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decision; decisions; decisive; decisively; decisiveness; decke; decked; deckedst; decker; deckers
  1. At last I went on deck and approached the bulwark, over which a number of the crew were leaning, watching the course of a boat that, with all her canvas spread, was making for land.

  2. Nor was the deck of the old "Hampden" inactive all the while, although seldom attracting much of my notice.

  3. They had left a land so full of wretchedness that no change could well be worse; so they sat in pleasant little knots and groups upon the deck "discoorsin!

  4. Would that the alternative were given me," said I to myself: "the free choice to change these four walls for the deck over which the waves are dancing in foamy sheets!

  5. The silence on the deck soon showed that most of the passengers had gone below, and, so far as I could see in the uncertain light, "Chico" with them.

  6. A light drizzling rain had begun to fall, which made the deck slippery and uncomfortable, and so I took my stand at the door of the cook's galley, into which two or three of the crew had sought refuge.

  7. I walked aft, with my cutlass in one hand, and a pistol in the other; but just as I stepped up the quarter-deck my foot slipped, and the cutlass fell with a clank on the deck.

  8. I sat upon the poop-deck as they weighed the anchor, contrasting in my mind my present condition with that of my first marine experiences on board the "Firefly.

  9. In a second he had caught hold of her, and had lifted and swung her far out over the dark blue waters, then, with a swirl to the side, held her suspended in the air above the open deck below.

  10. Tamara felt in great spirits, as she came on deck at about eleven o'clock, to find Millicent taking a vigorous walk round and round with the Russian Prince.

  11. Take a line aloft with you, and send the end down on deck for the gear as soon as you are ready.

  12. At all events, when we rose from the table and went on deck the boat was still nearly a mile distant.

  13. The mate soon returned to the deck with the decision of his crew.

  14. I was not sorry, therefore, when Forbes came on deck to relieve me at eight o'clock, thus affording me an opportunity to shift into dry clothes before sitting down to breakfast.

  15. And when your lads come on deck we will haul down and stow the flying-jib and get in the gaff-tops'l and mizzen.

  16. But I shall have to go on deck and let the mate know, when you are ready to go for'ard again, or he might catch sight of you and pounce upon you without knowing who you are; which would simply ruin everything.

  17. What a scene of bustle, confusion, and excitement does the deck of a steamer present upon such an occasion.

  18. Here, then, was some clue to my situation, and one which would probably have elicited all in due season; but just at this moment a voice on deck saved me from any further calculations.

  19. Numbers now throng the deck who have never made their appearance before.

  20. Where can the British child have seen those tasteful spoils of Greece that deck her imperial mistress?

  21. Two figures were on the deck of the galley, drinking in the beauty that surrounded them, with the avidity of youth, and health, and love.

  22. In spite of the bad weather, and of the wind which especially hindered me, I was on deck from daylight till dark and making substantial progress.

  23. He set sail and bore away into the west- north-west, two hunters constantly at the mastheads and sweeping the sea with glasses, himself pacing the deck like an angry lion.

  24. He went about the deck like a tiger cub, glaring his hatred openly at Wolf Larsen and Johansen.

  25. But Leach took it quite calmly, though blood was spouting upon the deck as generously as water from a fountain.

  26. Maud had sunk down upon the deck and was, I knew, lying motionless, her body in the shadow of the bulwark.

  27. What of my impetus and the stunning surprise, I clattered three or four steps along the deck before I could stop myself.

  28. When I emerged on deck it seemed that the end of everything had come.

  29. By crossing and lashing the ends of two spars, and then elevating them in the air like an inverted "V," I could get a point above the deck to which to make fast my hoisting tackle.

  30. I had come up on deck for a breath of fresh air and to try to get some repose for my overwrought nerves.

  31. Of course, two days' work was required for the accomplishment of this part of my task, and it was not till the morning of the third day that I swung the foremast from the deck and proceeded to square its butt to fit the step.

  32. Flying-fish are beginning to be seen, and during the night the watch above scrambles over the deck in pursuit of those that fall aboard.

  33. Making the watch-tackle fast, I hove on the windlass and brought in the mast, inch by inch, till its top tilted down to the deck and finally its whole length lay on the deck.

