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  1. Emigrants were sent over from the old country to people this wide domain, and thus the first white colony was established, which subsequently grew into sufficient importance to become the Capital city of the Empire State.

  2. Settled originally by emigrants from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, descendants of Germans, Swedes and Danes, its inhabitants were plodders rather than pushers.

  3. Stornoway, the departure of emigrants from, 38-43.

  4. At Stromness in the Orkneys the Prince of Wales took on board a small body of emigrants and a number of the company's servants who were waiting there.

  5. When weather permitted, Captain Macdonell, who knew the dangers to be encountered in the country they were going to, attempted to give the emigrants military drill.

  6. There was much wrangling among the emigrants as to their quarters on the uninviting Edward and Ann.

  7. During the same summer (1803) a hundred and eleven emigrants were mustered at Tobermory, a harbour town on the island of Mull.

  8. Returning from England in 1840, in a merchant vessel, a large number of Irish emigrants were on board in the steerage.

  9. In our passage up the Missouri River I gave two lectures by invitation of a committee of emigrants and Captain Choteau and brother, owners of the boat.

  10. She asked that the emigrants might be invited to come together to consider with her whether they would have a meeting.

  11. These emigrants were led by Moses, who was the most distinguished among them for wisdom and bravery.

  12. Their descendants were discovered by the first emigrants about four hundred years afterwards.

  13. X-7] Meantime the larger portion of the emigrants pressed forward into the eastern country.

  14. Two days afterwards, as promised, the emigrants made their appearance.

  15. A hardy gathering of valiant souls the emigrants looked just then.

  16. Almost daily the plots of these emigrants were brought to light by the vigilance of the French police.

  17. I say emigrants , for I am obliged to be one against my will.

  18. The journals of the emigrants are allowed a license of abuse which is not justified by the British constitution.

  19. The emigrants were many of them supported by pensions paid them by England.

  20. All the emigrants hold each other by the hand.

  21. Against the remonstrances of his friends, he had passed a decree which restored one hundred and fifty thousand of these wandering emigrants to France.

  22. The emigrants were probably helped to comprehend and formulate their own misfortunes by communications with stragglers from New England, who regaled them with tales of such liberties as they had never before imagined.

  23. Hudson, an Englishman, but at the moment in Dutch service, opened the gates to the Netherlanders, and thus enabled their emigrants to perfect the work of emancipation which had been brought to the highest stage it could reach at home.

  24. Fresh emigrants kept coming in, of a more or less desirable quality, as is the case with emigrants still.

  25. John Clarke, the Bedfordshire doctor, to whose fidelity and persistent care the colony owed much, fully participated in the contagion of goodness which marked the New England emigrants of the period.

  26. The liberties of the emigrants themselves were not specifically enlarged, but they were at least emancipated from the paternal solicitude of the stingy and self-complacent pettifogger who graced the English throne.

  27. He was taking much for granted when he assumed the right to control the emigrants at all; and he was careful to deprive them of any chance to control in the least degree their own affairs.

  28. It had been the original intention to keep the emigrants in one body, but that was found impracticable; they were forced to divide up into small parties, who settled where they best could, over an area of fifty or a hundred miles.

  29. Like the emigrants to the Klondike gold-fields in our own day, they had designed only to better their fortunes and then depart.

  30. The emigrants were to pay a yearly rent of one-fifth of the gold and silver produced, and a third as much of the copper.

  31. We then went back to the emigrant road, and remained there trading with the emigrants over two years, very frequently talking of the probability of there being good mines in Deer Lodge.

  32. Major Owen remained at Cantonment Loring until the troops resumed their march in the spring of 1850, when he relinquished his sutlership, and spent the summer on the emigrant road, trading with the emigrants bound for California and Oregon.

  33. The emigrants thought we were Indians; we were so black and dirty, and they came out to fight us.

  34. In the Punjab the return of emigrants from America, bent on revolution and bloodshed, produced numerous outrages and the Ghadr conspiracy of 1915.

  35. Numbers of emigrants listened to such calls and hastened back to India from Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Hong Kong and China.

  36. In 1836 Colonel Light surveyed the shores of St. Vincent's Gulf, and selected the site of the present city of Adelaide; Governor Hindmarsh and a company of emigrants soon after arrived, and the colony of South Australia was proclaimed.

  37. And, more than that, you wouldn't lose all the best emigrants and all their capital.

  38. He tells about the shiploads of emigrants (pp.

  39. The Emperor's ships intercepted the little fleet, sank five of the vessels with all the emigrants on board, and compelled the rest to return.

  40. Jamestown emigrants instructed to explore rivers to the northwest, 9.

  41. Among the first Jamestown emigrants were some of these retainers, as we have seen.

  42. The passengers called Protestants were rather non-Catholics, precisely the kind of emigrants that would give the Jesuits the converts of which they tell exultantly in their letters.

  43. It is notable that Baltimore sailed with the first Catholic emigrants to Avalon about the time of the setting in of the movement toward Massachusetts which swelled at length into the great Puritan exodus.

  44. The statement is quite too strong, but the ecclesiastical purpose seems to have grown rapidly when the number of emigrants revealed the greatness of the opportunity.

  45. His relation to the emigrants was that of a taskmaster; one might, perhaps, more fitly call him a slave-driver.

  46. The next year another company of emigrants was added.

  47. Massachusetts asserted its authority over Springfield, which was within its limits, and every effort possible was made to prevent new emigrants who landed at Boston from going to the west.

