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  1. No time is thus lost in connecting with the nearest hydrant or plug; and in case of a hydrant being out of order, there is always sufficient water at hand until the second hydrant has been found.

  2. There are some sixty of these hydrant houses distributed round the city, the larger appliances being at headquarters and at some depots.

  3. Upon reaching the fire, communication is made between the plug or hydrant and the engine, and the work begins.

  4. Only three houses had running water inside, and in at least three instances over 110 people were dependent on one yard-hydrant for water.

  5. The hydrant at the right was in close proximity to octagonal privy structure and was only water supply for the entire court.

  6. The water supply was a sink in one apartment, and another on the second story floor and a hydrant in the yard.

  7. On the date the photograph was taken, the hydrant had been out of business for two days and tenants had carried their water from another court across the street.

  8. In no court were fewer than five families using one hydrant or pump, while in exceptional instances there were as many as nineteen, twenty and twenty-one families.

  9. In the back yard of this home lives a red-turbaned colored scold, owner of a much coveted hydrant upon which four families are dependent for water.

  10. And this is true even if a hydrant pressure be used.

  11. Not a few persons use the hydrant pressure of their houses in taking an enema.

  12. One end of it was introduced into the shack through a knothole, and the other was secured by wire round the faucet of hydrant in the stable.

  13. But after they got three doses down me, I took the bottle out in the yard and cleaned her all out and pulled a lot o' good ole grass and stuffed her pretty full and poured in a lot o' good ole hydrant water on top of it.

  14. Foot Spray Turn the full force of water from a hydrant or hose first on one foot, then on the other.

  15. When feasible, turn the stream from a hydrant or a hose upon the head.

  16. And Mrs. Garvey turns the color of a fire hydrant clear up into her permanent wave.

  17. At first Schott looks kind of dazed, like a kid who's been foolin' with a fire hydrant wrench and suddenly finds he's turned on the high pressure and can't turn it off.

  18. Now there's no doubt of his achievin' a pink-plus set of wavy locks that'll make a fresh-painted fire hydrant look faded.

  19. Fetch Saunders and Smith; tell them to fix the fire-hose to the hydrant nearest the meadow, and connect as many lengths as are necessary to reach where I am standing.

  20. He had taken the precaution to post men at the hydrant to protect it.

  21. A babel of confusion followed, as they demanded to know where they could get connection with the nearest fire hydrant on the street, or if none were handy where could the cistern be found!

  22. It was learned that a hydrant stood handy not a hundred feet distant, and to this a hose was attached without delay.

  23. He waited at the hydrant until Bog had delivered the letter.

  24. He was also addicted to standing at the hydrant on the corner, and gazing hard at the house, wishing that he could see through its brick walls.

  25. They pulled out the hydrant and raked sand over the hole.

  26. At last two attendants entered the arena, walked up to a hydrant in the centre, fastened on a hose, and watered the great circle.

  27. Four apartments opened upon each landing, in which was the common hydrant and sink.

  28. Then came the 'Hydrant Drill,' which was conducted at the hydrant nearest the point of a supposed outbreak of fire.

  29. Cold water man stood on a hydrant with the water turned on, and had his pockets full of icicles.

  30. The usual "bitters" are not forthcoming in the morning, and old topers who have for years regularly paid their morning devotions to the decanter or the black bottle, must now perforce become votaries of the hydrant and the rain water barrel.

  31. During this time the cabbage under the hydrant will be growing cold.

  32. This can be done very conveniently, by laying them under the hydrant or pump, washing them there with a broom, and letting the water run on them.

  33. Then take it out, drain it, and lay it in a pan of cold water, or place it under the hydrant, for the hydrant water to run copiously upon it.

  34. Let the hydrant run on it, till the cabbage has become perfectly cold all through.

  35. At this time I examined the hydrant water of the city water works, and also the east shore of the West River, which seemed to be too full of sewage.

  36. I suppose travel had broadened him, and probably the hydrant was old and rusted out, anyway.

  37. First he jumped six feet straight into the air, and that pulled the four feet of hydrant pipe up by the roots, and then he went away.

  38. If I had wanted a fountain in my front yard, I could not have got one half as quickly as Fluff furnished that one, and I would never have thought of pulling out the hydrant to make me one.

  39. A hydrant and a piece of iron pipe might be the very thing he would need.

  40. He aroused Hutchings, another fireman who slept at the theatre, and the two got a hydrant to work, there having been several fitted in the building; they also despatched a messenger to Chandos Street station, which is quite near.

  41. The hydrant is probably of the upright kind, standing up above the roadway level, though some cities use the hydrant below-ground, and covered with an iron plate.

  42. Moreover, the van carries five hundred feet of hose, and all the necessary gear for using a hydrant at once; so that water can be thrown on a fire directly, even without the arrival of an engine.

  43. The fire proved too strong for the hydrant to quench it; and when the manual-engine from the station arrived, a fairly fierce fire was in progress.

  44. There was a sort of hydrant up the street a few hundred yards, I was told.

  45. It shone upon broken flags, a mud-puddle by the hydrant where the children went splashing with dirty, bare feet, and upon unnumbered ash barrels.

  46. A line of hose stretched along the sidewalk from the hydrant at the corner below, and he looked upon it with stern and scholastic disapproval, but followed its lead and came upon a familiar face.

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