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Example sentences for "cupboards"

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  1. Come and help me tear down these cupboards and break up these vessels and porcelain!

  2. The sort of ubiquity which seems involved in one individual vermin infesting so many cupboards at the same time, is declared to be a mystery, the solution of which is referred to the abstruser laws of mesmerism.

  3. It is when we meet with joined and wainscot chests and court, livery, and standing cupboards that we find pieces that may have been brought from overseas.

  4. The butterfly hinge was also in use at that time--usually on cupboards and furniture doors.

  5. In the lock of one of his cupboards he fitted a key, paused a meditative moment, then with a decisive action opened the cupboard and from a tall black bottle very carefully and steadily filled the medicine bottle.

  6. Beneath the shelves were the closed doors of low cupboards and on the shelves were ranged many glasses, china and silverware.

  7. Store-rooms for general purposes and for the use of the caretaker should also be provided, fitted with all necessary cupboards and shelving.

  8. It is a useful plan to fit up the back of a long counter with shelves, drawers and cupboards alternately, as shown in diagram on the next page (Fig.

  9. All storage cupboards or presses should have glazed doors.

  10. The old, haphazard plan of thrusting supplies in cupboards with wooden doors, and trusting to luck or memory for finding them again, is too leisurely a method for the busy modern librarian.

  11. I have looked in the very cupboards and wardrobes!

  12. I'll ring and have it brought in, and ransack my cupboards to see what treats I can give you.

  13. She began by opening one of the cupboards in the wall, took out of it two small glasses with long tapering stems, and placed them before us, with a goodly bottle of Hollands.

  14. It was provided throughout with large cupboards in the walls, the doors of which reached to the ceiling.

  15. There were little cupboards set in the deep sides of the chimney.

  16. It is a cosey old room, with its fireplace, and huge breadth of chimney with inset cupboards and oven and mantelpiece.

  17. He found it, and the three men sat, Mr. Allport again talking of cupboards and drains, but obviously thinking that .

  18. Walls were tapped, chimneys examined, cupboards peered into, and the light of bull's-eye lanthorns was made to startle spiders in many a dark corner.

  19. He hides away dogs in holes and cupboards and corners, and we hear mysterious cries, and think them dreadful, here in this house, and the good Madame Vink faints away.

  20. It is very fit to furnish Escrutores, Cabinets, Corner Cupboards or Spriggs, where it usually stands for ornament only.

  21. We find in Jacobean times the coffer growing into the chest of drawers, and, in addition, tall hanging-cupboards were coming into use.

  22. In the Augustan era of Elizabeth we certainly see in the more pretentious examples of Court-cupboards and cabinets the influence of the Renaissance; but the furniture made by the people for the people is simply English in form and decoration.

  23. The invitation being accepted, he concealed assassins in one of the cupboards without shelves, so common in the East, which contain by day the mattresses spread by night on the floor for the slaves to sleep upon.

  24. But, when she unlocked her cupboards and threw open the doors, all of her magical instruments and rare chemical compounds had been removed from the shelves.

  25. The next day he placed the Book of Records on his table and hung the Magic Picture on his wall and put away in his cupboards and drawers all the elixirs and magic compounds he had stolen.

  26. If the cupboard accommodation is scanty the dresser should be bought with cupboards underneath; in this case it will cost about three pounds, but if without cupboards one pound ten shillings.

  27. May I begin putting Marietta and Lady Regina into the little cupboards inside?

  28. She told me afterwards that when I spoke of cupboards she never thought I meant a trunk, she thought I was speaking of some of the nursery cupboards.

  29. And at last one day I said to my sister, "'Helen, may I have the big trunk with the little cupboards in it for my trunk?

  30. One of them was much larger than the other, and it was in what I called the cupboards below the smaller one that I settled to put Regina and Marietta.

  31. A large part of the room was walled with glass cases, holding vases, bronzes, and other small antiquities, down to about a yard from the floor, and the space below being filled by cupboards and drawers.

  32. A little routing in attics and forgotten cupboards and chests had produced astonishing results.

  33. Elizabeth made a vague movement towards a particular set of cupboards which she knew she had not yet touched, but the Squire irritably stopped her.

  34. Nothing was talked of that afternoon but the new house--its sunny aspect and its roomy cupboards in particular commanding the heartiest commendation.

  35. During the morning cupboards are turned out in a magisterial sort of way, and dusty corners are triumphantly displayed.

  36. She was indeed apt to consider his enthusiasm a little foolish, and would wonder why he dragged from the depths of untidy cupboards so much rubbish that only owed its preservation to the general carelessness of the household.

  37. There were new cupboards and shelves full of new books and an asbestos gas fire.

  38. Yet he was a man whose room was full of dragons and fairies, whose counterpane was the adventurous field of little knights-at-arms, whose curtains were ruffled by dwarfs, whose cupboards held enchanters.

  39. The doors are left open and one sees on the shelves of the corner cupboards a wonderful collection of old china, much of it done in rich gold.

  40. And she took out of one of her cupboards (she had all sorts of mysterious cupboards in the cracks of the rocks) the most wonderful water-proof book, full of such photographs as never were seen.

  41. They want fine velvet cupboards to stand themselves in, while I'm for the kitchen dresser.

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