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Example sentences for "enters"

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enterprises; enterprising; enterprize; enterprizes; enterprizing; entertain; entertaind; entertaine; entertained; entertainement
  1. Christian enters Doubting Castle and meets Giant Despair, even after he has won most of his victories.

  2. Life, as well as purity, enters into the idea of holiness.

  3. Andrew Fuller said of the doctrines of theology that "they are united together like chain-shot, so that, whichever one enters the heart, the others must certainly follow.

  4. He is actually religious, however, only when he enters into this living relation to God.

  5. This would deny all those imperative volitions of God by which he enters into history.

  6. Jasper enters and tells Sal that a man followed him to the door.

  7. In the central lowest space, a dark and whiskered man enters a dark chamber; his left hand is on the lock of the door; in his right he holds up a lantern.

  8. He enters by one door and leaves by another.

  9. With solemn sweetness he told of the heavenly city, where there is no night, where pain nor death enters not, and of the gentle Christ so pitiful of weakness and suffering.

  10. If a dog enters his house, it is killed and thrown out.

  11. In every farm-yard a birch tree is set up, and every person of the name of John who enters the farm that day must break off a twig from the tree and hang up on its branches in return a small present for the family.

  12. So in Northumberland, down to the first half of the nineteenth century, "when a contagious disease enters among cattle, the fires are extinguished in the adjacent villages.

  13. Many contests also arise amongst the young men; for whoever enters his house first with the sacred fire brings the good luck of the year with him.

  14. It enters the sand by pushing in the rounded, anterior end.

  15. All parts of the animal communicate, and whatever enters the mouth circulates through the whole structure; and when assimilation is completed the residue returns by the same road and is expelled through the mouth.

  16. We find the interior dismal and depressive, and quite unchanged since Smith's time, save that the stove-pipe now enters a flue instead of emerging through a window.

  17. When I enters the outer door, I sees a man in an arm-chair in the entry, and he looked like a buster, I tell you, jist ready to blow up with the steam of all the secrets he had in his byler.

  18. He knows the family; he hastens down the lane, and across the field, and enters the labourer's hut.

  19. He enters the cottage door; he sees the dampness of the walls; he feels the clayey coldness of the floors, and observes the signs of poverty.

  20. A Messenger enters with tidings of Judas's triumph over all their enemies.

  21. The rejoicings soon change to expressions of alarm and apprehension as a Messenger enters and announces that Gorgias has been sent by Antiochus to attack the Israelites, and is already near at hand.

  22. A heat engine, of any type, has its effectiveness measured by comparing in absolute units the heat which enters it with the heat which remains after its work is done.

  23. The entrance is that part of the ship forward where it enters the water and swells out to the full breadth of the ship; the run is the after part from where the ship begins to narrow and extending to the stern.

  24. If this fault, common to all metals, can be materially reduced or abolished, then steel enters upon a new field of golden harvests.

  25. Its fuel enters in a steady stream, in controlled quantity, through a Bildt automatic feed which has a constantly rotating distributor with deflecting surfaces.

  26. As it enters the caustic bath the cotton is pure cellulose, as it leaves the bath the fabric is hydrated cellulose, with new and valuable properties.

  27. The current enters the coil through the two spiral springs S and S, which serve also to control the movement of the coil.

  28. Let us note how this rule enters into the tasks of the shipbuilder.

  29. From quite another side Mr. Peter Cooper Hewitt enters the field of light production, utilizing the glow of a vapor instead of a solid stick.

  30. In his apparatus the condensing water enters at the base, and leaves at the top, after several circuits instead of but two as in the ordinary condenser.

  31. Pothinus enters and stops mistrustfully between the two, looking from one to the other.

  32. Rufio enters the loggia hastily, passing behind the soldier to look out through one of the arches at the quay beneath.

  33. A second official enters from the opposite end, walking backwards.

  34. Ftatateeta enters the loggia, and stands arrogantly at the top of the steps.

  35. Cleopatra, in gorgeous raiment, enters in state through the gap in the colonnade, and comes down past the image of Ra and past the table to Caesar.

