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Example sentences for "drape"

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drames; drams; drank; dranke; drap; drapeau; draped; draper; draperied; draperies
  1. The very next morning after I’d seen the children I started out, while I had kind of a glow to drape around the difficulties so’s I couldn’t see ’em.

  2. Don’t we love to drape over our bones and our corpses some flying banner of a word like sarcophagus?

  3. If we leave it to our hearers to drape our naked abstractions with concrete details, each will set to work in a different way.

  4. The Rational Social Will is too enlightened to drape an infant in the raiment appropriate to a college graduate.

  5. Shure, Casey would drape his saloon in black if I did.

  6. Nothing," I said, "except that it seems a peculiar idea to drape a curtain before a recess in that way.

  7. A yellow drape ornamented one corner of the frame, while another drape of blue depended from one end of the mantelpiece.

  8. A long scarf or drape was carried with this style, and a round helmet-like hat in straw or a turban was adopted.

  9. Stomachers were not much worn, but a drape of soft silk was caught here and there round the neck of bodice, and large draperies were clasped to the shoulders.

  10. The back drape setting from the brow down the back was well conceived to balance the high spire, but it seems to have been discarded during the reign of Edward V, and light veil falls were worn which often came half over the face.

  11. Let the last of these be a Union Jack of the same size as the others and drape it with the others over the back of a chair.

  12. The flagstaff is a telescopic one; the flag is pleated and rolled up, and the staff is concealed in a little bag hung behind the chair over which you drape the flags.

  13. Religion, indigestion, priggishness, or discontent may drape the panes.

  14. Earth strips off her bright colours and shows a bare and furrowed face; the dead leaves fall gently and sadly through the calm, sweet air; grey mists drape the fields and hedges.

  15. What a happy thought, too, to drape her in a Greek costume!

  16. Bill Drape mistook this day for Thanksgiving, living in such grand style.

  17. The man-ropes stretch with his weight, And the queerest old toggeries drape him, The Lord knows how long out of date!

  18. Cover the floor of the stage with a dark woollen carpet, drape the ceiling with light blue cambric, the background with black cambric; the sides should be arranged in the same style as the side scenes of a theatrical stage.

  19. At the background of the picture fasten a set of crimson damask curtains; drape them at each side of the stage, and beneath them place a plaster pedestal, with a piece of statuary on the top.

  20. But changing the general shape of the face--the general drape of the curtain--and the form of the prominent features, would not begin to suffice for the complete alteration that Davenport intended.

  21. If you sever a number of these cords, you alter the entire drape of the curtain.

  22. When all the leaves are finished, weave them into a spray, grading them from large to small till the end of the vine is reached, then bronze and drape around the vase in an easy, natural way.

  23. Drape the basket and the handle in smilax, having the wax for the smilax sheeted in chrome green; then mold over the embossed muslin leaves, bronze in green bronze, and drape loosely.

  24. This we keep polished, and drape with the best curtains that we can afford.

  25. What matter if slacked My speed may hardly be, for homage to crag and to cave No deity deigns to drape with verdure?

  26. Alibayan ta kag tualya arun dì ka tugnawun, I’ll drape a towel over your shoulders so you won’t feel cold.

  27. Isab-ag ang tualya sa abága, Drape the towel over your shoulders.

  28. Think you it was "sympathy for murder" called us forth, or caused the priests of the Catholic Church to drape their churches?

  29. Neither had there been any determination to drape the flag in mourning and fly it at half-must on the 24th of July.

  30. It is one of the best vines for parlor decoration, as it will drape and festoon the window, and stretch forth its tendrils, running up even to the ceiling.

  31. It is a great addition to the beauty of the box to have vines of pretty foliage drape the sides.

  32. And so, if you drape Heaven with the clouds and mists born of indifference and worldliness, the world becomes mean, but if you dissipate the cloud and unveil heaven, earth is greatened.

  33. The rock is grim when it is bare; it wants verdure to drape it if it is to be lovely.

  34. The net must be large enough to drape gracefully across one corner, along the top, and fall a short distance down the other side of the frame.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "drape" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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