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figgered; figgering; figgers; figgurs; figgy; fighte; fighten; fighter; fighters; fighteth
  1. The following table may be made of the roots they have studied, adding other examples.

  2. The splendid fight which Hawkins had made raised him into a national idol, and though he had suffered financially, his loss was made up in reputation and authority.

  3. But the odds were terrible, and the only hope lay in the discontent of Alva's soldiers, who had not been paid their wages, and would not fight without them.

  4. They could not fight against the pestilence of the tropics.

  5. More than half the great fleet were far away, untouched by shot, perhaps able to fight a second battle if they recovered heart.

  6. The people generally were unused to arms, but they were Spaniards and brave men, and did not mean to leave their homes without a fight for it.

  7. The Pope had excommunicated Elizabeth, had pronounced her deposed, had absolved her subjects from their allegiance, and forbidden them to fight for her.

  8. The new Viceroy, though he had been in the fight at San Juan de Ulloa, was not implacable.

  9. The mayor, who had fallen into the sea, caught a rope and was hauled up when the fight was over.

  10. He must fight another battle; but, cut up as he had been, he had as yet lost but two ships, and those by accident.

  11. He was to find that it could last, that it was to form the special discipline of the generation whose business would be to fight the Spaniards.

  12. He might have to fight more than one battle.

  13. He had rented the old parsonage adjoining the battle-field of Concord, from whose windows the pastor of those heroic days had watched his congregation fight the British in his yard.

  14. He had to fight his battle with poverty alone and without friends, and he did fight it bravely.

  15. His expression is firm and somewhat cold--that of a man who has had a hard fight with fortune, and has conquered it.

  16. There will be a great fight in the Board to-day.

  17. He had made a good fight with poverty during his labors, and at the time of his departure for home he was in a condition sufficiently hard to test any man's fortitude.

  18. He participated in the fight at Iron Hill, and in the battles of Germantown, Brandywine, and Monmouth, and shared the sufferings of the army at the memorable encampment of Valley Forge.

  19. Each camp-meeting was to him a campaign against Satan, and in his opinion Satan never failed to make a good fight for his kingdom.

  20. Before the supply was exhausted their good humor was restored and the fight forgotten.

  21. His quick wit one day prevented a fight that threatened to end most seriously.

  22. If the one who was cut down happened to be an Irishman, he would loudly challenge all the passengers to come up and fight him, not caring whether they came in ones or hundreds.

  23. They said the Chileans were sure to hang them for being in the torpedo service even if they were not shot down in fight and it mattered little which way they went so long as there was no chance for escape.

  24. Vodry then entertained them with the tale of how Paul had left his distant home, thousands of miles away and crossed the ocean to fight for La Belle France.

  25. The fight stopped immediately, all scrambling for the much coveted weed.

  26. Bye and bye the wind commenced to blow off shore and as he wanted to go to the westward, he had a hard fight against it all day and night.

  27. Sides were immediately formed between the soldiers and emigrants and the fight commenced right under the main hatch.

  28. The mate explained that there had been a fight on the levee, and that big Tom had been stabbed, he feared fatally.

  29. At another point he somewhat impatiently deprecated a particular line of argument, and Bradlaugh quietly answered, "My Lord, I must fight with what weapons I can.

  30. The shadows of death lay very close to him, and he had a hard fight back to the light again, but he longed ardently to live.

  31. With the single exception of Dr Hunter, none of the Liberal objectors to the added clause had made any fight against oaths; the whole brunt of the battle had been left to the Freethinkers.

  32. The first important task of Bradlaugh on the re-assembling of Parliament was to fight this cause of the right of public meeting in Trafalgar Square.

  33. What the utilitarian principle has done for Bradlaugh and those like-minded is not to give them the primary impulse to fight for truth and right as they see them, but to give them an enduring support in the battle.

  34. But the shorter fight was the harder one; it was carried on incessantly, without the slightest intermission.

  35. In Northampton the fight had little excitement in it, the conclusion being foregone.

  36. Up again almost at once, and having the fight thus forced upon him, he struck five blows in reply, which were said to have sent as many men to St George's Hospital.

  37. It was within this period that he came before the public in a new light, through having been challenged to fight a duel by a wild French depute, M.

  38. For twelve years my father fought prejudice and misrepresentation in Northampton, for six years longer he had to fight prejudice and misrepresentation in the House of Commons.

