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excelsa; excentric; excentrically; excentricity; excep; excepte; excepted; excepting; exception; exceptionable
  1. However, these peculiarities are soon forgotten in the excellence of the matter, and their disagreeableness is scarcely noticed after a few weeks, except in extreme cases.

  2. She is your patient," he said, "except while the Doctor is here.

  3. Aside from a few amusing games, there is nothing very novel in the "system," except the man himself.

  4. In the vigor gained by exercise there is nothing false or morbid; it is as reliable as hereditary strength, except that it is more easily relaxed by indolent habits.

  5. His sorrows increase as the day passes; the gymnasium alone can relieve them, but his soul shudders at the remedy; and he can conceive of nothing so absurd as a first gymnastic lesson, except a second one.

  6. The daughters of Stilicho slept undisturbed eleven hundred and eighteen years, with all their riches in sound condition, except the pearls that were found with their splendid ornaments.

  7. His name is known in Paris as well, perhaps, as that of any other living French poet, if we except Lamartine and Victor Hugo.

  8. What will he suppose, what will the world think, except that there has been some extraordinary cause for such a procedure?

  9. He would have waged war against them with fire and sword, and none would have been spared except those of Watts and Hummel.

  10. He never gesticulated either with his head or his hands, except when he was standing before the orchestra.

  11. Crowds of people flock to his abode, to see him for the last time, though none are admitted, except those who are bold and audacious enough to molest the dying man in his last hours.

  12. Your things are all done, except the selection of the Songs: they contain one more than was agreed upon.

  13. It is shortly to become a river that is English on the one side and Welsh on the other, and already, except in the distance, we have seen the last of the characteristic scenery of North Wales.

  14. As a village, Llandaff is now hardly aught except a flourishing suburb of Cardiff.

  15. The record of the town is, for the most part, one of peace and commercial development, and contains few episodes of violence, except the attack upon it by the Chartists led by John Frost in the year 1839.

  16. Some of these slip quietly to the sea behind hills of bent and sand, lonely except for the golfer, the salmon-fisher, and the sea-fowl.

  17. It matters not so very much, except to the angler, if the river does suffer from lead-poisoning.

  18. Now it is only a ruin, except that the priory-house is still inhabited, and is a remarkably good instance of a domestic building of the fifteenth century.

  19. We had done nothing except to speak our minds according to the habit of the free, and such an explosion appeared as irrational and excessive as that of a powder-magazine in reply to nothing more than the light of a spark.

  20. When I was of his age I never looked at the newspapers, except to read the divorce cases.

  21. Her voice dropped to her sweetest deep tones, and there was a supplicating beam in her eyes, unintelligible to the direct Englishwoman, except under the heading of a power of witchery fearful to think of in one so young, and loved by Nevil.

  22. Lover and friend came to no conclusion, except that so lovely a night was not given for slumber.

  23. Forget me; do not think I speak interestedly, except to save the dearest I have ever known from certain wretchedness.

  24. He is not a woodpecker except at time of nesting, and most woodpeckers prefer to build in a dead or dying branch, where their work does no hurt.

  25. Let us assume that you know nothing whatever of a woodpecker's tail except that it has ten feathers, is used as a prop, and is held at an angle of thirty or forty degrees with the tree-trunk.

  26. Except in some young birds, the color is always brilliant and often is gaudy.

  27. We find this arrangement in no other North American birds except the cuckoos and our one native parroquet.

  28. Toes four, arranged in pairs, except in the three-toed genus.

  29. He lives principally upon the ground or near it, pecks very little except when digging his nest, and feeds largely upon ants, thrusting his head into the ant-hills and drawing out the ants glued to his tongue rather than speared by it.

  30. Most commonly seen in the track of forest fires, where it is usually abundant for about two years; rare outside of the extensive soft wood tracts, and usually found singly or in pairs except when on burnt land.

  31. Except the move be illegal, when the opponent can insist on the piece being moved in the proper manner, or for the opposing King to be moved.

  32. Do not give senna, in any form except confection, in hemorrhoids, and never in irritability of the intestines.

  33. Digestion resembles maceration, except that the process is assisted by a gentle heat.

  34. The body should be covered the moment it is placed on the table, except the face, and all the rubbing carried on under the sheet or blanket.

  35. All cards played in error are liable to be called for as "faced" cards at any period of the game, except during the last eight tricks.

  36. They should be furnished with gravel, but with no water, except that with which their only food, barley-meal, is mixed.

  37. Whenever the seven of trumps is played, except in the last eight tricks, the player scores ten for it, no matter whether he wins the trick or not.

  38. This creature has scared at every thing he has seen to-day, except a haystack.

  39. They do say that one can get into any walled city of Syria, after night, for bucksheesh, except Damascus.

  40. It is utterly inaccessible, except in one place, where a bridle-path winds upward among the solid rocks to the old portcullis.

  41. Except that we haven't any birthday candles.

  42. There are almost as many people in this house as there are in the Presbyterian Church in Mifflin and no one was ever lonely there except on week days.

  43. For a moment I thought this fulfilment of my vision at Vienna marked some dreadful crisis in my fate, but I saw nothing in Bertha's mind, as she stood before me, except scorn for the look of overwhelming misery with which I sat before her .