  36. Pothinus, with a gesture of rage, is following, when Ftatateeta enters and stops him.

  37. Not a single carriage enters the court of Neuilly and everything there seems to be walled up as if in a tomb.

  38. A rash, grandiose, speculative quality enters his projects, and divorces the elaborate coordination of means and end from his plans.

  39. According to this, the brain enters as only one of the characters in the play of consciousness.

  40. But when the wish enters upon the scene, it is as if a dead storage battery has been refreshed with new current.

  41. Here enters upon the scene that organ of external and internal secretion, the prostate, the most important of the accessory sex glands in the male.

  42. To the end of each double spoke is fixed a square board that enters the water, and a rotary motion of the wheel acts like a paddle.

  43. The name of Thomas Walker, another merchant, enters largely into Montreal history, as we have seen.

  44. When all are seated save Charilus and Oswald a priest enters bearing a chalice of wine which he places on table before Oswald] Osw.

  45. Seizes tray and goes out, right, as Charilus re-enters left] Char.

  46. When one enters and asks to know more about this system, he points to another placard, which says: It assumes the nature and character of an appellative noun, and carries the article The System.

  47. Into this animated gamble the amateur clown enters with enjoyment.

  48. Beyond Broad, the avenue spruces up a bit and enters upon a vivacious phase.

  49. The whole museum is delightfully French in flavour; as soon as one enters one seems to step back into the curiously bizarre and tragic extravagance of the Second Empire.

  50. When still more considerable the enlarged tonsils block up the passage through the nostrils, and air consequently enters the lungs but very imperfectly.

  51. Solid food given to the child before it has cut its teeth, enters the stomach unreduced to pulp by the grinders, and unmixed with the saliva, which should help its solution, and which the undeveloped salivary glands do not yet furnish.

  52. The storm-tossed sailor on the troubled sea, Wearied and drenched, with joy re-enters port.

  53. But now that son enters his palace-gates In coarsest beggar-garb, his alms-bowl filled With Sudras' leavings for his daily food.

  54. Hilda had read the following: "One word more.

  55. She was thinking reproachfully: "What a pity it is for all of us that the poor thing can't bear her pain with a little less fuss!

  56. Now, Mr. Boutwood's attitude showed very plainly that the girlish charms of Florrie had produced in him a definite and familiar effect.

  57. Hilda asked, leading her away from the sea.

  58. Already its walls were higher than the highest house in the vicinity.

  59. Eleven in all, they had seen, of which three were occupied by the Watchetts, and one, temporarily, by George Cannon.

  60. III The supper-table was noisy and joyous--more than usually so on account of the presence of Charlie, the gayest member of the family.

  61. One block down, Broad Street enters from the south, and the narrower Nassau Street goes out to the north.

  62. The Mohawk, after flowing from central New York nearly one hundred and forty miles in a rich agricultural section, pours down the falls at Cohoes, and enters the Hudson through four separate channels formed by these islands.

  63. The moral element enters into questions of right.

  64. Write a description in which the color element enters largely.

  65. It enters vitally into our lives, no matter what our occupation may be.

  66. He enters into every trade, when he foresees that it is likely to lie more than commonly profitable, and he quits it when he foresees that its profits are likely to return to the level of other trades.

  67. Rent, it is to be observed, therefore, enters into the composition of the price of commodities in a different way from wages and profit.

  68. A great part of the extraordinary work, besides, which is probably done in cheap years, never enters the public registers of manufactures.

  69. No person within fifteen miles of the sea, in the said counties, can buy any wool, before he enters into bond to the king, that no part of the wool which he shall so buy shall be sold by him to any other person within fifteen miles of the sea.

  70. No visitor ever enters here; but in the summer evenings two old men may be seen creeping with difficult steps from its low portal up to the brow of the bank, where they sit in silence and watch the boats go by.

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