  39. But Bradlaugh had a very real fight before him at home.

  40. But I had to fight it all down, and satisfy myself by casting a grateful glance at her as I went out to wait.

  41. And mind this, I shall expect you to fight hard and rise.

  42. Well, he made a pretty good fight for his life, to all appearances.

  43. That evening, lawyers, witnesses, and the jubilant and grateful client gathered round a truly festive board to dine, and fight over again the battle of the day.

  44. It is to one of the more delicate phases that we would point--to that phase of the contrast wherein the fight between the two qualities is seen progressing towards victory, and ugliness is not only overborne but overwhelmed by beauty.

  45. That is to fight for the Republic, or to die for it.

  46. More than ever, gentlemen, must we now fight for liberty.

  47. Fight them to the death; they must perish.

  48. I am made to fight crime, not to govern it.

  49. Because a man of your birth could not consent to fight a bourgeois?

  50. You will have to fight the suburbs, the Sections, the troops around Paris, which will run to the succor of the capital.

  51. We're going to have a fight to-morrow, you'll see what it is to go under fire.

  52. That day, we shall fight the bastard royalty of the shekel, the bourgeois oligarchy, even as we now fight the royalty of divine right and the aristocracy!

  53. By a strange fatality, he picked a fight with me last night.

  54. But we must wait for the end--or rather for the beginning, for we haven't begun to fight yet.

  55. To-day, I wish to fight for the Republic.

  56. Wherever the fight was the fiercest, there rang the warshout "Catiline!

  57. We will fight ’till our flesh be hacked from our bones, ere they shall make their way in hither; and if they do so, they shall find thee—dead and dishonored!

  58. A sharp fight ensued, for now, as the sailors forced their way on, they found plenty of antagonists.

  59. Never fight your ship when you know you are beaten; it's only waste of strength.

  60. Well, maybe I shall show 'em I can fight like a man!

  61. In the stress of that terrible fight there was no room for buncombe and verbiage, such as the newspapers and stump-speakers used to dole out in ante bellum days.

  62. If they may fight this battle in England, may we not fight the battle of truth with error and ignorance in Hindostan?

  63. Men had to march and fight now in the broiling sun, and now in floods of rain.

  64. But if the deserts are crossed, then the army is at the foot of the loftiest mountains on the globe, in the passes of which it may have to fight against savage enemies.

  65. The fact that men fight bravely, is no proof that they fight in a just cause.

  66. After their terms had expired in the French army, they enlisted in the Dutch service, and embarked for the other side of the world, to fight in a cause which is not their own.

  67. Nomadic tribes are almost always robbers, for they have to fight for existence, and it is a desperate struggle.

  68. They discipline his troops; if need be, they fight his battles.

  69. At the same time, one cannot refuse a degree of sympathy even to savages who defend their own country, and who fight with such conspicuous bravery.

  70. It was two miles to the Residency, and every step the English had to fight their way through the streets.

  71. Some of them had their belts stuck thick with knives and pistols, as if they expected to have to fight their way to the tomb of the Prophet.

  72. Do you suppose I'll stand by and let Desire fight you,--a sailor whose business it is to handle swords and guns?

  73. The preliminaries of the duel are settled; we shall fight with pistols; each fires three times, and after that, no matter what happens, the affair terminates.

  74. The viscount, not being able to fight a man sixty-seven years of age, and being determined to have satisfaction for the insults offered to Ursula, demanded it formally of me.

  75. The latter wrote to Savinien denying his charges against Minoret, and telling the young nobleman that in his new position he was forbidden by the rules of the supreme court, and also by his respect for law, to fight a duel.

  76. We'll keep the money, and Desire shall not fight a duel.

  77. He must fight me; he will do so, or be dishonored and never dare to show his face again.

  78. If you've got any cause of complaint against Minoret, there's Minoret; take Minoret, fight Minoret!

  79. These girls are scolding me like everything, and I want you to come and fight for me.

  80. There are those who will fight to the very end to prevent you from succeeding, and when it's all over, you may not win.

  81. Don't let's start a fight where we don't have to.

  82. In their desperate attempts to hold on and fight back, the virus-creatures had destroyed vital centers in the new hosts, and one by one they had begun to die.

  83. Why shouldn't he grasp at any means, fair or unfair, to fight it?

  84. There was nothing that we used that could possibly have given them the disease, we only used a substance to help them fight it off.

