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Example sentences for "cowl"

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  1. The vision vanished; but cowl and tunic retained the dazzling brilliancy of snow.

  2. A bottle of the local white wine made by the brotherhood at Genoa, and sent to this house by the West, is carried in the cowl as a present to the stranger at the gates.

  3. It was only when the brother, in church, knelt down to meditate and drew his cowl about his head that the accident was explained.

  4. St Modwen of Burton on Trent with her red cowl and staff, Series 3, vol.

  5. No sister shall hold converse with secular persons in the parlour unless she is wearing a cowl and a veil; and tailors and others who are employed shall work in some place assigned to them outside the convent precincts[981].

  6. I, thumping my nieve down with all my might on the counter, and throwing back my cowl behind me into a corner.

  7. I, throwing my cowl back on the pillow, and rubbing my eyes in the hurry of a tremendous fright.

  8. A cowl over their saintly faces, if it please his fancy!

  9. But long after, when some repairs were being made in the cathedral, the body of a monk in his robe and cowl was found walled up, evidently for some crime, near the altar, just at the spot where the Knight had seen him vanish.

  10. Then the monk threw back his cowl and displayed a skull, but he served the mass, which the priest courageously went through to the end: then he fell down unconscious in front of the altar.

  11. To barter his robes for our cowl and our gown, But which of us e'er felt the idle desire To exchange for a crown the grey hood of a Friar!

  12. But necessity, according to the ancient proverb, sharpens invention, and he muttered something under his cowl concerning the men in question being excommunicated outlaws both to church and to kingdom.

  13. I would not for my cowl that they found us in this goodly exercise.

  14. Men say that the keeper has complained to his official, and that he will be stripped of his cowl and cope altogether, if he keeps not better order.

  15. His cowl was raised enough to show his features; but she would, perhaps, not have recognised his smooth shaven face had Giovanni not called her attention to it.

  16. Del Ferice shuddered, and drew his heavy cowl over his head as he began to walk quickly towards the Porta Maggiore.

  17. In a few moments the transformation was complete, and Del Ferice stood by his servant's side in the shabby brown cowl and rope-girdle of a Capuchin monk.

  18. He stopped, hesitated, and then, pulling his cowl over his face, walked steadily on.

  19. Could one have looked beneath the Palmer's cowl there might have been seen a smile almost sardonic playing upon his features.

  20. The latter then rolling himself up in his gown, and pulling his cowl over his head, fell fast asleep on the bench, the host retiring to an upper room which he inhabited.

  21. He was then offered his liberty, if he would agree to assume the cowl of a monk.

  22. The chimney was fitted with a cowl which had to be specially secured to keep it in place.

  23. During heavy drifts the cowl became choked with snow and ice, and the Hut would rapidly fill with smoke until some one, hurriedly donning burberrys, rushed out with an ice-axe to chip an outlet for the draught.

  24. He is clothed in a loose, grey, shapeless habit, roughly outlining a gigantic frame, and his head is veiled in a cowl of the all-pervading hue.

  25. An' such deeds weigh heavy on thy mind, a friar's cowl were better suited to thy brow than Scotland's diadem.

  26. The call was unanswered; but presently the door again opened, and a figure entered, dressed in priestly guise, with a cowl drawn closely over his face.

  27. The priest stood in an attitude of eager attention: his cowl was removed; and, judge of my sensations, when I recognized the countenance of De Courcy!

  28. A cowl partially concealed his features, his waist was girt by a cord of discipline, and, as he moved with noiseless steps, he seemed counting the beads of a rosary, which he carried in his hand.

  29. The cowl slipt from his head and his dark curls swept her face as he bent over her.

  30. Quickly he drew from him the robe and cowl and flung them down upon the ladder and drawing his sword stood waiting and almost eager for a fight.

  31. The Jesuit pulled the cowl up over his head and turned upon De Ba├žan fiercely.

  32. His cowl was pushed back from his face and he listened to the man opposite him, who was talking.

  33. As he reported that St. Francis had worn a cowl with long sharp peak or capouch, and soon thereafter saw the saint himself in a vision dressed in such a garb, he withdrew from his cloister, went to Rome, and obtained from Clement VII.

  34. Peter, according to his biographer, hung up his monkish cowl in empty space, upon a sunbeam which he took for a cord stretching across, instituted the order as Brethren of the Holy Spirit.

  35. A peculiar badge on the cowl of Louis announced that he came from the Abbey of Ceuta; and the credentials he immediately delivered to the prior confirmed its evidence.

  36. Louis's cowl hung over his face when Martini entered.

  37. His cowl was now thrown backward from his head; and though at the extreme distance of the apartment, his father recognised him at the first glance.

  38. In the mean time the friar approached with a slow step, with his cowl drawn over his head, and his hand supported by his staff.

  39. Yet listen to me, daughter," he said, without withdrawing the cowl from his head.

  40. The old house in Cowl Street was formerly the White Hart Inn, which tells a curious Elizabethan story about "the Fool and the Ice," an incident supposed to be referred to by Shakespeare in Troilus and Cressida (Act iii.

  41. Her laughter sounded shrill and high as broken glass, as the dislocated cowl revealed Francesco's features.

  42. She will rather bless you, knowing from what temptations of the flesh you have removed him," replied the monk, peering anxiously from his cowl down to where the sick man lay.

  43. But suddenly Ilaria turned and deliberately advanced to the spot where Francesco stood, his cowl drawn deeply over his face.

  44. But another had recognized the monk, when for a moment his cowl fell away from his face; and Raniero Frangipani was regarding him with dark malice.

  45. His loose robe draped around his body and his cowl was pulled up, hiding his face.

  46. They held him down and pulled the cowl from him, then pommeled him unmercifully, while Zircon cheered them on.

  47. From under the cowl a sepulchral voice issued.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cowl" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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