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  1. Therefore," added Jones, "we men must assume the duty of driving the ambulances and bringing back the wounded we are able to pick up.

  2. Mr. Merrick had no difficulty in getting all the assistance required to lower the two ambulances to the dock.

  3. We must get our ambulances ashore," said Jones.

  4. Both ambulances were decorated on all sides with the emblem of the Red Cross and would be invaluable in bringing the wounded to the Arabella.

  5. Now, the question to decide is this: Shall we disembark our ambulances and run them across to Arras, beginning our work behind the French trenches, or go on to Dunkirk, where we are likely to plunge into the thickest of the war?

  6. We can't spare very many, you understand, and the ambulances will keep Maurie and me pretty busy.

  7. A launch took them ashore, where the ambulances stood upon the dock.

  8. We must get the ambulances out at once," said Beth.

  9. I could see the lanterns of the ambulances as they moved about searching for the wounded among the many dead, but was too faint from loss of blood to raise my head and shout for help.

  10. We got into conversation over the dog he had with him--a magnificent St. Bernard, that had been trained as a war dog, to go out with the ambulances to hunt for dead and wounded soldiers.

  11. The Government has put the Prussian prisoners in the ambulances on the left bank of the Seine.

  12. It appears to me that it would have been wiser to have moved the ambulances to the right bank.

  13. It is said, also, that at Clamart these chevaliers declined to go under fire and pick up the wounded, and that the ambulances themselves made a strategic movement to the rear at the commencement of the combat.

  14. Now, as in the American tents four out of five recover; and as French surgeons are as skilful as American surgeons, the average mortality in the two ambulances is a crucial proof of the advantage of the American tent system.

  15. For my especial benefit they informed each other that all strangers here were outlaws from their own country, and that the Americans and Italians who have established ambulances were in all probability Prussian spies.

  16. All I know for certain is that the ambulances are ordered out for eight o'clock to-morrow morning, and that I am now going to bed, so as to be ready to start with them.

  17. The ambulances were ordered out this morning, and at seven o'clock some 300 victims rendezvoused with the carriages on the Quai, near the Place de la Concorde.

  18. Two of the mayors have ordered all crucifixes to be removed from the ambulances in their arrondissements.

  19. Even the French ambulances are suspected, since some of their members, during a suspension of arms, broke bread with the Prussians; for it is held that any one who does not hate a German must be in the pay of Bismarck.

  20. As the ambulances had been ordered to be ready to start at six in the morning, I presumed that business would commence at an early hour, and I ordered myself to be called at 5.

  21. Three mornings ago I stood for two hours by the Ambulances de la Presse, and my teeth have not ceased to chatter ever since.

  22. In the afternoon, as a suspension of arms for two hours was agreed to, our ambulances pushed forward, and brought back a few wounded, but not many.

  23. This attack has been frightful--day after day long lines of ambulances roll by our camp carrying large numbers of wounded.

  24. Members of the American Lafayette flying corps, a delegation from the American Ambulance at Neuilly and the American Field Ambulances were the guard of honor before the Lafayette statue.

  25. Making use of his ability to speak German, he induced a dozen Germans to lay down their arms, pick up stretchers and carry American wounded back five kilometers (three miles) to where ambulances were waiting.

  26. With the exception of seventy, all the wounded had been brought in, and the army followed the ambulances as far as Woodstock.

  27. Waggons and ambulances had been abandoned; and with such evidence before their eyes it was difficult to resist the conviction that the enemy was utterly demoralised.

  28. Whatever it might cost the army, the ambulances must be got safely away, and the sick and disabled soldiers transferred to their own people.

  29. The artillery followed, the guns drawn by lean and wiry horses, and the ammunition waggons and ambulances brought up the rear.

  30. Only ambulances and ammunition waggons were to follow the troops.

  31. Massing his batteries on the western bluffs, and turning his guns in impotent wrath upon the plain, he drove the ambulances and their escort from the field.

  32. The lines of march crossed each other, and Hill was delayed for many hours by a long column of ambulances and waggons.

  33. The ambulances and ammunition waggons were always present; but the supply waggons were often far in rear.

  34. It was very difficult for our ambulances to get through the streets to the Kunming airport.

  35. Early the next morning they arrived at a transportation center, where prisoners were placed aboard trucks and ambulances and taken to Lingayen Gulf; then they were transferred to planes and flown to Manila.

  36. Loaded into charcoal-burning ambulances and taken to the railroad station.

  37. The dark-brown ambulances conveying their happy load of children to and from the schools became a familiar sight of the London streets.

  38. Four ambulances had also been ordered, and it was decided to appoint nurses at each of the Centres at a salary of £75 a year.

  39. Since these stretchers are identical in size and construction they fit all ambulances and all railway equipments.

  40. Some twenty-five automobile ambulances are already in service and this number is soon to be increased to sixty or more cars.

  41. The men are evacuated from the field hospital to a base hospital in motor ambulances or by a combination of motor ambulances and railway trains.

  42. Two ambulances are being shipped from England to Boulogne, and Colby and myself with two other men are to be sent out to get them.

  43. The docks and wharves are piled mountain-high with great masses of supplies, and parks of ambulances and war automobiles await call to service.

