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  1. Richard Totten,[26] airplane mechanic: The Ford Trimotor was the poorest of the lot.

  2. Although distribution was limited, the American oil industry did not prevent the airplane diesel from becoming a success in the civil market.

  3. We dismantled the airplane and trucked it back to the airport where it sat in a state of neglect for some time.

  4. Adams wanted a quicker return on his money than the average backer and he insisted that Towle put the airplane in service so it could start earning some money.

  5. No other has such bearing upon precisely those qualities of aerodynamic efficiency, fuel economy, and reliability of airplane and powerplant that most affect commercial usefulness.

  6. Indications that the Diesel type airplane engine, recently developed by Capt.

  7. First flight of a diesel-powered airplane accomplished.

  8. Towle got his airplane built at the hangar on Grosse Isle in Detroit, and ran out of money during the flight testing program.

  9. As a matter of fact, Towle had been employed by Ford until Ford cancelled airplane building.

  10. All the Packard diesels were of the 4-stroke cycle unblown type, yet the most successful airplane diesels were of the 2-stroke cycle blown type.

  11. Thompson was doing it between Detroit and Cleveland, Marquette was doing it between Detroit and Milwaukee, so Adams applied for permission to operate an airplane between Detroit and Cleveland and other cities on the lakes.

  12. It is claimed further that the Diesel will prove far more reliable in construction than any airplane engine yet developed.

  13. When we hit the water the airplane went over on its back and sunk to the bottom.

  14. As Dick had been a lucky pilot, he had no difficulty in getting contracts for his airplane transportation service.

  15. Terry took one look at the doll and thrust it aside carelessly, but the airplane she hugged in her tiny arms, and squealed with delight.

  16. He had given little thought to this strip of land that he owned, for it had been considered waste until the airplane brought about a new use for it.

  17. A loud whistle from Terry rent the air followed by a deafening roar of the two airplane motors.

  18. And from that time on, Terry played in Dick’s big airplane whenever her father could spare the time necessary to watch her play.

  19. Terry decided that it was just a cruising airplane and had no connection with them whatever.

  20. Major Armengaud and I left Nettancourt this morning by airplane to assist in the operations about to be unloosed before Verdun.

  21. The ground seemed to approach very rapidly; Major Armengaud guided his airplane toward a little prairie north of Dugny, bordered by two gullies.

  22. Almost all of our flying here was takeoffs and landings and in the air we practiced spins, slow rolls, snap rolls, and figure eights to get the feel of the airplane and develop our control.

  23. It was a replica of the cockpit of an airplane and was used to learn how to fly by instruments only.

  24. The airplane numbers were on one side of the plane only so we had to keep that side away from the road so we wouldn't be identified.

  25. We had classes in airplane engines, theory of flight, math, physics, and similar subjects.

  26. The P-39 was a lot more airplane than any of us had ever flown before and with only one seat, we would have to fly it alone.

  27. We began to fly more aggressively as we knew the airplane better.

  28. The airplane was the BT-13 with one wing and an enclosed cockpit.

  29. On a windy day you would slow the airplane down so it would just stay up and the wind would blow you backwards.

  30. And I distinctly heard the whirr of an airplane just now from his open window.

  31. She goes up in her airplane so much and does so many other exciting things, I wanted her to have it.

  32. Since my plan would take time, you objected to it, and sent an airplane to drop a five-hundred-pound bomb on them.

  33. Seaton was lucky in that the airplane bomb was defective and exploded prematurely; and your space-ship got hot because of your injudicious speed through the atmosphere.

  34. If they make a strike, find gold or radium, they will rush outside in an airplane and bring in friends to file on the land.

  35. Plenty of time for him to get his keen mind at work on that Chicago airplane case, to arrive at some very natural conclusions, and then to get himself assigned to the task of hunting down this 'Gray Streak.

  36. Piloting a six-passenger airplane over the Mackenzie River route is about as exciting as driving a bus in New York.

  37. Self educated, he thought all day long of bolts and nuts, pliers, wrenches, spark plugs, valves and all else that goes to make up an airplane motor.

  38. It certainly seemed strange to be sailing away into a totally unknown land, following an airplane that carried a captive, and who could say what other manner of men?

  39. It's a shame that a thing so marvelous as an airplane should fall into the hands of such black rascals!

  40. In the North the airplane has come to be what coastwise steamers are to fishing villages along a rockbound coast, or the slow-going local passenger train is to mountain towns.

  41. Had the airplane left a path across the sky for his eyes?

  42. In this land the airplane has made a village a thousand miles from Edmonton one of that city's suburbs.

  43. But in this far-flung land of snow the airplane has come to be a thing of great service.

  44. He found himself in the narrow confines of an airplane cabin.

  45. Not alone that, but the airplane carries us a thousand miles far above impassable trails and leaves us with picks, shovels, and food in abundance to work out our own salvation.

  46. Had he caught the drone of an airplane motor?

  47. Brief mention is made of electric starting because such systems will undoubtedly be incorporated in some future airplane designs.

