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Example sentences for "descend"

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descanso; descant; descanted; descanting; descants; descendant; descendants; descende; descended; descendens
  1. And, search as they will, they cannot find the exterior ladder by which to descend to the ground outside.

  2. It was as though they had climbed the steep mountain with Isabel, and not till they turned again to descend could they be aware of those things which lay so far below.

  3. The time had come to descend from the heights to the dull and banal levels.

  4. It presents secondary branches, some horizontal, through which the animal goes in search of roots for food, while others descend vertically to pits specially reserved for the disposal of ordure.

  5. The bell, on the contrary, which marks the end of recreation time invites them to descend in a band to collect the crumbs of lunch.

  6. When the snow chases them away and causes them to descend to a lower zone, they think about constructing a genuine house in which to shut themselves during the winter and to sleep.

  7. There is the eternal object of the disputes of mankind; I say eternal object; for not having any first notion from which we can descend in this examination, we can only rest for ever in a labyrinth of doubt and feeble conjecture.

  8. To descend to a less antique antiquity, let us speak of the times when the greater part of the barbarous nations left their countries, to go to seek others which were hardly any better.

  9. He had to descend from the lofty heights of Rabbinical learning and traditionary religion, and learn the alphabet of the gospel in the school of Christ.

  10. He is perhaps the Parsifal for whom we are waiting, depressed and sick at heart, while because of the impurity of our hands the dove can no longer descend in the Holy Grail towards the chalice filled with the blood of Peace.

  11. Whoso heard these sounds in the city or the country, an Egyptian or a stranger, fell on his face so that a portion of supreme grace might descend on him.

  12. From the place where the priests halted was a kind of amphitheatre with five broad platforms by which it was possible to pass along the whole court or to descend to the bottom.

  13. Phut stood erect on a sloping pavement, and began to descend along a narrow corridor with as much confidence as if he had known the passage for a lifetime.

  14. By his own behest will He cause the angels to descend with the Spirit on whom he pleaseth among his servants, bidding them, "Warn that there is no God but me; therefore fear me.

  15. God hath caused the Book and the wisdom to descend upon thee: and what thou knowest not He hath caused thee to know: and the grace of God toward thee hath been great.

  16. He shall head his people on the day of the Resurrection and cause them to descend into the fire: and wretched the descent by which they shall descend!

  17. And God said-Verily, I will cause it to descend unto you; but whoever among you after that shall disbelieve, I will surely chastise him with a chastisement, wherewith I will not chastise any other creature.

  18. The night of power excelleth a thousand months: Therein descend the angels and the spirit by permission of their Lord for every matter;2 And all is peace till the breaking of the morn.

  19. They descend on every lying, wicked person: They impart what they have heard;22-but most of them are liars.

  20. And then thou seest the rain forthcoming from their midst; and He causeth clouds like mountains charged with hail, to descend from the heaven, and He maketh it to fall on whom He will, and from whom He will He turneth it aside.

  21. We have sent our apostles with the clear tokens, and we have caused the Book and the balance8 to descend with them, that men might observe fairness.

  22. I hoped to encounter one of those men whom I had often seen descend from the street in high boots and carrying a miner's lamp, but I was, alas!

  23. Had he been entrapped there, despoiled, as others had been, and then allowed to descend those fatal stairs to his doom?

  24. I am unable to descend the stairs this morning; my rheumatism is getting the better of me.

  25. These jolly fellows, beholding Sir Launcelot coming to them through the dusk, gave him welcome with loud voices of acclaim and besought him to descend from horseback and to eat with them, and Sir Launcelot was right glad to do so.

  26. Now let us descend thitherward and let us seek to discover to what noble lord yonder island castle belongeth.

  27. But all the more Beaumains cried out with great vehemence, "Descend, Sir Knight, descend and fight me afoot.

  28. They saw an officer descend and step into the stern of the gig; then she was shoved off, and simultaneously the oars struck the water.

  29. When they reached Newhaven--when they forced her to descend from the carriage--her eyes had a bewildered look.

  30. The Rheer Hamaturwa had heard of my intention to journey westwards, and would be in readiness to descend upon and intercept our march, kill Sumunter, and destroy the whole of us; indeed, they had sent messages to that effect.

