the magazine because of the variety in the authorship, and because it would be impossibly jolting to read all the short stories in a magazine 'seriatim'.

  6. The night and hour down here by the shore, on the confines of the silent town, were too full of poetry, too full of suggestion, of the fine-drawn excitement of things which had been and might not impossibly again be.

  7. It's my last chance, for heaven knows how long--not impossibly for ever.

  8. Not impossibly so, granted the somewhat strange prescience by which she was, at times, possessed.

  9. The difficulty was somehow to believe that the place was in reality a centre of real and ordinary life; it seemed almost impossibly beautiful and delicious to Hugh, like a play enacted for his sole benefit, a sweet tale told.

  10. It was not criticism, Hugh thought, to say that it was all impossibly combined, falsely conceived.

  11. If He existed He could impossibly refuse.

  12. Yet if some one had been in the room the accident could impossibly have happened.

  13. Boomerang shaped, resting on short stilts, six of them in all, a baby blue in color--an impossibly beautiful baby blue.

  14. While they were being drawn, Hank turned back to the girl, noticing all over again how impossibly pretty she was.

  15. In the limousine, on the way out to the airport, the bright, impossibly cleanly shaven C.

  16. Unfortunately the girl she was to check was Georgia Fisher for whom Judith had taken an unreasonable dislike; partly because she disliked the way Georgia giggled, and partly because she thought her impossibly stupid.

  17. What impossibly hard things Miss Marlowe expected them to do!

  18. Not impossibly he would have terminated the interview then and there.

  19. It was not money so much; I could manage for that, and, if things went as they ought to go, not impossibly Jardine would stand by me there.

  20. Not impossibly this fact might be one principal key to those dilapidations which the family estate had suffered.

  21. To the right of this we saw the sky line in profile and judged it not impossibly steep.

  22. Clearly we could not do these things alone, and to attempt them would be to strike an impossibly virtuous attitude.

  23. It takes only one to make a quarrel, and the aggressor might not impossibly be ourselves.

  24. On the other hand the spirit of such an organisation might not impossibly change.

  25. We may not like these imputations, but it would be hard to deny that in certain national crises we have not been impossibly virtuous.

  26. It may not impossibly save time, sir, when I repeat that his Excellency has misinformed you.

  27. Theoretically, he could have forcefully taken possession of the body and mind of any suitable subject, but the mere thought of such a violation was impossibly abhorrent.

  28. For just as the peaks failed us, soaring impossibly far, so the stars crowded us (as it seemed), coming impossibly near.

  29. They seemed impossibly huge; it was inconceivable that all this was but the power room of an airplane!

  30. There was none, so Arcot continued: "Now we come to an impossibly rare coincidence.

  31. But not impossibly rigorous because once I learn my materials and oven, I've got it down pat.

  32. No one has a farm-bred grandfather to show them how easy it is to use a sharp shovel or how impossibly hard it can be to drive a dull one into the soil.

  33. When it had covered the sheet of paper with an impossibly complicated river-system, Mere Gontran fetched a clean sheet and told Sylvia severely that she must try not to urge the planchette.

  34. But the more she pondered herself at the age of seventeen the more impossibly remote that Sylvia seemed.

  35. He'll think I'm making an impossibly expensive bomb shelter, much too costly for a private family to buy.

  36. Over there, beyond the trees, there's a metal railing, impossibly old and corroded.

  37. He vanished for perhaps five minutes and returned with an old, fragile, almost impossibly delicate-looking book.

  38. You're setting up an impossibly high standard of aesthetic feeling.

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