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Example sentences for "emigrating"

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  1. Already the violent members of the opposition had begun to despair of the fortunes of their party, to tremble for their own safety, and to talk of selling their estates and emigrating to America.

  2. At one time he had formed a project of emigrating to New Jersey, where he expected to find institutions better suited to his taste than those of England.

  3. The difference, therefore, in the mere cost of emigrating to the two places is so trifling, that the superior locality of the one cannot be admitted as any sort of set off against the superior advantages of the other.

  4. But the difference in the cost of emigrating is far from being so considerable as might be imagined on a mere view of their comparative distances from this country.

  5. First, Any person of respectability upon emigrating to this colony, is given as much land as would cost him four hundred pounds in the United States.

  6. It would also be the means of bringing numbers of rich speculators thither, who wonld not think of emigrating even for the increased indulgences which I have recommended in the foregoing article.

  7. We have before us the daily rations provided for the emigrating Ottawa Indians, two years since, and for the emigrating Cherokees last fall.

  8. All persons feeling anxieties that attend agricultural pursuits may be released {25} from those anxieties by emigrating to the Illinois.

  9. Emigrating from Tennessee, he lived with his family alone on the prairies until the arrival of the English settlers.

  10. Hence, the emigrant from the southern Atlantic states, unless he comes from a mountainous region, will experience no great change of climate, by emigrating to the Lower Mississippi Valley.

  11. Thousands pass up and down the rivers as deck passengers, especially emigrating families, who have their bedding, provisions, and cooking utensils on board.

  12. The emigrating bees fill themselves with honey, some time before their departure: in one instance, I noticed them laying in their supplies, more than two hours before they left.

  13. And what could Ernst's notion of emigrating have meant?

  14. His idea of emigrating had, however, not been given up, and at last he departed for America with the hope of mending his fortunes, and then sending for his wife and children.

  15. Emigrating in his young manhood to Chicago, he had come in touch with Methodist missionaries, who befriended him and saved him from a life of intemperance and infidelity.

  16. Considering that Spanish credit abroad is exhausted, that her young men, to avoid conscription, are emigrating to France and elsewhere in large numbers, Spain must of necessity yield in the end.

  17. And the poor devil of a tenant, with the prospect of starving on the land or emigrating from the only place on earth which to him is a home, goes away sadly, and My Lord or the Rev.

  18. It would be less strange if Kaundinyas emigrating from Java reached both Camboja and Koetei.

  19. Their followers immediately commenced selling their lands, mostly at a great sacrifice, and made preparations for emigrating up the Missouri.

  20. The following extract from the volume already referred to, will explain the cause that led the Mormons to think of emigrating to Missouri.

  21. This proposition of emigrating to the Far West seemed to the young people a death-blow to all their long-cherished hopes, as the circumstances of the young man did not warrant his forming a marriage connexion at once.

  22. A white citizen of one State, where no property qualification for voting was required, emigrating to a State which required such qualification, must conform to it before he could claim the right to vote.

  23. Before emigrating from Gloucestershire, he began life as a medical man.

  24. In the very heart of the village was the home, unfailingly genial and hospitable, of Mr. Parsons, one of the chief founders of the settlement; emigrating hither from Sherborne in Dorsetshire in 1820.

  25. The founding of this institution was due manly to the efforts of Augustus Wattles who was instrumental in getting a number of emigrating freedmen to leave Cincinnati and settle in this county about 1835.

  26. Another group of pioneering Negroes emigrating to this State found homes in the Van Buren township of Shelby County.

  27. The later plan of most colonizationists, however, was to educate the emigrating Negroes after they settled in Liberia.

  28. Not all colonizationists, however, had submitted to this policy of mere individual preparation of those emigrating to Liberia.

  29. In like manner Southern men emigrating to Missouri took their slaves with them without so much as a question of their right to do so.

  30. This is the first instance we meet with of Irish Catholics emigrating to America, at least in comparatively large bodies.

  31. We are willing that the emigrating party should sell out their rights, but we are not willing that they should sell ours.

  32. You may recollect that I have spoken more than once of the separation of a portion of the Huns from the main body, when they were emigrating from Tartary into Europe, in the time of the Goths.

  33. This was at the end of the first century after Christ; in the course of the following centuries they pursued the track which I have already marked out for the emigrating companies.

  34. It would be in the power, more or less, of every Englishman emigrating to Syria, to confer a lasting benefit upon the natives through the introduction of a better method than they possess of cultivating the ground, etc.

  35. The advantages to be derived from emigrating to Syria are manifold; but first amongst these let me class, what to a patriotic Englishman must be a pleasant thought, the comparative vicinity of this country to his native land.

  36. Listen to this, O ye that would still persist in emigrating to Australia, and remember how many months must elapse ere the happy tidings of your safe arrival and its reply can reach you.

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