  44. There had been no witness of the scene in the dying room except Meunier, and while Meunier lived his lips were sealed by a promise to me.

  45. In the evening she appeared elegantly dressed, and wearing conspicuously all the birthday presents except mine.

  46. Nothing more, except the extreme tenacity of tradition and the inconvenience of changing a widely accepted name, is needed to account for the human and animal names of the stars.

  47. The isolated texts from Scripture which are usually referred to clearly indicate wands of a different sort, if we except Hosea iv.

  48. Now fear fell on all of them, except Cronus, who, like Tutenganahau, was all for action.

  49. Like the German amateurs of the mandrake, they assert that 'there is no other resource for obtaining communication with spirits, except by means of certain roots' (i.

  50. He says that the Portuguese navigators who discovered among the negroes 'no other trace of any religious worship' except what they called the worship of feiticos, concluded that this was the whole of the religion of the negroes (p.

  51. Except at Sparta, Greeks dropped the tortures inflicted on boys and girls in the initiations superintended by the cruel Artemis.

  52. Unintelligible (except as survivals) when found among Hellenes, they become intelligible enough among savages, because they correspond to the intellectual condition and magical fancies of the lower barbarism.

  53. The chemist can purchase every ingredient that enters into the composition of bone except the vital force, without which he can not make an inch of bone.

  54. The sacred ceremonies were magnificent and public, except that the votaries of Bacchus and Ceres were indulged in their secret mysteries.

  55. True greatness is not found except in an humble mind; never is an archangel more exalted, more truly great, than when he bows before the throne of Christ.

  56. Sam Vaknin Also published by United Press International (UPI) History teaches us little except how little we can learn from it.

  57. There is a discernible tectonic shift in production and proven reserves from the Persian Gulf, the US except Alaska, the North Sea, and Latin America to northern Europe, Russia, and the Caspian Basin.

  58. Their numbers were fifty thousand; but except some pieces of artillery, five or six hundred men armed like cavalry, and a few score of stipendiary English archers, they were the disorderly population of the city.

  59. Except Linton, there was not probably one who could be called a good player in the party; but luck, which has more than the mastery over skill, supplied the place of knowledge, and Cashel was the only heavy loser of the whole assembly.

  60. He was disappointed, however; except a servant arranging candies in the lustres, the room was empty.

  61. We were bound for Bristol with fruit from Sicily, and caught in a gale; we struck, and all were lost, except myself and another, now in hospital in the large city yonder.

  62. Francois may keep anything else of mine, except what you would like to select as a "souvenir.

  63. I have all my life been somewhat of a rebel, except where authority was lax enough to make resistance unnecessary.

  64. That was a great error; except in that particular, I should recommend the plan to Mr. Roland Cashel's consideration.

  65. But in all the visions I had, I saw no souls escape purgatory except this Carmelite father, the holy friar Peter of Alcantara, and that Dominican father of whom I spoke before.

  66. I recollected well what I had seen in the vision, and it helped me greatly not to trust much in any one, for there is no one that can be relied on except God.

  67. If it were not so, I should have great scruples, except in declaring my sins: and in that matter I should have none at all.

  68. All, by the mercy of God, resembled their parents in goodness except myself, though I was the most cherished of my father.

  69. I bore all this with great resignation, and, if I except the beginning of my illness, with great joy; for all this was as nothing in comparison with the pains and tortures I had to bear at first.

  70. I saw it very clearly myself, but I did not dare to say so to any one except my confessor; for that would have been a real admission that I had no humility.

  71. There is nothing except this hole left to mark his birth-place, and the old well, not two rods off, which he and his brother dug to furnish water for the family.

  72. All came out except Tom, who lounged carelessly in his seat.

  73. Garfield well, and, except on the political field, we had strong sympathies together.

  74. James has no money except the few dollars his brother and I can spare him.

  75. It is no use bemoaning the past,' he said; 'the past has no uses except for its lessons.

  76. At low-water it is not navigable above Louisa, except for small flat-boats pushed by hand.

  77. It came out of the south, and yet, a hundred miles further back along the course on which it flew, it could not have proceeded in any direction except northward.

  78. We were confidential in all matters except my husband's work.

  79. He called his name repeatedly, and there was no response, except a dull echo from the ice-mountains behind the veil of fog.

  80. The footprints are of no value except to give me the size of his shoes.

  81. The most horrible feature of this act of cannibalism was the complete silence with which it was performed, except for the rasping of the dying monster's legs.

  82. I did all my own housework, except the laundry, which I sent out.

  83. There is nothing special about the generator except that it is highly efficient and gives an almost constant electromotive force.

  84. All the apparatus was in readiness except that the three demountable sections of the tower had yet to be run up into position.

  85. I should think it would be black if all the rays except the ultra-violet were absorbed.

  86. When this had been completed, everyone except the doctor, Carnes, and Lieutenant Leffingwell left the cave.

  87. I felt suddenly almost normal, except for the whirring vibration.

  88. Except for the booming of artillery a very long distance away, firing unseen at an unseen target, there was no noise at all.