  85. I was explaining to Geraci that our fight is a fight of Cubans and that he was too young, that if he want to distribute literature against Castro, I would give him the literature but not admit him to the fight.

  86. Even more, he told me that he was willing to go himself to fight against Castro.

  87. At that moment also he start to agree with I, Oswald start to agree with my point of view and he show real interest in the fight against Castro.

  88. He insisted, and he told me that he will bring to me next day one book as a present, as a gift to me, to train Cubans to fight against Castro.

  89. After that, Oswald told me that he had been in the Marine Corps and that he had training in guerrilla warfare and that he was willing to train Cubans to fight against Castro.

  90. And you have no recollection that Oswald told Carlos that he wanted to help train anti-Castro guerrillas to fight against Castro?

  91. You used to fight like a man, but now you're followin' your instincts, and you fight like a huntin' wolf.

  92. And the chief part of that dreadful suspense lay in the even, calm voice of Buck Daniels as he went on: "I'll turn around and fight soon enough.

  93. Dan, are you goin' to let Joe Cumberland die because you want to stay here and fight it out with a dirty cutthroat?

  94. There is the story, for instance, of the cattleman who saw the bull-fight in Juarez, and when the bull gored the first horse the cowpuncher rose in the crowd and sent a bullet through the picador to square the deal.

  95. At the end of that fight he struck Dan down with a chair and escaped.

  96. Now the face of Buck Daniels held what men have called a "deadly pallor," that pallor which comes over one who is cornered and about to fight for his life.

  97. And--I was some fool to start that fight with you, Barry.

  98. If it were only something we could fight outright!

  99. Buck, I'd most rather die myself than fight a man!

  100. I believe I'd ha' done it if there'd been room in the carriage for him to put up his hands and make a square fight on it.

  101. Some memories of that fight were still extant in the village, and a bonny fight it must have been.

  102. But one was taken and the other left; and I had to fight those battles alone--alone, but not forgetful of you.

  103. I did not fight them very well, Billy; and yet not so ill as I should have done had I never known you.

  104. The pontoon bridges and boats were sunk; then they had a hand-to-hand fight in the streets, knives being principally used, and we heard that even the women joined in.

  105. It seems hard that they have to fight against the Serbs.

  106. Most of them seem happy, and it is because they won't be able to go and fight again.

  107. Fortunately, the wind was blowing up the mountain, so that they did not have to fight it.

  108. So rather than fight him again, they chose to become Christians and join Bernard.

  109. Of what use is it to fight for things and make a noise?

  110. We must fight for our lives, my friends," cried Captain Billard.

  111. They determined, therefore, to stand on, and should an attempt be made to stop them, to fight bravely as long as their ships should swim.

  112. The fight was now raging in two quarters, but still the enemy appeared to be gaining ground.

  113. It was very evident that they had not only Indians, but civilised Europeans to fight against.

  114. Tecumah, "and if a hair of his head is injured I will arouse our people, and instead of being friends and ready to fight on their side, we will come over with our strong bows and attack them.

  115. The count could with difficulty judge how the fight was going.

  116. Each day brings fresh supplies of arms and men, And ships which all last winter were abroad; And such as fitted since the fight had been, Or, new from stocks, were fallen into the road.

  117. He casts a frown on the departing foe, And sighs to see him quit the watery field: His stern fix'd eyes no satisfaction show, For all the glories which the fight did yield.

  118. Plied thick and close as when the fight begun, Their huge unwieldy navy wastes away; So sicken waning moons too near the sun, And blunt their crescents on the edge of day.

  119. Your benefices twinkled from afar; They found the new Messiah by the star: Those Swisses fight on any side for pay, And 'tis the living that conforms, not they.

  120. Fierce was the fight on the proud Belgians' side, For honour, which they seldom sought before!

  121. Instead of using water, the men fight fire with fire.

  122. We would raise an army and fight for our property, and perhaps suffer great loss in defending it.

  123. To get firewood, to make rude boats and simple houses, to fight wild animals, now became easier.

  124. Now it is destroying other trees and, notwithstanding the fight which we have made against it, we have not yet been able to exterminate it.

  125. It is no wonder that those whose homes are in the forest gather quickly to fight the fire, for if they cannot control it, they may lose everything that they possess.

  126. Some of the higher animals as well as men fight for mastery, in addition to struggling for food.

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