  31. At dawn of day the last of the camels was loaded, and we set out to clamber up to the top of the mountain-range and descend on the other side to the first watering-place in the interior of the country.

  32. I climb the stairs and I descend the stairs three dozen times, there is always one more package.

  33. Ahmed, as he prepared to descend the steps from the bastion, while a voice cried from above, "Take care, Ahmed!

  34. Now the bearers began to descend a narrow pass in the bank, which was traversed with difficulty, even by men; but the people who carried him were sure footed, and performed their task steadily and successfully.

  35. Five years later he accepted an offer from the government to command an expedition into the interior of Africa, the plan being to cross from the Gambia to the Niger and descend the latter river to the sea.

  36. Burrard, it has been inferred that the variations in density of the outer parts of the earth do not descend farther than 30 or 40 m.

  37. He recognized in that region an ancient series of rocks in inclined or vertical strata, which rise to the tops of the hills and descend to an unknown depth into the interior.

  38. The streams as they descend begin to drop their freight of sediment when, by the lessening of their declivity, their carrying power is diminished.

  39. Begum had sprung up and escaped, but he could not; and that the animals had followed him down, until he was so jammed in the cleft that he could descend no further; and that there they had pulled out his hair and torn his shirt, as they saw.

  40. At all events, we shall gain nothing by remaining here; we shall be more concealed as we descend and approach them," observed the Major.

  41. He knows his business better; he crouches in the rank grass and reeds by the sides of the paths made by the animals to descend to the rivers and pools to drink, and as they pass he makes his spring upon them.

  42. One or two of them, of the Persian period, have wells (leading to the sepulchral chamber) of enormous depth, down which the modern tourist is enabled to descend by a spiral iron staircase.

  43. It is therefore not improbable that, like the god Dumuzi, or Tammuz, he was supposed to descend into the underworld in winter, ascending to the surface of the earth with the earliest green shoots of vegetation in the spring.

  44. In one place there had been a small landslide which left little room to pass, and Mary had to descend and cross on foot while the driver took the car over alone.

  45. His petrol tank was shot to bits and he was forced to descend in a wood near Morchies.

  46. The government of Spain refused to make such a treaty except on condition that American vessels should not be allowed to descend the Mississippi river below the mouth of the Yazoo.

  47. Remember when the apostles said, O Jesus son of Mary, is thy LORD able to cause a table to descend unto us from heaven?

  48. We descend not from heaven, unless by the command of thy LORD: unto him belongeth whatsoever is before us, and whatsoever is behind us, and whatsoever is in the intermediate space; neither is thy LORD forgetful of thee.

  49. They shall part and make way for the clouds which shall descend with the angels, bearing the books wherein every man's actions are recorded.

  50. They descend upon every lying and wicked person:p they learn what is heard;q but the greater part of them are liars.

  51. Hast thou not considered those who have changed the grace of GOD to infidelity,q and cause their people to descend into the house of perdition, namely, into hell?

  52. And we caused clouds to overshadow you, and manna and quailso to descend upon you, saying, Eat of the good things which we have given you for food: and they injured not us, but injured their own souls.

  53. There are no rivers of note in this country, for the streams which at certain times of the year descend from the mountains, seldom reach the sea, being for the most part drunk up and lost in the burning sands of that coast.

  54. The rivers flowing in either direction can descend only to the centre and no further, for opposite to the rivers is a precipice.

  55. And some burst forth again on the opposite side, and some on the same side, and some wind round the earth with one or many folds like the coils of a serpent, and descend as far as they can, but always return and fall into the chasm.

  56. Kate (in masculine attire, about to descend to the breakfast table, turns once more to the mirror).

  57. The Howards of Corby Castle descend from the Carlisle branch, tracing from “Belted Will Howard.

  58. Retracing his path, the visitor will do well to descend by the steps to a lower terrace, where he will find an open alcove beneath the temple.

  59. All the present English peers of the noble House of Howard descend from a common ancestor in Thomas, the second Duke of Norfolk of the name of Howard, who died in 1524.

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