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  1. Their fear was changed to horror, however, when the fisherman deposited his ghastly freight on the beach.

  2. While the girls rested on the park benches they could see, far off, a line of ships sailing up the bay and also the larger freight steamers.

  3. Auberry thought that it was perhaps some west-bound emigrant or freight wagon, or perhaps a stage with belated mails.

  4. It is turned to so many different uses that the Arabs of the coast of the Persian Gulf say that it is possible to construct a ship, rig it, supply and freight it, from date trees.

  5. Freight on specie, 1 per cent, to New York; and three quarters per cent to Panama with a slight discount to shippers of large amounts.

  6. The quantity of freight is considerable in French silks, cloths, and light goods, but the bulk is in Havannah cigars, nearly all the supply for this market coming via Panama.

  7. Hence it was that, in the early summer of one of the eighties, I found myself attached to a Hudson's Bay Company freight train, making our way from a little railway town in Montana towards the Canadian boundary.

  8. The freight labored toward them, rumbled over the bridge and sent a shower of dust and cinder particles down.

  9. Jeff awakened at periodic intervals to throw more wood on the fire, and in the misty gray of early morning he was aroused by the unmistakable sound of a freight train making up.

  10. Judging by the sound of the freight train--the railroad yards must be in Cressman--it was about one mile or twenty minutes' walk away.

  11. He listened intently; it paid to understand freight trains.

  12. A few miles before they reached the Nine Mile Ridge they encountered a band of almost famished Indians, who hailed with delight the freight wagons, thinking they could get some coffee and other provision.

  13. During the coldest time in winter, in the month of January, 1863, nine freight wagons left Santa Fe, New Mexico, on their way East.

  14. Waddell and Russell were the great government freight contractors across the plains.

  15. The only method of travel was by odd freight caravans drawn by oxen or the old-fashioned, lumbering uncomfortable Concord Stage Coaches drawn by five mules.

  16. It stuck many freight wagons--I was in a quandary just how I would cross it.

  17. What was our dismay, after climbing over hills of freight on deck, and creeping down a narrow companion-way, to find the cabin stowed full of bales of wool and barrels of butter.

  18. In the mean time I stood on and off with the ship, and about four o'clock in the afternoon the cutter brought her freight of water on board.

  19. There was terror in the shrill cry as the girl ran towards the freight wagon.

  20. The yard was fenced with crooked cottonwood poles so that it served also as a corral, around which the leaders of the freight team wandered, stripped of their harness, looking for a place to roll.

  21. As is frequently the way with millionaires, few of those who emerged from the day coach sandwiched in between a coal and freight car, looked their millions.

  22. The Major especially liked cheese and had not failed to mention the fact when his hostess had let drop the information that a whole one had come in with the last freight wagon from town.

  23. The freight was out of sight now but there came to his ears, faintly through the heavy morning air, the sound of the distant puffing.

  24. A moment later they saw Len leap from his horse, abandon the creature, and jump on one of the freight cars.

  25. The King's ship was gone home to the King without the freight he looked for.

  26. From the deck of the shattered galleon I watched her boats, with their heavy freight of cowering humanity, pull off toward the island.

  27. Once a month father or Stevie would make up a few pack-saddle loads of the richest ore and freight them over the mountains to Red Butte.

  28. Looks like they don't want to haul any freight out o' here.

  29. Unless the freight is paid at once, and delivery taken forthwith, I will proceed to New Zealand and sell to recoup myself.

  30. Dear Sir,--You have forgotten that you have not yet made any arrangements with me about the freight of your oil and copra.

  31. Rath sent freight teams to haul the hides and bring them in.

  32. He had six yoke of oxen and a heavy freight wagon.

  33. In March we sold our hides to Charles Rath, who sent his agent, George West, to follow up the hunters with two large freight trains to bring back the hides they got that winter.

  34. This was in order to get better freight rates to the railroad at Dodge City.

  35. A man named Hadley was to accompany us with a freight team.

  36. I just got in to-day with a load of freight and learned of the trouble just before you came in sight.

  37. And when he did come he drove into camp with a four-mule team and new thimble-skein wagon, having traded his oxen and freight wagon for the rig he brought in.

  38. These hides we put in the freight wagon and every night we spread them on the ground.

  39. It was agreed that each was to bear equally the expense of keeping a man to watch the hides until Hickey could get a freight train to come and get them.

  40. They harnessed Daniel to the carryall, and stowed the living freight aboard somehow, although Captain Perez protested that he had eaten so much dinner he didn't know's he'd be able to hang on the way he did coming down.

  41. A black freight steamer was pushing along, leaving a thick line of smoke like a charcoal mark on the sky.

  42. The freight to be carried is fastened to this saddle by means of ropes, and the Arabs have a very keen eye for balancing the boxes and barrels that make up a camel's load.

  43. My camel was an ordinary baggage beast, and the saddle was such as they use for transporting freight around the cataract.

  44. There is a large station for freight in each of the terminal cities, and at reasonably regular intervals along the road there are wayside stations with stables of good size, and with quarters for the station-keeper and attendants.

  45. And to add to the loss he could not even recover the freight charges, which he had paid in full before removing the boxes from the railway station and discovering his loss.

  46. Our passengers were taken ashore in boats, and the freight and baggage were unceremoniously dumped into a huge launch.

  47. I tried to imagine what he WOULD do to a cub pilot who had been guilty of such a crime as mine, committed on a boat guard-deep with costly freight and alive with passengers.

  48. The night before the 'Pennsylvania' left, Henry and I sat chatting on a freight pile on the levee till midnight.

  49. Several ferry boats ply between the Missouri and Kentucky shores and the city, transfer steamers carry freight cars across, and many vessels ply on the rivers with passengers and freight.

  50. She returned later, having doubtless taken in her freight at Melville meanwhile.

  51. A couple live in an old freight car by us, and their home is worth seeing.

  52. The lumber cost, including freight from Peoria to Henry, about $100; the work about fifty more.

  53. If a wandering mouse in the night-season happened to scratch upon the wainscot, he immediately supposed the Hellish Proteus was announcing his arrival, and at times in thought he went so far as settling the freight charges beforehand.

  54. I want you to double out in half an hour on some perishable freight that's coming in from the West; there isn't one available engine in.

  55. I asked him to let me out on the main line, took a five-mile spin, and side-tracked for a freight train.

  56. A few days after this the "III," Dennis Rafferty and I went into the regular freight service of the road.

  57. The fishers had their freight for the market—-delay would deteriorate its value; but the anxious traveler bade them put about and he would bear the loss.

  58. The white marble steps and lintels of the street shone clean and bright; the porters going by to the freight dépôt gave him good-day cheerfully.

  59. In a slovenly way the sails are trimmed, and she edges clumsily around the point with the bullion and opium, the full freight and gains of a year's voyaging and trading.

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