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  1. I have further no doubt concerning their being originally ambulatory in function.

  2. He designated as exopodite the longer branch which persists in the adult, but since the ambulatory legs of Crustacea are endopodites, that would seem a more likely interpretation.

  3. Billings recognized the remains of eight pairs of legs on the thorax, a pair for each segment, and he inferred from the fact that the appendages projected forward that they were ambulatory rather than natatory organs.

  4. The stout endopodites, on the other hand, probably performed the double function of natatory and ambulatory legs.

  5. There is a fourth pair of rudimentary appendifers, but as they are beneath the doublure they could not have borne ambulatory appendages.

  6. These facts, together with certain trails, strongly suggest the use of the coxopodites as the primary ambulatory organs, the endopodites probably assisting.

  7. Embryologically they arise precisely like the legs, and each cercus contains a diverticulum of the mesoblastic somite precisely as is the case with the ambulatory legs and mouth parts.

  8. The cephalothorax bears six pairs of appendages, the first of which are the pre-oral chelicerae, while behind the mouth are the pedipalpi and four pairs of ambulatory legs.

  9. Two general plans are noticeable in the use of this alternate ambulatory system.

  10. As far as the actual construction of the chevet is concerned, the plan with a central pier made no essential difference, except possibly in the vaulting of the ambulatory which is discussed in the next chapter.

  11. There is also an interesting use of a half-tunnel vaulted triforium above the ambulatory and abutting the half dome of the apse which opens into it through five arches, in the church of Loctudy (Finistère) twelfth century.

  12. As for the radiating chapels, they were added to the ambulatory with the evident purpose of affording more space for altars especially in the great pilgrimage churches.

  13. In the ambulatory gallery of Saint Remi at Reims (Fig.

  14. She performs her part in these delightful ambulatory excursions by the aid of a portable garden chair.

  15. His continual ambulatory presence performs the part of a Greek chorus.

  16. Five perfectly formed radial chapels surround the polygonal ambulatory and are continued towards the crossing by three rectangular chapels on each side.

  17. The eastern termination of the church is formed by a choir of three and an ambulatory of five bays running back of the altar and trascoro, and five pentagonal apsidal chapels.

  18. Only two of the radial chapels outside the polygonal ambulatory remain, the others having been altered or supplanted by the great Chapels of the Constable, of Santiago, Santa Catarina, Corpus Christi, and the Cloisters.

  19. In the centre, facing the ambulatory behind, is a fine Renaissance tomb of the renowned Bishop Alfonso Tostada de Madrigal.

  20. Especially over the Capilla Mayor in its ambulatory chapels and around the lantern, this ornamentation becomes profuse,--everywhere ribs are met by bosses and roses.

  21. Some genera show other adaptations to their twisted houses, the eye-stalks being uneven in length and the ambulatory feet unequal on the opposite sides.

  22. It cannot be mistaken [pg268] for any other hermit common on our coast, since it has the very distinctive feature of white longitudinal stripes on the ambulatory feet.

  23. All the ambulatory feet and the very small left hand fold beneath, leaving only the flat surface of one hand exposed to view.

  24. A precocious use of the ambulatory and of apse chapels appeared in the region.

  25. He united Auvergne's Romanesque ambulatory with the cupola church of Aquitaine.

  26. He is said to have introduced into Normandy the ambulatory and its radiating chapels.

  27. About 1280 a little shrine, which had stood in the rear of the cathedral, separated from it by a lane, was joined to the ambulatory of the new Gothic choir by means of a canted bay.

  28. In the choir, his beautiful ambulatory begins at the third bay of the double aisles.

  29. The church which now is Montpellier's cathedral consists of a modern choir of the meridional type, without ambulatory or flying buttresses, and a nave built as an abbatial by Guillaume de Grimoard, the best of the Avignon popes, Urban V.

  30. In his new church was a precocious use of ambulatory and radiating chapels, a disposition which was to lead to the chief beauty in the Gothic cathedrals of the land, but which made its appearance in the Ile-de-France only in the XII century.

  31. The ambulatory and radiating chapels are early-Gothic; the choir is late XIII century; the easternmost bays of the nave are of the XIV, and its westernmost bays of the XV century.

  32. Did the choir of St. Gilles still stand, it would be the best Gothic monument in the south of France, exceptional in possessing an ambulatory and radiating chapels.

  33. The XV century built the insignificant choir (without the vestige of a capital), exceptional only in having the sole ambulatory and radiating chapels in Provence.

  34. Its ambulatory copied a disposition first used in Soissons Cathedral, but repeated only here and at Bayonne, though across the Rhine it became popular.

  35. In the ambulatory the round and the pointed arch appeared side by side, and the groin vault was used simultaneously with the diagonals.

