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Example sentences for "expurgated"

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  1. Although the "Word of God" has been revised several times since by man there are yet a large number of sentences and verses in the Old and New Testament that might be expurgated in the interest of decency, reason and science.

  2. And some of them were taught that sins not expurgated by fire, or some other efficaciously renovating process in this life, would be punished by fire in the life to come.

  3. Can any of your readers tell whether this expurgated Bible was ever published, and where it is to be procured?

  4. Forty years ago it seemed as ridiculous to timid, time-serving and retrograde folk for women to demand an expurgated edition of the laws, as it now does to demand an expurgated edition of the Liturgies and the Scriptures.

  5. We need an expurgated edition of most of the books called holy before they are fit to place in the hands of the rising generation.

  6. In reading many of these chapters we wonder that an expurgated edition of these books was not issued long ago.

  7. The universities loudly demanded that books of sound erudition by heretics should at least be expurgated and republished.

  8. When we come to examine the expurgated editions of notorious authors, we shall see that this was literally the case.

  9. They taught the classics in expurgated editions, history in drugged epitomes, science in popular lectures.

  10. He allowed them to possess books of every kind and of all languages, including the Talmud, but the copies first had to be expurgated according to the regulations of the commission instituted by Sixtus V.

  11. Even in places where, as a favor, the Jews were allowed to possess expurgated books, they were exposed to all kinds of annoyances and extortions.

  12. The expurgated details of the scandal she had been retailing to her daughter had included the usual maid.

  13. Lady Valleys, who at Goodwood had just heard details of a Society scandal, began a carefully expurgated account of it suitable to her daughter's ears--for some account she felt she must give to somebody.

  14. Reprinted from the first edition, expurgated and revised.

  15. An expurgated edition is probably necessary in an age accustomed to a cloak of conventional insinuation in a story rather than to the blunt frankness that obtained in the times of Swift.

  16. The institution of slavery was sustained by the North as well as the South; the North got out expurgated editions of books for the Southern market.

  17. He sanctioned an expurgated code of the laws, prepared under the direction of Patrick, from which every positive element of Paganism was rigidly excluded.

  18. It gives their remarks rather an expurgated appearance, though.

  19. His pithy and apposite comments on the situation were, had he only known it, being reproduced (in an expurgated form) by a damsel in a kimono at a bedroom window not far down the road.

  20. Would to God that every pure Christian would follow such an example; and that we might thereby present such an expurgated edition, as would create all the good they may contain, devoid of evil.

  21. And, accordingly, a family expurgated edition has been published by Dr.

  22. The Giaour', because of its extraordinary popularity; but it found that some of the passages savoured "too much of Newgate and Bedlam for our expurgated pages.

  23. It is the question of the authorization of an expurgated edition proceeding from me, that deepest engages me.

  24. He who cares for his children's innocence will set before them an expurgated edition like that of Rolfe.

  25. The prohibition might be total and the book be wholly suppressed, or partial, in which case its circulation was suspended donec corrigatur--until it should be expurgated of passages regarded as erroneous, misleading or offensive.

  26. On the publication of his Index, in 1640, the frailes of San Lorenzo petitioned the Suprema that the library, as belonging to the king, should not be expurgated under the new Index.

  27. All the Bibles seized and all that might be brought in were to be expurgated and returned to their owners, with a certificate.

  28. The freedom with which Marcion expurgated and altered it clearly shows that he did not regard it either as a sacred or canonical work.

  29. There is much reason to suspect, too, that Grey expurgated and whitewashed these tales.

  30. And these doctored stories, artfully sentimentalized at one end and expurgated at the other, are advanced as proofs that a savage Indian's love is just as refined as that of a civilized Christian!

  31. In effect, the expurgated resolutions called upon commercial organizations, clubs, labor unions and similar bodies to form a committee of 100 for public safety.

  32. The expurgated resolutions were read by the President of the Merchants' Association, E.

  33. If, on the other hand, an extremely vile life has been led, the part of the expurgated desire nature may persist even to the time when the spirit returns to a new birth for further experience.

  34. If the life lived has been a reasonably decent one, the process of purgation will not be very strenuous nor will the evil desires thus expurgated persist for a long time after having been freed, but they quickly disintegrate.

  35. Among other things he heard a bit of conversation which, when expurgated of its oaths and unpleasant expressions, was like this: "You are sure you can trust the men?

  36. Suppose she'd go with me up to visit the mater and be motored down to participate in--in expurgated moments?

  37. The laugh that greeted this sally was an uproar that added to the dash and quick fire of the big scene, which Miss Adair and Mr. Rooney had so quickly expurgated and reconstructed between them.

  38. Of course, there was a great green and gold Shakespeare, not a properly expurgated edition for female seminaries, either, nor even prose tales from Shakespeare adapted to young readers, but the real thing.

  39. We expurgated as we read, child fashion, taking into our sleek little heads all that we could comprehend or apprehend, and unconsciously passing over what might have been hurtful, perhaps, at a later period.

  40. The Scented Garden, but it is impossible not to pass upon her at any rate a mild censure for having treated in that way a translation of Catullus after it had been expurgated to her own taste.

  41. Most of his time was spent in finishing the Supplemental Nights, and Lady Burton was busy preparing for the press and expurgated edition of her husband's work which, it was hoped, would take its place on the drawing-room table.

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