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Example sentences for "ammunition"

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  1. Fillibustering expeditions were constantly being fitted up in America with arms and ammunition for the Cuban patriots.

  2. The thing every one seemed careful about was his munitions of war, for each man had his gun, ammunition and machete.

  3. Every time the Spanish attacked him they were beaten and left thousands of arms and much ammunition in his possession.

  4. The Ordnance Officer was ordered to take all ammunition to the camp of the Thirty-first Michigan and place it in the guard-house.

  5. The Venus soon after parted company with us to go and look out for the enemy, while we made the best of our way up Channel to Portsmouth, to fill up with ammunition and stores.

  6. He crawled right up to my side with my gun and an extra sack of ammunition for me, and a canteen of water.

  7. We bought our flour, groceries and ammunition of Jackson.

  8. Their ammunition was all taken; their harness had all the best leather cut out of them and carried away, while they were out on foot hunting for buffaloes; that the hunters were concentrating at Rath's store.

  9. They were out of flour, and were getting low on all kinds of ammunition except primers; but were looking for a man whom they had sent to Griffin to return in a short time.

  10. We had ample provisions, and besides this enough ammunition for two weeks, and oats enough to give each animal a moderate-sized feed for several days.

  11. The sloops were well manned, and furnished with ammunition and small arms, but had no guns mounted.

  12. Soon, however, their supply of ammunition became exhausted, and the pirates boarded the schooner without further opposition.

  13. As they neared the cross-roads they were halted a moment, and then the guns and their attendant ammunition wagons only went on, turned into the wood, and recommenced to trot.

  14. The ammunition wagon pulled up into place beside the gun, the traces flung clear, and the teams hauled round and trotted off.

  15. My next care was for some ammunition and arms.

  16. Indeed his good shooting, the pace at which they paddled, and perhaps a failure in ammunition soon resulted in a lull in the contest.

  17. Later, when his ammunition was exhausted and some hundred of his men lay killed or wounded, he consented to discuss terms, which were at length agreed upon, for they were sufficiently honourable and lenient.

  18. Munroe and his men made a gallant defence, but their ammunition soon began to run out, while some of their cannon burst.

  19. Four hundred cannon grinned from the embrasures, while the store-houses contained ample ammunition and food for a year.

  20. We have now waited more than fifteen days, and the fleet has not budged; however, all the ammunition is on board, and with one blast of the whistle we can put to sea.

  21. There was no ammunition here nor a house for it, or any magazines or money to get ammunition or other very important things.

  22. Will you also send] ammunition and arms for those who are here now.

  23. It is unnecessary to despatch more than one ship, for one ship of one hundred toneladas is sufficient to bring the ammunition and soldiers to be sent from Mexico.

  24. All thru this war, ammunition was very scarce indeed.

  25. A fairly liberal allowance of ammunition was made to each artillery company--forty round shot, forty canister, and one hundred pounds of powder every year.

  26. You are loaded with supplies and ammunition for Sidney Johnston, and as I have no way to convey the stuff to my own people, I'll see that it does not reach the United States troops.

  27. The Pawnees had "jumped" them, and had killed three or four after a sharp fight, in which much ammunition was expended.

  28. Every man then supplied himself with all the ammunition he could carry, and the Mandan scouts setting up the depressing wail of the Indian death-song, we all awaited the attack with the courage of despair.

  29. Thro' they were lin'd with many a piece Of ammunition bread and cheese, And fat black-puddings, proper food 315 For warriors that delight in blood.

  30. Edward restrained his men from firing a volley after them, as ammunition was too precious to be thrown away.

  31. The townsmen saved their houses, and our General took possession of the enemy's ammunition in the arsenals, his stores, and magazines.

  32. They had run over a box of bombs, the only thing that had survived the fire in the ammunition dump, and one of the tracks was damaged.

  33. The field-gun ammunition has to be taken out of its boxes and placed in the shell racks inside the tank.

  34. Along the steel walls are numberless ingenious little cupboards for stores, and ammunition cases are stacked high.

  35. We had just reached a part of the Hindenburg Line which was now in our possession, and were near an ammunition dump, when shells began to fall around us.

  36. They were not near enough to do us any harm, and we continued our work, when one dropped into the ammunition dump and exploded.

  37. That's why they're coming through Servia, ammunition and all.

  38. I thought of our unbroken partnership, and decided--as much in rash defiance as in loyalty to my friend--that I would ask to be relieved of my position as Ammunition Officer and allowed to return to my battalion.

  39. It was believed that the gun's location was in a nullah where its dump of ammunition was inaccessible to our artillery.

  40. In name my new character was that of Brigade Ammunition Officer, but it amounted, as the Bombing Officer had said, to being A.

  41. He was sent up to Bloemfontein to take over some Navy ammunition left in the fort.

  42. Because of an ammunition hoist carryin' away," said Pyecroft.

  43. They allow the Schools a little blank ammunition after we've passed the third standard; and we nearly always bring it on to the ground of Saturdays.

  44. He reported at Bloemfontein, saw the ammunition into the trucks, and then 'e disappeared.

  45. Under cover of the farmhouse, French columns began to drive in our infantry, whose ammunition was already running low.

  46. Boats brought vast supplies of stores and ammunition from Vienna, which the French still held.

  47. Gneisenau's only doubts seem to have been whether Wellington would fight and whether his own ammunition would be to hand in time.

  48. The ordinary British ammunition did not fit their rifles; and their own reserve supply could not be found at the rear.

  49. Equally fortunate was the reserve ammunition train, which, unnoticed by the French cavalry, wound northwards by cross-roads through Gembloux, and reached the army by 5 p.

  50. Both armies camped on the field of battle; but, as the supplies of ammunition of the allies had run low, and news came to hand that Lauriston had dislodged Kleist from Leipzig, it was decided to retreat towards Dresden.

  51. Hoping that his shots might be heard by some one who would come to his rescue, he had fired all but the last load of ammunition he had with him, and that charge was in his carbine.

  52. Aair yeou the feller who has been wasting ammunition so like a scart peon?

  53. The increased garrison had now six weeks' provisions and an abundance of ammunition for small arms, but only nine rounds a day for the cannon for the same period.

  54. His visitors, with a mob of Illinois Indians, clamored for weapons and ammunition to fight the English.

  55. They, with the governor, were enthusiastic for the execution of his scheme and took immediate steps to furnish him with ammunition and supplies.

  56. The skirmishing had actually begun, when a violent storm stopped the engagement by ruining the ammunition of both armies.

  57. Hearing that a convoy with provisions, clothing, and ammunition was on its way to Vincennes from Detroit, Clark sent fifty-three men in boats up the Wabash to intercept it.

  58. If our ammunition is stopped we shall distrust you", said an Indian speaker to the delegates from Albany and Tryon counties.

  59. On the other hand, Arthur Lee was making interest with Vergennes in Paris, to secure ammunition for Virginia.

  60. Its evacuation was immediately ordered, and the ammunition and some of the guns were removed.

  61. Clark says he will wait for us, instead of going to the Mississippi; his numbers do not exceed 200; his provisions and ammunition short" (Ibid.

  62. On the first of that month Gage sent a detachment to the Powder House beyond Quarry Hill, in the present Somerville, and it brought away ammunition and cannon and took them to the castle.

  63. He's using up his fuel and ammunition and losing more men than we are.

  64. That he's figuring on being relieved or has a new source of fuel, ammunition and men on tap.

  65. I had a beautiful picture of the colonel's armor out in the desert, cut off from its petroleum supplies and ammunition dump while we held the town.

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