  36. But there must have been an ambulatory beyond the east end of the old church, since Reginald's work is carried a bay farther east in the choir aisles.

  37. The whole upper part, which once was as high as the top of the lantern, fell and was re-roofed in a most miserable manner, having only the ambulatory and its chapels uninjured.

  38. On the southern side of the ambulatory one of the radiating chapels was pulled down in 1519 to form a passage, irregular in shape and roofed with a vault of many ribs.

  39. Although the chapel could be done easily, the ambulatory would be of no use, as it would lead probably from the kitchen offices.

  40. The cloister will come at the back of the chapel, and an arched and vaulted ambulatory will be laid round the house.

  41. This is easily seen by the basilica form of the church, the three-lobed apse, the lack of an ambulatory walk, and the apparently similar height of nave and aisles.

  42. The new cathedral is a complicated Gothic-Renaissance building of a nave and two aisles, with an ambulatory behind the high altar.

  43. The general plan of the building is Roman cruciform, with a semicircular apse composed of five chapels and an ambulatory behind the high altar.

  44. The nave and transept are of the same width; the lateral chapels, running along the exterior walls of the aisles, are symmetrical, as in Salamanca; the ambulatory separates the high altar from the apse and its seven chapels.

  45. The ground plan of the building is Latin Cruciform; the aisles are but slightly lower than the nave and join in the apse behind the high altar in an ambulatory walk.

  46. The sixteenth-century builders thought differently, however, and so the aisles were prolonged into an apsidal ambulatory behind the high altar.

  47. The original plan was that of a Romanesque basilica with a three-lobed apse, but in 1781 the ambulatory walk behind the altar joined the two lateral aisles.

  48. The building as it stands to-day is a perfect rectangle cut in its length by a nave (containing the choir and the high altar), and by two aisles, lower than the nave and continued in an ambulatory walk behind the high altar.

  49. The general plan of the building is Roman cruciform; the principal nave is high, and contains both choir and high altar; the two aisles are much lower and darker, and terminate behind the high altar in an ambulatory walk.

  50. There is no ambulatory behind the high altar, which stands in the lady-chapel; the apse is rounded.

  51. The form of the apse has been completely changed by the introduction of an ambulatory or circular apsidal aisle dating at least from the fifteenth century, as shown by the presence of the late Gothic and Renaissance elements.

  52. In its original shape, the church must have consisted of its present circular nave with the ambulatory aisle, and in all probability a semi-circular eastern apse.

  53. Windows of three lights were not only inserted in the additional stage, but were also substituted for the circular-headed Norman windows of both ambulatory and clerestory.

  54. The ambulatory was vaulted, as in all probability was also the central area, while the apse would doubtless be covered with a semi-dome.

  55. Brother Copas and Corona passed down the ambulatory and by the porter's lodge to the outer court.

  56. It can be reached from the ambulatory by a dark, narrow tunnel under the nurses' lodgings.

  57. He had met her by chance in the ambulatory on her way from Brother Bonaday's rooms.

  58. The double-aisled ambulatory as at Avila is unique and beautiful in its effect.

  59. Provisional Government in Paris, Napoleon's at Fontainebleau, and the doubtful and ambulatory Regency of "Maria Louisa.

  60. At the other end of the ambulatory is #Bishop Oldham's Chantry#, dedicated to our Saviour.

  61. B) four provisional pairs of appendages (shewn as small knobs at ab) appear behind the ambulatory feet.

  62. The appendages behind the ambulatory feet atrophy, and the tail is gradually bent back into its final position.

  63. B) the number of joints of the first pair of antennae becomes increased, and the posterior maxillae develop a blade and become four-jointed ambulatory appendages terminating in a hook.

  64. The first rudiments to appear are those of the pedipalpi and four ambulatory limbs: the chelicerae, like the segment to which they belong, lag behind in development.

  65. These five maxillipeds correspond with the three maxillipeds and two anterior ambulatory appendages of the Decapoda.

  66. The two posterior maxillipeds, in the Palinurus Phyllosoma at any rate, acquire again an exopodite, and together with the biramous ambulatory feet develop epipodites in the form of gill pouches.

  67. At a much later stage, when the ambulatory feet have become formed, a median involution of epiblast in front of the mouth and between the two epiblast ridges gives rise to a central part of the supra-oesophageal ganglia.

  68. Behind them the three ambulatory appendages of the thorax have also appeared, first as simple buds, which subsequently however become biramous.

  69. The third pair of maxillipeds and three following ambulatory appendages develop gill pouches.

  70. The maxillae and maxillipeds undergo considerable metamorphosis, the abdominal feet attain their adult form, and the three anterior thoracic ambulatory legs lose their outer rami.

