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Example sentences for "hydrants"

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  1. Constant water pressure and a good system of hydrants are urgently needed in every town.

  2. The National Gallery has also hydrants and hose; the tanks contain 3,900 gallons.

  3. In the forenoon there is no water available from the hydrants on the upper floor of the building, which is forty feet below the ridge of the roof, and there are no fire-engines.

  4. If the hydrants hadn't been open and the street clear, they say the whole block would have gone," the doctor reported.

  5. The appliances in the main comprise hydrants and hose-reels with ladder trucks, and each section has not less than 3000 ft.

  6. Where the provision of water and hydrants falls to a private water company, the property owners will be paying their share for them, indirectly, in the form of water rates.

  7. The requirements of the fire survey code may allow for hydrants or sprinklers in certain risks, and also for their regular inspection, and the means for self-help may thus be given.

  8. As a rule the costs which are debited to the heading "Fire Protection" have simply to cover the maintenance of hydrants and tablets, or at the most the cost of the water actually used for fire-extinguishing purposes.

  9. Sometimes the cost of hydrants is shared with the scavenging department or the commission of sewers, which also have the use of them.

  10. Hydrants and cocks must not rust, nor must the hose get so stiff that the water cannot pass through it, or sprinklers choked.

  11. A third choice is also open, namely, to carry no insurance and to install no fire hydrants and to run the inevitable risk of losing the house by fire.

  12. As in England, hydrants are largely used in the States, and the steam fire-engine is also, of course, a very important appliance.

  13. The increase of hydrants has been very conspicuous under the County Council.

  14. Hydrants are fully charged from the main, and have a commanding cock or tap attached, so that a supply of water can be obtained at once.

  15. In addition to the engines, it must be remembered that there were fifty hydrants in the neighbourhood.

  16. The tanks would be empty until required, and would be under the control of the brigade, while the hydrants should still be maintained for service.

  17. Meantime, the dock fire-engines and hydrants had been got to work, and the dock engineer was able to turn on full pressure, so that soon powerful jets of water were thrown on the flames.

  18. Of these, twelve are estimated by the fire-brigade committee to be covered by parks and open spaces, where fire-hydrants will probably never be needed.

  19. But if the number of hydrants is large, the area to be protected by the brigade is also very large.

  20. From the steamers and the hydrants the quantity of water poured on the huge fire is now immense, and the steam and smoke roll off in immense volumes.

  21. In all the twenty-one courts only three families had running water in their houses, and even the hydrants in the courts were not for individual families.

  22. Two hydrants and two vaults are expected to equip thirty apartments.

  23. At the same time many families usually dependent upon street hydrants for domestic water had to make use of this extremely impure river water.

  24. The hydrants and valves used in connection with wood pipes in Philadelphia were made of metal, and it is presumed that the valves and hydrants used in other cities were likewise made of metal.

  25. Hawkins had cleared the hydrants and the firemen resumed their work.

  26. One by one they dashed by till as many as could be supplied with water from the hydrants in the yard had entered.

  27. The hose at these hydrants should be festooned on a row of pins, or doubled on some of the reels made especially for such purposes.

  28. The yard hydrants should be placed at a distance of fifty feet from buildings, and covered with a house which should also contain hose, axes, bars, nozzles and spanners.

  29. Stand-pipes are not recommended to be placed in rooms or on fire-escapes; and inside hydrants should not be attached to the vertical pipes supplying automatic-sprinklers.

  30. These hydrants are so located that they protect from fire all the property of the town.

  31. The dam was replaced and greatly strengthened, and the water was conducted through pipes and hydrants to the city.

  32. Three 3-inch fire hydrants were placed on the main street.

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