  44. He is at present organizing one of the new trains of ambulances of which he will probably have charge when it is complete.

  45. Ambulances run hither and thither carrying wounded to the half dozen Red Cross boats which are tied up to the wharves.

  46. One train of ambulances is always stationed in Paris and carries wounded from the Aubervilliers station to the various city hospitals.

  47. We did not succeed in finding the two ambulances for which we had come.

  48. The American Corps keeps ambulances at the Aubervilliers station day and night in relays, so that at any moment not less than two cars are there to receive wounded.

  49. Field ambulances are virtually all alike and as a rule hold four stretchers in two tiers.

  50. Several ambulances were also taken along, for the comfort of those who might weary of the saddle.

  51. Not one in the long procession of ambulances uttered a complaint.

  52. I saw a long line of ambulances going in that direction.

  53. Our poor wounded coming in streams, in ambulances and on foot.

  54. The ambulances are coming in with our wounded.

  55. The ambulances are now bringing in the enemy's wounded as well as our own.

  56. Meantime our ambulances are arriving every hour with the wounded, coming in by the Brooke Turnpike.

  57. Daniels, commanding our forces at Kinston, sent out wagons and ambulances to convey them within our lines.

  58. It had all been a jumble of ambulances at nightfall from the field, the lieutenant said.

  59. Three ambulances hurried by filled with wounded officers--but the cries of the thousands of wounded enlisted men went up from the hospitals which the Russians were abandoning.

  60. Peter stepped back wearily to let a string of ambulances by.

  61. As far as they could see in either direction, the street was crowded with soldiers, stepping aside for artillery going south, and the stream of ambulances coming in from the front.

  62. The horses in one of the ambulances in the long line stampeded and smashed the vehicle in front.

  63. The like of that procession of ambulances from the landing on Sixth Street to the hospitals on the hills back of the city had never been seen.

  64. At the landing tender hands were lifting them into the ambulances which slowly moved out in one line to the hospitals and back in a circle by another.

  65. Betty hurried to the landing and found that the ambulances had begun to move.

  66. The road became a mass of neighing, plunging horses, broken and tangled wagons, ambulances and riderless artillery teams.

  67. These ambulances stretched in tragic, unbroken procession for three miles and never ceased to move on and on in an endless circle for three days and nights.

  68. Now the motor ambulances began to come back--up that road down which the finger pointed to Neuve Chapelle.

  69. The ambulances move off, leaving the doctors busy, sleeves rolled up to the elbow.

  70. The ambulances start very cautiously, and crawl up the road.

  71. About November 22, the Inspector-General of French Ambulances called to see us formally at the railway station with Messieurs Cremieux and Bezoin, two active members of the Provisional Government.

  72. He informed me with regret that every place in the Ambulances about to start had been filled up previous to my application.

  73. Not only were its funds exhausted, but its Ambulances had failed to render efficient service on the field of battle.

  74. Our ambulances are full; the prison and corridor that lead to it are crammed with corpses.

  75. At last the ambulances came in, bringing some of the surgeons and some wounded men, returning immediately for others.

  76. McAllister had previously discovered in one of these the son of an old friend, and although he was apparently wounded unto death, he hoped, when the ambulances returned with the stretchers sent for, to move him into town to the hospital.

  77. Besides these there were three or four horse-ambulances in which the guns were carried, and in which members of the party might ride when they became weary of the saddle.

  78. Presently General Sheridan came riding up, and the ambulances were gathered round.

  79. Captain Hays and myself had five or six ambulances to carry his party, Captain Egan was on hand with a company of cavalry and twenty extra saddle-horses, and the whole population of the place was gathered to see the great man from Russia.

  80. The outfit consisted of two ambulances and one Government wagon, which carried the tents and supplies.

  81. The walking-cases are still splashing and dressing in the bathroom when the ambulances with the cot-cases begin to appear.

  82. To a spectator who happened to pass at that moment it might appear that these orderlies had nothing else to do but lift stretchers out of ambulances and carry them indoors.

  83. The silent ambulances were gliding up to the entrance of the hospital.

  84. What, exactly, we did with ourselves during the long hours when ambulances were not arriving, he failed to understand.

  85. Ambulances were sent out for them under a flag of truce.

  86. Bearer Subdivisions of 3 Field Ambulances and part of Casualty Clearing Stations.

  87. Tent sub-divisions of field ambulances are not to land.

  88. All night long ambulances stood in a row along the street, backed up to the curb and waiting, and ever so often a silent group, in broken step, carried out some quiet covered thing that would never move again.

  89. Two whole State divisions, had they gone into action on their own strength, would have had no ambulances at all to carry off their wounded.

  90. There are ninety ambulances and wagons with their animals.

  91. Not one of all the militia forces from all the States had ambulances enough.

  92. Ambulances issued empty from the hospital tents, and rode back groaning with the wounded.

  93. At a word from him ambulances arose from the very ground and the dead and injured were carried off to the hospital.

  94. They had been dressed at Nieuport, but there were not enough ambulances to take them all away.

  95. On the main road from Nieuport to Furnes, which we followed a short distance, there were dozens of ambulances going to the rear and a long column of infantry going forward.

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