  89. The six placed both hands on their breasts and stood with bowed heads, motionless except for a continuous and rhythmic bending of the knees, while Bertie sang the chorus softly, lingeringly.

  90. No appliances are required (as with dominoes), except one's own nimble brain; and I think Platitudes will soon sweep the country.

  91. I tell you of it because I tell you everything; and if we are menaced, we have no help to expect, except from you.

  92. She looked at him, not daring to question him, not betraying the direction of her thoughts except by a trembling that she could not control in spite of her efforts.

  93. But their search was vain; there was everything in this kitchen except fire-wood.

  94. Days passed without a thought of Caffie, except in connection with Florentin.

  95. In the intervals she lives the ordinary life, except that she does not get up.

  96. His habits remained the same, except that he no longer struggled with his creditors, and paid cash for everything.

  97. He has no disease except too much vanity and too much money.

  98. And all the while Quarriar preserved his attitude of drooping dignity, saying no syllable except under special appeal.

  99. What has sanctified and illumined the long night of our Exile except a vision of the High Priest in his jewelled breastplate officiating again at the altar of our Holy Temple?

  100. Sir Asher never discussed theology except with those who agreed with him.

  101. I might have written it myself, except that it is so unequal--a mixture of diamonds and paste, like all Hebrew literature.

  102. Their whole life has been spent on the open veldt (we are always fighting them on somebody's farm, who knows every inch of the ground), and they never risk anything except in the trap sort of manoeuvres.

  103. Cohn was not an aider or abettor, except in so far as frequent gifts from her own pocket-money might be considered the equivalent of the surreptitious cake of childhood.

  104. He did not remember what they were, except that one was the omission of the wife to throw into the fire the lump of dough from the Sabbath bread.

  105. If any services of the church be used by a clergyman, except "according to order," I imagine that he renders himself liable to penal consequences; but it may be sometimes thought best to omit them.

  106. Pity it is that such a philanthropic individual should have had occasion to complain: "In many places I never received penny as yet, nor any am like, except that I should sue!

  107. Well, Billie and the other white soldiers ran out the back door, while Jacko was shooting at the Indians at the front door, and so all the white soldiers got away except little red monkey, and he was caught.

  108. Jacko saw her coming, but he had the football in one paw and he had to hold on the rope with the other, so he couldn't do much except with his feet.

  109. She touches none except the Prince of the Cowherds.

  110. Here nothing was preached except expositions of the six systems of philosophy.

  111. He was filled with love of Krishna: nowhere do we find even the savour of such love except jmong those connected with him.

  112. Thenceforth he knew of nothing except Chaitanya's feet, and expounded no scripture except that of bhakti.

  113. He had no second clothing except His loin-cloth with Him.

  114. So long as thou stayest at Kashi do not dine anywhere except in my house.

  115. The Ray answered, "There is no [true] science except devotion to Krishna.

  116. There is no right course except the society of Krishna's devotees.

  117. The Mishra added, "Master, during your stay at Kashi do not consent to dine anywhere except in my house.

  118. It is the duty of a shanta votary to give up thirst for everything except Krishna; hence a shanta and a bhakta of Krishna are identical terms.

  119. Except for timber and several minerals, Finland depends on imports of raw materials, energy, and some components for manufactured goods.

  120. Israel is largely self-sufficient in food production except for grains.

  121. In the absence of other natural resources - except energy - Iceland's economy is vulnerable to changing world fish prices.

  122. The islands are now self-financing except for defense.

  123. The islands have few mineral deposits worth exploiting, except for high-grade phosphate.

  124. Economy Economic overview: No economic activity at present except for fishing off the coast and small-scale tourism, both based abroad.

  125. Steep and thickly wooded hills surrounded it, except at the extreme southern point, where they launched their boat.

  126. Vidurs have the same marriage ceremony as Maratha Brahmans, except that Puranic instead of Vedic mantras or texts are repeated at the service.

  127. The women are not allowed to wear ornaments of a cheaper metal than silver, except of course their glass bangles.

  128. The Manbhaos are recruited by initiation of both men and women from any except the impure castes.

  129. The marriage and other ceremonies of the Lodhis resemble those of the Kurmis, except in Chhattisgarh where the Maratha fashion is followed.

  130. They grow all kinds of grain and vegetables, except turmeric and onions.

  131. Bathing Hot water is not used for bathing in Saugor, except by invalids, but is customary in Betul and other Districts.

  132. When she leaves for her husband's house she puts on another or going-away dress, which should be as fine as the family can afford, and thereafter she may wear any colour except white.

  133. As the chilam is not touched by the mouth, Hindus of all except the impure castes can smoke it together, passing it round, and Hindus can also smoke it with Muhammadans.

  134. In the combined Province they are the most numerous caste except the Gonds.

  135. During the Satha period the Thugs engaged in the expedition ate no animal food except fish and nothing cooked with ghi (melted butter).

  136. It very often happens that everything is amicably settled except the greed of the priest, and he manages to find out some disagreement between the horoscopes of the marriageable parties to vent his anger.

  137. No music is allowed at the marriage of a widow except the crooked trumpet called singara.

  138. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "except" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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