  34. Tell him the deck flopped up and gouged yer teeth out iv yer jaw," Louis grinned.

  35. But I saw, not the deck, but where the deck should have been, for it was buried beneath a wild tumbling of water.

  36. Will he join with men to deck and garnish a scene which is stained with his Master's blood?

  37. We have had religious services on deck to-day.

  38. He honored us with a public reading of a portion of the poem on deck this afternoon.

  39. We had a clear, moonlight night, and several of the passengers, male and female, were on deck till a late hour.

  40. Our ship instantly became a scene of confusion, and the passengers rushed on deck from every quarter.

  41. But since their recovery they spend many hours on deck every fair day; and as they are under the necessity of going through our room in passing to and from their cabin, we are in a fair way of becoming acquainted with them.

  42. We have seen several schools of flying-fish to-day, and two of them have been picked up on the deck by the sailors.

  43. In an instant he thrust his weapon into one of them, and the line was pulled in by men who were stationed on deck for the purpose.

  44. In a few minutes the direful deed was done, and the body of the murdered bird lay stretched upon the deck skinless.

  45. She comes on deck after supper to take the air.

  46. She was now burning furiously, and her deck was strewn with dead and dying.

  47. Six hundred of her crew had been killed, and the survivors were now lined up on deck waiting for the end.

  48. It was no mean task to reach the deck of the wreck, but Jack was a good climber and soon he was aboard.

  49. Just below the deck line a lively fire was starting up.

  50. She came on deck all in a tremble, and with the others hurried to the bow of the wreck.

  51. I can remember how they hauled me in, and how I shrieked with joy, and then fell to the deck unconscious.

  52. The deck of the wreck was much decayed, and they had to be careful how they moved around.

  53. With difficulty the surgeon climbed up to the deck of the wreck.

  54. Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps on the deck of the wreck reached their ears.

  55. Looking toward the wreck they saw that only a small portion of the upper deck had been burned away, the rain having put the fire out before it gained great headway.

  56. But on the Tuesday, when Ruby went up to her room to deck herself, a bright idea as to a better precaution struck Mrs Pipkin's mind.

  57. Won't it be fun when we shall be walking about on the deck and not speaking to one another!

  58. Without waiting to secure any of my property, I instantly hurried on deck with Optima, and was so fortunate as to secure her and myself a place in the largest boat.

  59. May I walk the deck till I split into shivers, if I'm not convinced of every word you say!

  60. A young handsome creole immediately leapt on board; and after giving orders about some packages contained in the boat, advanced to that part of the deck where Oriel Porphyry stood.

  61. Oriel Porphyry, as he stood upon the deck of the Albatross, watching the fast receding shores of Africa.

  62. The friends left the deck together without a reply.

  63. The alarm, however, that had been created was but momentary, and as soon as it was erased, the whole party hastened upon deck to observe the conflagration.

  64. I can't say offhand how far history bears him out, but I fancy that he is right to this extent: the lower deck has less flexibility of mind.

  65. They carried the treasures that had been given to him and put them on board, and spread a rug on the deck for him.

  66. But no sooner were his sails spread than he saw ten vessels in chase of him, and on the deck of one stood Helgi, who had been rescued from the burning temple, and had come in chase of him.

  67. Noiselessly they carried the body tenderly to the seashore and laid it upon the deck of the majestic ship, Ringhorn, which had been his.

  68. With increasing anxiety, Captain Seaforth paced the deck for several hours, until indeed the last boat he had sent returned.

  69. On bearing him from the deck to the cabin, a small volume fell from his loosened vest, which Mordaunt raised from the ground with some curiosity, to know what could be so precious to a youthful sailor.

  70. Ever the first when there was anything to be done on board or on shore, lively, high-spirited, and condescending, his appearance on deck after any absence was generally acknowledged with respect.

  71. To deck the female cheek, he only knows, Who paints less fair the lily, and the rose.

  72. Twere no offence to reason; 70 The sober Hills thus deck their brows To meet the wintry season.

  73. When honest Jack renounces his grog, and, after reefing topsails in a gale of wind, goes below deck to swill down a domestic dish of tea, after the fashion of Dr.

  74. He was at his villa, one among the many which deck the suburb of San Pietro d'Arena.

  75. Then he ran up a ladder to the deck and had a look around and saw the little points of the German ships with the shells sweeping toward them and the smoke of explosions which burst on board them.

  76. When she came alongside he did not wait for a ladder, but jumped on board her from the deck of the Lion.

  77. If you are familiar with the tidiness of a retired New England sailor, who regards his porch as a quarter-deck and sallies forth to remove each descending autumn leaf from the grass, then you know how scrupulous they were about litter.

