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  1. In the following November, however, he renewed his activity, and on his application was appointed by Congress agent to collect all moneys due from the sale of the prizes taken in European waters by vessels under his command.

  2. The next public business of Jones was to attempt to collect indemnity from the Danish government for the delivery to England of the prizes sent by the mad Landais, during Jones's most famous cruise, to Bergen, Denmark.

  3. The function of the scribes was more humble--to collect the sayings and traditions of earlier ages; to arrange and edit the literary fragments of more original minds.

  4. While the iron road will always collect a large portion of moving merchandise, there will still be another large portion for which the superior cheapness of water-transport will be a successful inducement.

  5. Professor Henry Hartshorne, at the last meeting of the American Medical Association, suggested that the court should appoint in poisoning cases a commission to collect the scientific testimony and make report on the same.

  6. Moero is three days distant, and as Nsama's people go thither to collect salt on its banks, it would have been impossible for me to visit it from the south without being seen, and probably suffering loss.

  7. For this purpose he sent the minister Thumi Sambhota, afterwards looked upon as an incarnation of Manju-sri, to India, there to collect the sacred books, and to learn and translate them.

  8. In Greece, "for coloring the lashes and sockets of the eye they throw incense or gum labdanum on some coals of fire, intercept the smoke which ascends with a plate, and collect the soot.

  9. If the horticulturists of England were instructed how to collect the odors of flowers, a new branch of manufacture would spring up to vie with our neighbors' skill in it across the Channel.

  10. To write down inter–ally debts by half and then try to collect them, would be an aggravation, not a cure, of the existing difficulties.

  11. I have thought it better, therefore, to leave it unaltered, and to collect together in this Sequel the corrections and additions which the flow of events makes necessary, together with my reflections on the present facts.

  12. As soon as possible after the Confederate retreat I went over the battle-field to collect such of my wounded as had not been carried off to the South and to bury my dead.

  13. You have plenty of time to collect your gars.

  14. I tried to collect my thoughts, but I was stunned.

  15. He possessed an infinite appreciation of the responsibilities of his office, and he was more jealous to collect every farthing of the royal duties than he would have been had those moneys been gathered for his own emolument.

  16. I don't think that is my duty," said Lady Harman after a slight pause to collect her forces.

  17. To collect in an hour or two a crew which he could trust with the knowledge which would most likely come to them in some way or other that the steamer they were chasing carried untold wealth, was hardly to be thought of.

  18. He examined the surface carefully, then ordered the lads to collect kindling and fuel.

  19. The three proposed to collect as large a supply of food as possible.

  20. In order to collect as much meat as possible a dozen hunters were sent out; the rest were employed in cutting and hanging the meat to dry.

  21. Many leading chiefs are zealous in this work, and are labouring hard to collect their dispersed and broken tribes at their new and permanent homes.

  22. I recommend that the government send special agents to collect the scattered bands and families and pay their expenses to the lands assigned them," said Clark, estimating the cost at one hundred thousand dollars.

  23. We must remain here until we can collect meat enough to last us to the Nez Perce nation," said the Captains, and so, running the gauntlet of starvation, it happened that Lewis and Clark camped for ten days near the base of Mt.

  24. Ask them what a Collect is--where the Lessons come from--who wrote the Psalms, etc.

  25. I mean to collect all possible information on the subject, and either to write myself, or prime you to write an article on him some day!

  26. I also did my utmost to collect supplies.

  27. It took some time to collect evidence as wounded men had to be brought in, and it was the end of the month before I was able to proceed to the spot.

  28. All this time troops and supplies came pouring in from Manipur in one long thin stream, and the greatest efforts were made to collect supplies on the spot.

  29. Early on the morning of the 28th, I took out all the men I could collect and set to work to clear away the jungle in the neighbourhood of the stockade so as to give no covert to enemies.

  30. Old Thangal was for halting till we could collect a large force as he said a large one was required, and he begged me to halt for a few days.

  31. They collect the taxes directly from the country people.

  32. In May, when the country is dry, each basha or kaid is ordered to collect troops in his own district: then is Tetuan deserted, and every boy and young man absents himself.

  33. People in Morocco, as all the world over, collect curiosities nolens volens.

  34. And before the coroner could collect himself, or stay her by gesture, she had swept out of the room.

  35. She dropped her eyes a moment as if to collect her thoughts, and then looking straight into his face once more, said with a slight tremor in her voice: "I have a theory; but I am afraid it is not one that will meet with your approval.

  36. Those who comprehend this book, will be anxious to read also the continuation and the end of the Fourth Treatise, and will collect as many subscribers as possible.

  37. With this fairview we entreat most earnestly every reader to collect as many subscribers for this book as well as for the Periodical, as he or she is able to collect.

  38. The catalogue of those who belonged to the congregation, was given to me before, and trustees took great care to collect large subscriptions for us.

  39. This book appears small for this price; but remember the contents of page 169, and collect subscribers, and as soon as we print the second edition, we will send a large pamphlet as supplement without additional charge.

  40. As soon as the plan was conceived, all hands set to work to collect spars, and to knock away the fittings of the lower deck, the bulkheads, and the bulwarks.

  41. According to this advice, we set to work to collect the snow, which did not lay more than three inches thick on the ice.

  42. His third brother, the Count de Poitiers, remained behind to collect another corps of crusaders, and followed him in a few months afterwards.

  43. On the morrow, the populace came in crowds to collect her ashes, to preserve them as relics.

  44. After halting six days in London to collect reinforcements, the English force entrenched itself on the hill of Sautlache and awaited attack.

  45. Detached Posts may be required, to watch an extreme flank, or to occupy a position in front of the Sentry line, where the enemy might otherwise collect unseen for the attack or initiate steps for hostile reconnaissance.

  46. I will come with you and help collect the roots and barks you want.

  47. They carry down news when tree bloom is out, when the pollen sifts gold from the bushes, and it's time to collect spring roots.

  48. It paid to collect those leaves, so the Harvester hastily stripped the amount he wanted.

  49. At noon he returned to the cabin for lunch and brought back a load of empty syrup cans, and barrels in which to collect the sap.

  50. If you will trust me to collect for you, I will undertake only what I am sure I know, and I'll do exactly as you tell me.

  51. I am explaining this to show how very careful you must be to keep things separate and collect the right plants if you are going to sell stuff to me.

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