  48. Of the moral character of the first emigrants no better account is given.

  49. For years past, ship-loads of emigrants had landed every summer on the strand beneath the rock.

  50. In both cases, the emigrants were sheltered under the wing of Canada; and they and their tomahawks were always at her service.

  51. Nor is it at all improbable that the emigrants had been guilty of those faults from which civilised men who settle among an uncivilised people are rarely free.

  52. Also how long will it be before the Labour Parties in the various Colonies, including Canada, gain so much power that they will refuse to accept emigrants at all, except young women, or agriculturalists who bring capital with them?

  53. That the selection is sound and careful is shown, also, by the fact that the Army recovers from those emigrants to whom it gives assistance a considerable percentage of the sums advanced to enable them to start life in a new land.

  54. The Pennsylvania borderers were, as we have seen, chiefly the descendants of Presbyterian emigrants from the north of Ireland.

  55. The commissions were to be given to foreigners as well as to Englishmen and provincials; and the ranks were to be filled chiefly from the German emigrants in Pennsylvania and other provinces.

  56. Large numbers of emigrants left the county during the spring.

  57. One hundred and ninety-five emigrants from villages in the neighbourhood embarked at Friars' Fleet, Lynn, on board the ship Anne, bound for Quebec.

  58. Notice had been repeatedly given from the War Department that unless a company of two hundred and fifty emigrants could be organized, none would be removed.

  59. As soon as it was known that this had been determined on, great efforts were made to hurry off the emigrants and induce them to leave before the council would meet.

  60. English travellers have sometimes been accused of forgetting the civilities which they receive in foreign countries; but their conduct towards the French emigrants has sufficiently demonstrated the injustice of this reproach.

  61. Rosier set out immediately, and walked to Golden-square, near which place she knew that a number of French emigrants resided.

  62. But can you tell me," continued she to the ironmonger, "whether any emigrants lodge in the street to the left of your house?

  63. A large part of the population were emigrants from the south-western States, and claimed the right of transfer with the people of Louisiana.

  64. Through this range of mountains is a singular depression, called the “Cumberland Gap,” through which the first emigrants from Virginia and North Carolina passed to Kentucky.

  65. Early in the same season that Mr. Clark came with the Gilham family, a colony of one hundred and twenty-six emigrants from the south branch of the Potomac in Virginia, set out for Illinois.

  66. Liberty of conscience is not to be extended beyond the first generation; the children of the emigrants must be Catholics.

  67. Emigrants not agreeing to this, must not be admitted, but removed, even when they bring property with them.

  68. But their chief dependence for protection was the American emigrants who had been invited into the province by the liberal policy of grants of land, and the indulgence shown by the commandants.

  69. The meeting point of the emigrants was the little town of Weston, not far from where Kansas City now stands.

  70. Usually, however, the day's traveling had been hard and trying, and at an early hour the emigrants went to sleep.

  71. He knew that up to that time the English Hudson's Bay Company had bought out all American traders or driven out all settlers, but he hoped he could lead enough emigrants there now to hold it for the United States.

  72. The northern road lay partly along the course of the Snake River to the headwaters of the Humboldt, and from there the emigrants might choose a path still farther to the north toward the Columbia River, or westward to the Sacramento.

  73. Many Mormon emigrants came from England, usually by ship to New Orleans, and thence by river steamboat up the Mississippi to Nauvoo.

  74. It was also thought that the Sioux Indians would oppose the approach of such a large caravan because the emigrants might kill or drive away the buffaloes, which were already diminishing in number and were hunted by this tribe for food.

  75. By the end of November almost all the overland emigrants had crossed the mountains.

  76. If none were lost the herders drove the animals close to the camp, and by five o'clock horses, oxen, and cattle were rounded up, and the separate emigrants chose their teams and drove them into the corral to be yoked.

  77. A large band of emigrants from the North were on the march toward Kansas, and Brown rode to meet them.

  78. The emigrants had a test of hardship even when they first moved across the Mississippi.

  79. The rest of the emigrants trusted the route entirely to their leaders and rode or marched stolidly along, occasionally stopping to gather a few flowers for the women and children in the wagons.

  80. The emigrants had heard of him, and welcomed him to their midst.

  81. From Independence most of the emigrants crossed rolling prairies for fifteen days to the Platte River at Grand Island.

  82. In this he was very much helped by his companion Lovejoy, who was gathering a large number of emigrants on the frontier awaiting Whitman's return.

  83. From here the emigrants journeyed to the mountain passes.

  84. Our modern emigrants have, unnoted, quitted their native country, and, as early as the second generation, intermixed with the people among whom they settled.

  85. These fortunate emigrants were annually followed by thousands of exiled Protestants, principally from Alsace and the Palatinate.

  86. The State of Maryland numbers twenty-five thousand Germans possessed of votes; almost one-third of the population of Illinois is German, and thousands of fresh emigrants are settling in the valley of the Mississippi.

  87. These emigrants reached London abandoned by their patrons and disavowed by the government.

  88. The Prussians, it is true, wondered that the inhabitants did not, as the emigrants had alleged they would, crowd to meet and greet them as their saviors and liberators, but at first they met with no opposition.

  89. German Emigrants The overplus population of Germany has ever emigrated; in ancient times, for the purpose of conquering foreign powers; in modern times, for that of serving under them.

  90. He was joined by the emigrants under Conde, whose army almost entirely consisted of officers.

  91. In 1820, a society was set on foot at Berne for the protection of the Swiss emigrants from the frauds practiced upon the unwary.

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