  78. Within the sweep of vision from the quarter-deck was the terrific power which the man with the broad gold band on his arm directed.

  79. You glanced back at the deck and around the bridge with a sort of relief.

  80. The blowers carry fresh air to every part of the ship; the breezes which sweep the deck from the North Sea are fresh enough in summer and a little too fresh in winter.

  81. Then he hurried on deck in the elation of victory, succeeded by the desire to save those whom they had fought.

  82. Sir David Beatty's leap to the deck of a destroyer.

  83. The quarter-deck of action for Admiral Lowry, commanding the great base on the Forth, which was begun before the war and hastened to completion since, was a substantial brick building.

  84. You could not fail to identify among the group of officers on the quarter-deck Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty, for his victory had impressed his features on the public's eye.

  85. The deck of the ship is double or cellular, after the plan of Stephenson in the Britannia Tubular Bridge, and is 692 feet in length.

  86. Before boarding with troops, the nettings and deck of the enemy shall be rendered safe by clearing and raking them, in order that there may be as little risk as possible to our men.

  87. At meal-times also, in the cabin, he took care that we should not meet, never coming in until after I had left the table, and always rising up to go on deck should I enter while he was there.

  88. I am occupied in a ward full of deck hands.

  89. The ladies were sitting on deck beside the pile of Laura's very superior cabin luggage.

  90. Daily, ascending the companion ladder to the main deck aft she gradually faded from cognisance forward.

  91. The men slept on deck or between the rowers' benches, protected in bad weather by canopies.

  92. Then, with a burst of fury that left a heap of mangled corpses along the gunwales, Conan was over the rail and on the deck of the Tigress.

  93. The rowers were protected by a line of raised mantelets along the sides, but the warriors dancing on the narrow deck were in full view.

  94. Around the long point of an island off the starboard bow glided a long lethal shape, a slender serpentine galley, with a raised deck that ran from stem to stern.

  95. Come up to the poop-deck and we'll have a tankard of ale.

  96. On the deck of the pirate lay half a dozen bodies, an earnest of Conan's archery.

  97. From under the poop-deck Tito brought out quilted jerkins, steel caps, bows and arrows.

  98. Her white feet spurned the blood-stained deck and dying men forgot death as they gazed frozen at her.

  99. The master descended from the small deck between the bows, made his way between the rows of oarsmen, and mounted the mid-deck.

  100. Conan came silently upon the pier, approaching the galley above whose deck was suspended something that glimmered ivory-white in the faint twilight.

  101. High up on the boat deck the little white house to which the wires straggle down from the looped threads between the mastheads is full of the voices of invisible ships that are coming and going beyond the horizon.

  102. Duties were still being performed; an old deck steward, who had charge of the chairs, was busily continuing to work, adapting his duties to the emergency that had arisen and lashing chairs together.

  103. True, there is a smoke-room at the after extremity of the deck below this, whose windows look out into a great verandah sheeted in with glass from which you cannot help looking upon the sea.

  104. The passengers play games or walk about, or sit idling drowsily in deck chairs, with their eyes straying constantly from the unheeded book to the long horizon, or noting the trivial doings of other idlers.

  105. The summons came to many in their sleep; and to some in the curtained firelight luxury of their deck state-rooms it seemed an order so absurd that they scorned it, and actually went back to bed again.

  106. At first they were held back by a cordon of stewards, but some broke through and others were allowed through, so that presently a large proportion of the ship's company was crowding about the boat deck and the one immediately below it.

  107. And up on deck a chilly conviction of doom was slowly but certainly taking the place of that bland confidence in the unsinkable ship in which the previous hour had been lightly passed.

  108. From a place high up on the boat-deck our traveller can watch the progress of these two lives.

  109. The last twenty minutes, however, must have shown everyone on deck that there was not a chance left.

  110. Phillips went out on deck and looked round.

  111. X When the people came on deck it was half-past twelve.

  112. Almost at the same time a rush of people began from the steerage quarters, swarming up stairways and ladders to reach this high deck hitherto sacred to the first-class passengers.

  113. Ben to himself, as he paced the deck of the Parthia, then several hours out.

  114. On his next visit to the state-room he said: "Major Grafton, I met a gentleman on deck this morning who wishes to be remembered to you.

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