  48. Front and Side Elevations of Sturtevant Airplane Engine, Giving Principal Dimensions to Facilitate Installation.

  49. Inasmuch as magneto ignition is universally used in connection with airplane engine ignition it will not be necessary to consider battery ignition systems.

  50. Operating Temperatures of Automobile Engine Parts Useful as a Guide to Understand Airplane Power Plant Heat.

  51. The matter is logically arranged; all descriptive matter is simply expressed and copiously illustrated so that anyone can understand airplane engine operation and repair even if without previous mechanical training.

  52. This method of cylinder construction is never found on airplane engines because it does not permit of maximum power output.

  53. If an airplane with its radio tuned just right should blunder into that beam between here and Washington, the pilot might do a bit of eavesdroppin'.

  54. She broke off in alarm, as the drone of an approaching airplane grew on the morning air.

  55. Above the splashing rose the snarl of an airplane motor warming up.

  56. In the Fall, Bill had entered the trans-continental airplane race from San Francisco to New York and return.

  57. Bill at once saw the great value that an airplane reconnaissance would be to the man in charge of a fire crew there.

  58. I left my campfire burning this morning when I left my camp, and that airplane patrol flew over a little later,” replied the camper.

  59. They had been traveling some four or five hours since leaving their camp when Bill heard the drone of an airplane engine.

  60. The whole proceeding showed that the average camper knew of the airplane patrol and was accordingly more careful.

  61. We will take our canteens, emergency rations, pistols and the airplane compass.

  62. A West Indian hurricane broke the monotony and routine of their training at the flying school and Bill was sent as a test pilot at an airplane factory.

  63. Bill had just received a new airplane prior to his return from Oregon.

  64. In the afternoon we will have some formation flights, a radio demonstration in which someone will broadcast from an airplane through a loudspeaker, and finally you will jump from a parachute.

  65. The airplane was circling around a mountain top but a short distance away.

  66. The airplane apparently was still some distance away.

  67. Simmons returned to his forest for a short time and returned with a story which showed the psychological value of the airplane patrol.

  68. While at the airplane factory Bill had several narrow escapes, when airplanes which he was testing were found to be maliciously damaged.

  69. Hereafter, don’t you ever leave anything in any airplane which doesn’t belong there.

  70. Telephone first and then the airplane patrol came over this morning and dropped a message concerning your disappearance at the same time he dropped my papers.

  71. Never since the beginning of the trip had they felt such urgent need of putting the airplane through at a fast clip, but that time had now come, for they were fourteen hours behind schedule time and sixteen hours behind their rivals.

  72. The making of a big airplane is a good-sized job.

  73. Once more the shades of night fell, and once more John took the destinies of the airplane in hand.

  74. It is true that he can see another airplane if it gets in his way, or a church steeple when he is flying low; but his greatest dangers are in the clear air itself, where they cannot be detected.

  75. The anemometer spun slower and slower as the gale decreased in violence, and presently the airplane was gliding along with its normal smoothness.

  76. John then slowed up and disconnected first one motor and then the other, the airplane continuing to fly with unimpaired smoothness.

  77. They advanced toward the airplane in peculiar hops and side jumps, as if fearing an attack upon themselves.

  78. By reason of the great lightness of our airplane one good 400 horse-power motor is all we need for pulling purposes.

  79. The excitement of the throngs increased as the airplane drew closer.

  80. The airplane encountered several "air pockets" in this process, which might have been disastrous to them except for the stabilizing effect of the automatic-pilot.

  81. Of course a good many changes had to be made to adapt conditions from the little airplane to the big fellow, and to incorporate the extra pet features we all agreed upon were desirable.

  82. With the good one held downward, it was no wonder that the airplane had started a stubborn, slow dive toward the ocean in spite of Bob's frantic efforts to work the lever normally effecting it.

  83. All the joys of a man who, having given up hope, is unexpectedly granted a reprieve were his, as the airplane buffeted its way against the teeth of the ever-freshening wind.

  84. But La France replied to that challenge by constructing the famous Nieuport, the swiftest, the most easily maneuvered airplane that flies.

  85. Why, do you know, even the very sight of an airplane going aloft gives me the queerest kind of feelings.

  86. So suddenly that he could scarcely realize what had happened, the airplane tumbled over.

  87. Almost instantly came a little burst of ruddy flame, rapidly increasing in intensity, until, at last, the airplane was blazing from end to end.

  88. It was not for some time, however, that Don's nerves quieted down sufficiently for him to put his airplane into motion.

  89. Even piano and furniture factories and many others have turned their attention to the fabrication of airplane parts, such as struts, ribs and propellers.

  90. The kind of air-sickness you get by the unearthly dips and twists of an airplane has sea-sickness beaten to a frazzle," commented Ben Holt, pleasantly.

  91. The airplane had suddenly stopped its whirling evolutions, and was soaring majestically through the air not a hundred feet above their heads.