  71. Still later, when the larva is about half an inch in length, the approach to the adult form is more marked, and the exopodites of the ambulatory legs though present are relatively much reduced in size.

  72. The third pair of maxillipeds is Mysis-like and biramous, and the five ambulatory legs closely resemble them, the endopodite of the first being imperfectly chelate.

  73. At their extremities there is formed a pair of claws similar to those of the ambulatory legs (fig.

  74. The ambulatory contains the recumbent figure of Richard Fishborne, Mercer, dressed in a fur gown and ruff.

  75. The Yorkshire pavement of the ambulatory is panelled and bordered with black stone, and squares of red granite at the intersections.

  76. There is a large ambulatory before it supported by columns, and a stone staircase leads to the hall and court-rooms.

  77. Between the street and the body of the church Wren, always ingenious, contrived an ambulatory the whole depth of the tower, to deaden the sound of passing traffic.

  78. It principally consists of a spacious quadrangle, surrounded by a fine piazza or ambulatory of arches, supported by columns.

  79. The arcaded and vaulted Ambulatory extends continuously around the four sides.

  80. The floor of this Ambulatory is elevated above the upper floor level of the Court for the convenience of observers.

  81. The eight paintings in the four corners of the Ambulatory symbolize the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

  82. In St Martin at Tours was probably evolved the most perfect type of plan, that with an ambulatory and radiating chapels surrounding the eastern apse.

  83. From the evidence furnished by fine double-staged chapels to the transepts, it is most probable that three similar chapels were set about the ambulatory of the apse, the upper chapels opening from the fine vaulted triforium.

  84. The room he was in communicated with a lobby outside, from which a staircase descended to a little cloistered and glazed ambulatory opening on to the garden.

  85. The aisles and ambulatory of the chancel were treated by the same methods.

  86. In the fourth bay, above the point of the window arch, the curve of the original apse of the ambulatory is just traceable; but beyond this point eastwards the twelfth-century walling has disappeared until we meet it again in the lady-chapel.

  87. These were extended on both sides eastward of the transept, and continued as an ambulatory round a semicircular apse.

  88. But the nature of many architectural features tends very strongly to confirm the idea that much of the work in the ambulatory eastward of the sanctuary had been delayed.

  89. It is sufficient that the chance was not lost, for in the eastern ambulatory of the cathedral church at Chichester is to be seen, as a result, one of the most truly beautiful examples of mediæval design that English architecture now possesses.

  90. It is not possible to examine or describe them adequately from the ambulatory only, and the most important are best viewed from the choir or presbytery, whence access to the chantries is obtained.

  91. This is one of the series of the fourteenth century chapels which surrounds the ambulatory of the choir.

  92. The glass in this window was formerly in the east window of the ambulatory of the choir, and was removed to its present position in 1887.

  93. Lord Despenser, and, with her, helped to rebuild the choir, in the ambulatory of which his splendid monument is still to be seen.

  94. Nothing is left but the partly concealed mouldings of the arch in the east wall of the ambulatory of the choir.

  95. In this chapel is a large aumbry, and a very perfect stone coffin which was dug up in the south ambulatory near the Trinity Chapel.

  96. In the south-east corner of the transept a staircase gives access to this chamber, and communicates with the triforium of the transept, the clerestory of the choir, the vaulting of the ambulatory as well as that of the tower.

  97. To the north-west are the tombs at the back of the altar and sedilia; to the west is a good view of the south ambulatory and the south aisle of the nave.

  98. At the east end of the ambulatory is the arch by which entrance was formerly given to the destroyed Lady Chapel.

  99. His tomb is in the south ambulatory of the choir.

  100. This part of the building is usually entered from the south ambulatory by the entrance opposite to the door of the clergy vestry.

  101. The little altars in the ambulatory are nearly all of them old, older, perhaps, than the church itself.

  102. From earliest times of the Monarchy, the kings had dispensed justice, surrounded by the chief Churchmen and nobles of the land, thus constituting an ambulatory tribunal which was held wherever the sovereign might happen to be.

  103. St. Pierre aux Boeufs, and enter for the sake of the beautiful Gothic interior, mainly fifteenth century, with its double aisles and ambulatory and fine stained-glass in the nave.

  104. As we pace round the ambulatory we are shown some remains of twelfth-century stained glass in the choir chapels (that in the Lady Chapel including the figure of Abbot Suger,) and a modern representation of the Oriflamme to the L.

  105. We ascend the steps to the ambulatory and below, to our L.

  106. It will readily be noticed how out of the perpendicular are the piers of this ambulatory as one approaches the east end of the church.

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