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descanted; descanting; descants; descend; descendant; descende; descended; descendens; descendent; descendents
  1. For this younger line of the descendants of Edward I, see genealogical table below, p.

  2. The following table will show the relationship of the descendants of Charlemagne: Charlemagne, d.

  3. Only a very small portion of the nobility were descendants of the ancient and illustrious families of France.

  4. On the west was Wales, inhabited then, as it is still, by descendants of the native Britons, of whom only a small remnant had survived the German invasions.

  5. The descendants of these reptiles were transformed into mammals.

  6. My father and my uncles in their younger days while they were making a tour out west, happened to come across the descendants of this nearly anihilated tribe of Indians.

  7. But if the scheme of Edwards be true, the descendants of Adam did not have their fate in their own hands.

  8. We can see, indeed, how it applies to the descendants of Esau, who were in many respects placed in less advantageous circumstances than the posterity of Jacob; but how can God be said to love the elect more than the reprobate?

  9. Now, the question is, Does this refer to the election of Jacob to eternal life, and the eternal reprobation of Esau; or, Does it refer to the selection of the descendants of the former to constitute the visible people of God on earth?

  10. Nothing can be plainer, we think, than that this prophecy relates to the descendants of Jacob and Esau, and not to the individuals themselves.

  11. The last descendants of Milton died in poverty.

  12. The descendants of Shakespeare are living in poverty, and in the lowest condition of life.

  13. There is no more superb or beautiful phenomenon than the one of which our nearest descendants will be both witnesses and participants: The building by collective Labour of its own general, rich and free soul.

  14. Preserve for yourselves and your descendants the beauty of our land; be the guardians of the property of the People.

  15. In 1856, the island was resettled by Pitcairn Islanders, descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian companions.

  16. They are the sons and daughters of the immigrant, tho outwardly indistinguishable from the Mayflower product which, too, are the descendants of immigrants.

  17. As we look around us among the particular groups here described, and see that the fourth generation from the pioneers is already coming on, the thought comes to us: "What of these people and their descendants a hundred years from now?

  18. It is because of this latter trait that so many of the Norse immigrants and their descendants have been driven from the church of their fathers and are found in almost every religious sect in the country.

  19. They were both strong, hard-headed warrior princes, fit descendants of the gallant Heraclius.

  20. The descendants of these adventurers from the north had gradually conquered and subdued all the Slavonic tribes of the great forest-land, and formed them into a single powerful kingdom.

  21. Of all the subordinate points in the theory, the last which I understood was the cause of the tendency in the descendants from a common progenitor to diverge in character.

  22. The obvious implication is that the animals now inhabiting any given area are the modified descendants of those that formerly inhabited it.

  23. They are called Bohooma, and they are the direct descendants of the Gallas who originally conquered the country, and, like the reigning family, they are of an extremely light colour.

  24. In the quaint language of an old tohunga we are told: "In the days of the ancient times the descendants of those who came in the Tainui made war on the people who had occupied the interior of Waikato.

  25. Here he found a section of the Rangitane tribe, the descendants of the people whom Captain Cook had first met at Ship Cove, who had now become powerful in the sense of being numerous.

  26. Were these emissaries of Garcia watching my every act; or were they descendants of the Peruvian priests possessed of the secret of the buried treasures.

  27. For I had read that the descendants of the old Spaniards in South America were courtly noble-looking gentlemen enough, but were bitter and revengeful, and not always disposed to look with favour upon Englishmen.

  28. For several generations it had been dwelt in by descendants of the same name, but soon after the Revolution it passed by marriage into the hands of the Venners, by whom it had ever since been held and tenanted.

  29. There had always been a secret feeling in the family, that none of her descendants could finally fall from grace, in virtue of this solemn "covenant.

  30. The sudden appearance among our New England Protestants of the doctrine of purgatory as a possibility, or even probability, has startled the descendants of the Puritans.

  31. The light fell softly but clearly on the dim and faded canvas from which looked the saintly features of the martyred woman, whose continued presence with her descendants was the old family legend.

