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  1. Concrete blocks possess the great advantages for breakwaters that they can be made wherever sand and shingle can be procured, and of a size only limited by the appliances which are available for handling them.

  2. This arrangement necessitates more care and better appliances in construction; but, in compensation, the blocks so placed are less exposed to disturbance and injury by the waves.

  3. This balloon had an independent speed of about ten feet per second, but was without appliances for steering.

  4. With a better understanding and control of the conditions associated with successful and safe descent--perhaps with improved appliances therefor--the problem of ascent will also be partly solved.

  5. Nearly every one attempts to live up to the mark set by those who have all of the appliances of modern housekeeping.

  6. The modern conveniences are those arrangements and appliances which make it possible for people to live comfortably in a larger house, without seriously increasing the cares which they had in a smaller one.

  7. The work of retouching requires certain appliances to facilitate it, and its own special room or atelier.

  8. Woodward, backed by the resources of a liberal government supplying apparatus and appliances far beyond the means of the ordinary student of natural science.

  9. The material appliances for teaching were very scanty--a few leaves torn out of spelling-books and pasted on boards, some slates and a desk spread with sand, on which the children wrote with their fingers.

  10. Other industries include bleaching, silk-weaving, fire-clay and enamelling works, and a sanitary appliances factory.

  11. In England, on the contrary, the invention of these appliances has gone on unremittingly for sixty years, and there are about twenty different varieties, each possessing its own merit or ingenuity.

  12. Furniture Fittings and Appliances used in Library Work, and Sketches and Estimates are supplied at any time.

  13. For articles, see Cannons, E 24-D 47, Library Appliances and Supplies.

  14. So many libraries now use indicators for Fiction only that there is some advantage in having special appliances for the purpose.

  15. Libraries are built and equipped for years of service, and the best Furniture and Appliances are in the end the most economical.

  16. He improved the sheaf catalogue, and indeed many of the commonest appliances now in use were of his contriving.

  17. Every attempt was made to seduce him from the path of duty, not omitting the same appliances which had been brought to bear upon Steptoe and Dawson, but all in vain.

  18. Being a place of yesterday's growth all the newest appliances are to be found, including thirty electric cranes, powerful tugs, floating grain elevators.

  19. Notes on the recently opened exhibition of ships and naval appliances at Havre.

  20. Increased appliances for stopping trains, proper precautions in putting out fires, the frequent inspection of bridges, some method of keeping a strict account of the numbers on the train will be required.

  21. Telephone lines bisect the Reserve in several directions, and fire-fighting appliances are cached in accessible places ready for immediate use.

  22. Water is piped from a clear mountain spring, and an equipment of up-to-date sanitary plumbing, bath and toilet appliances has been lately installed.

  23. Upon this singular arena Archæology informs us that the primeval Briton entered, unprovided with any of those appliances with which the arts of civilisation arm man against such obstacles.

  24. Sir Walter Scott has given fearfully vivid life, in his "Old Mortality," to the tribunal of the Scottish Privy Council, where such horrible appliances were last in vogue.

  25. Sinful allurements of every kind invite the young man, hurtful companionship welcomes him, the ordinary appliances of the church have no attraction for him.

  26. To counteract baleful attractions, others which call forth strong sympathy, and appliances which cost, in every sense of the word, must be furnished.

  27. Steam pipes might be used instead of the radiator, and the thermometer above described could be used in this case also, with appliances to cut off the steam.

  28. The appliances for the souring of milk on the domestic scale require some consideration.

  29. Their incubators for chicken hatching are known all over the world; and their appliances for biological incubation are very generally used in bacteriological laboratories.

  30. After describing the principal appliances at present in the market we propose to make some suggestions as to the construction of larger apparatus.

  31. The display of plumbing apparatus and all manner of building appliances we do not consider in good taste in this place.

  32. There are some sixty of these hydrant houses distributed round the city, the larger appliances being at headquarters and at some depots.

  33. Hand appliances of this kind, holding a few gallons, are often placed in the corridors of hotels, public buildings, &c.

  34. There would, however, be an extra expense for the purchase and maintenance of the street first-aid appliances referred to.

  35. The appliances in the main comprise hydrants and hose-reels with ladder trucks, and each section has not less than 3000 ft.

  36. In certain localities fire appliances are still run out to fires by hand, especially where there is a high pressure water system and hose carts only are required.

  37. The art or science of descriptive drawing; especially, the art or science of drawing by mechanical appliances and mathematical rule.

  38. The means and appliances by which anything is kept in action or a desired result is obtained; a complex system of parts adapted to a purpose.

  39. The appliances needed for the introduction of gas into a building, as meters, pipes, burners, etc.

  40. It was originally fired by means of a match, or matchlock, for which several mechanical appliances (including the flintlock, and finally the percussion lock) were successively substituted.

  41. From it must come records in comparison with which obelisk and pyramid, triumphal arch and ghostly cathedral, shall seem the toys and school appliances of the childhood of the race.

  42. I have given a little outline of these gay doings, in order that you may know that the modern Athens is entitled to boast that she possesses all the appliances of civilization.

  43. With this force of men and appliances at work the ruined city, looked at from the bluffs, seemed to fairly swarm with life, wherever the flood had left anything to be removed.

  44. Should the necessity arise, the French Emperor will not lack at the outset the best appliances of modern science; while we, I fear, shall have to learn the magnitude of the resources we are now neglecting amid the pangs of actual war.

  45. If not, I would ask it to be made clear to me how a thing without these appliances can act so perfectly the part of a builder?

  46. Close to them are the offices and young men’s rooms, the latter built in a style and furnished with appliances such as are to be found in but few gardens.

  47. At the corners and in other parts are life-sized statues: mirrors and other appliances add to the beauty of the whole.

  48. The furniture and appliances are sumptuous and elegant, and altogether this saloon is the most gorgeous in the castle.

  49. The drawing-room is also a fine tapestried apartment, furnished with massive ebony chairs, ebony sofa, and ebony carved cabinet, and all the appliances en suite.

  50. All we need say is, that the rooms are fitted and furnished with all the appliances of Art which might be expected in the home of so enlightened and so liberal-minded a nobleman as his Grace the Duke of Cleveland.

  51. The drawbridge crosses the moat, and the entrance is fully guarded, and has all the appliances of an old baronial castle.

  52. Adjoining the house were training paddocks and all the appliances for the stud which was kept up.

  53. The rooms are, of course, one and all sumptuously furnished with all the appliances of wealth and taste, and are lavish in their attractions.

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