  32. They pride themselves upon being born "Trasteverini," profess to be the direct descendants of the ancient Romans, seldom intermarry with their neighbours, and speak a dialect peculiarly their own.

  33. The former had four sons, Hosh Yunis, Gedid Yunis, Mahmud Yunis, and Shirdon Yunis; their descendants are all known as the Ayyal or progeny of Yunis.

  34. The Habr Tul Jailah (mother of the tribe of Jailah) descendants of Ishak el Hazrami by a slave girl, inhabit the land eastward of Berberah.

  35. Cruttenden applies the term Edoor (Aydur) to the descendants of Ishak, the children of Gerhajis, Awal, and Jailah.

  36. This place has been occupied by the Rer Dud, descendants of Sambur, son of Ishak.

  37. Deformed by fable, the foundation of the tale is fact: the numerous descendants of the holy men still pay an annual fine, by way of blood-money to the family of the infidel chief.

  38. When time has given an added dignity (if that were possible) to this work, I can realise how our descendants will laugh at our lachrymose observations on the decadence of art.

  39. Just as we go to Kneller and Lely for speaking portraits of the men who made their age, so I believe our descendants will turn to Max for listening likenesses of the present generation.

  40. The Parsees are descendants of the ancient Persians, who sought refuge in India from religious persecution some thousand years ago.

  41. The water seemed to be as natural an element to these boys as though they were the descendants of Undine.

  42. The plants proved to be tea plants, and the leaves of the descendants of those plants now make amends for the offenses of their first parents, the holy man’s eyelids, by furnishing a drink which keeps sleepy people awake.

  43. These three species are considered to be the descendants of the various domestic pigs of the ancients, but the fourth, or grey, is thought to be the true wild boar.

  44. There is little doubt that they are the descendants of the dogs which the ancients called lurchers, crossed, perhaps, with the greyhound, and possibly other breeds.

  45. Feeding on the mice, they became, in a very short time, quite wild, and their descendants now roam the forest.

  46. Some kinds, more hardy and fitted by nature for the chase, became wild, and their descendants are now found in the woods.

  47. Say: Allah directs (thus) about those who leave no descendants or ascendants as heirs.

  48. S: Surely Allah chose Adam and Nuh and the descendants of Ibrahim and the descendants of Imran above the nations.

  49. If Thou wilt but respite me to the Day of Judgment, I will surely bring his descendants under my sway - all but a few!

  50. S: And from among their fathers and their descendants and their brethren, and We chose them and guided them into the right way.

  51. And make them enter the Gardens of Eden which thou hast promised them, with such of their fathers and their wives and their descendants as do right.

  52. Thence, they emigrated to America, and it is our object to collect something concerning their origin and descendants among us.

  53. Until the close of the eighteenth century, the descendants of the Huguenots in Holland were united among themselves, by intermarriage and the bonds of mutual sympathies.

  54. It is especially desirable that some account should be given of all those descendants of Huguenots who have in any way whatever distinguished themselves in this country.

  55. They were invited here by the Government, the descendants of all distinguished foreigners, to participate in that historical event, except the descendants of Lord Cornwallis.

  56. It has been well said that he who does not respect his ancestors will never be likely to achieve anything for which his descendants will respect him.

  57. Now, if there is one thing which modern Pilgrims pride themselves upon more than another, it is in being the lineal descendants of those who came over by the Mayflower.

  58. Still, take it all in all, I think the descendants of the Pilgrim Fathers are as good as their ancestors, and in many ways better.

  59. Being a candid and frank man, as one ought to be who addresses the descendants of the Puritans, I may say that it was not at all for your pleasure that I came here.

  60. But Nature quietly suppresses those who treat thus disrespectfully one of her highest products and leaves the world to be peopled by the descendants of those who are not so foolish.

  61. Everywhere the descendants of these colonists were found engaged in the struggles for civil and religious liberty, and the rights of man.

  62. Gaze on that vast wild empire of the Tartar, where the descendants of Jenghis 'multiply and disperse over the immense waste desert, which is as boundless as the ocean.

  63. Tatian, who thought all the descendants of Adam were irretrievably damned except themselves, (some of those Tatiani are certainly extant!

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