  92. Billions have been spent and are being expended in the airplane industry," continued the man.

  93. Some time later on he was off in the airplane again, and shot forth and back across the field a number of times, with generally fair success, before taking another welcome rest.

  94. The airplane and its pilot seemed doomed to utter annihilation.

  95. He told them something about the giant bi-motored Caudron, the Handley-Page and the Caproni, each type of machine representing the highest achievement in airplane building by the respective countries of France, England and Italy.

  96. However, just as this gloomy thought was becoming fixed in his mind, the airplane began to ascend.

  97. One or two bad spills--an airplane ready for the scrap pile, or a student now and then killed on the training field, and it's all off with some!

  98. When they discovered your airplane in their neighborhood, they feared it would interfere with their plans and decided to get rid of it.

  99. Turning, Frank plunged away toward the airplane hangar, clutching at his trousers as he ran.

  100. It was just the thing they needed to rouse them from the despondency into which contemplation of the damage to their airplane had thrown them.

  101. It was McKay, too, who organized the airplane carriage of liquor from Canada to points outside New York City and to Stamford, Conn.

  102. As Jack ran up, he was saying: "You want to be careful whose airplane you burn.

  103. We have a radio plant and an airplane at our command, and, besides, are admirably situated near the scene.

  104. The damage to their airplane was felt keenly by both.

  105. It was some twenty-five miles as the crow flies from the Brownell place to the point where the airplane came down.

  106. After returning to the house, Frank rang up the airplane factory, and gave the necessary orders.

  107. It just occurred to me that the reason why we couldn't find Higginbotham links up with the reason why his airplane is missing.

  108. But these liquor smugglers are unscrupulous, and if they feared the airplane was being used against them, they would have no compunctions about burning it.

  109. Well, Huatemo had never seen an airplane close up, and the two high muckamucks decided that they'd give the natives a thrill by coming back via plane.

  110. The Wrights invented the airplane in the same degree that Thomas Edison invented the electric light.

  111. Some are dead and some are alive, but they're all pretty bad news for an airplane if it happens to come in contact with one of them.

  112. So Lindy proved once more that the airplane was a help to science, and flew over the old Mayan hang-outs, looking for ruins.

  113. And if the airplane isn't that, I'd like to know what is.

  114. Lindbergh told the Japanese people what he had set out to do, and that he hoped that there'd be a regular airplane route between Japan and the United States.

  115. But figuring out position by means of the sextant requires at least an hour of mathematical calculation, and by the time the position had been figured, the men in the airplane had advanced about a hundred miles or more.

  116. Then young Frank asked if he couldn't go up, in order to write his impressions of an airplane ride.

  117. Elinor Smith was, in a way of speaking, born in an airplane cockpit.

  118. I'll bet he's the kind that can't tell one airplane from another, and buys his radio sets all made up, with twenty tubes and all kinds of gadgets.

  119. Load a flivver up with that stuff and it'll think it's a Rolls Royce or an airplane right off.

  120. The men from the big airplane had caught his attention at once.

  121. Only then did the airplane go skimming away into the hazy distance.

  122. That airplane is from River Forest," Big Bill Tyson said to Colonel Chamberlain.

  123. What had happened that day as the airplane soared over their baseball diamond?

  124. As at last he stood in the pitcher's box, he found above him a cloudless, smokeless sky where no airplane soared and circled.

  125. Goggles," Johnny said to him later that evening when everything had been settled that they were to start on that marvelous airplane cruise.

  126. With that, for a time at least, he forgot the strange airplane and gave his attention to the ball game.

  127. Whenever two members of the team met, wildly enthusiastic words regarding the coming airplane tour were exchanged.

  128. When that game was played the Hillcrest team would be back from their airplane cruise.

  129. Strangely enough, in his mind's eye he saw at that moment not a brick building, but an airplane landing.

  130. That was all there was said about it, but when they took off a few hours later, Goggles did not occupy his accustomed seat in the airplane cabin.

  131. The mystery ship," Johnny thought as he watched that airplane glide away toward the clouds.

  132. He seemed to see an airplane landing within prison walls.

  133. Pant," said Johnny suddenly, "you set that airplane on fire.

  134. A race in an airplane might not end happily, especially with him at the wheel.

  135. This should be the airplane engine of the future.

  136. At last after five days of fruitless search, through the kindness of an old friend of his father he had secured a place in the salvage department of a great automobile and airplane factory.

  137. The fog had cleared now, and he could see the plane, an airplane Pant had borrowed, like some gigantic dragon fly, drifting down upon him.

  138. Both of them were more or less proficient in all matters connected with airplane engines, although it seemed as though a new species of trouble was springing up every little while, requiring fresh study in order to master the problem.

  139. That was easily understood, for up to the present time it must have been a rare event for an airplane to come circling over that remote trading post--indeed, perhaps never before had such a thrilling event occurred.

  140. We are your servants," he answered--but could say no more, for at the moment the air was filled with the thunder of many airplane motors racing nearer and nearer.

  141. No one waved when the huge airplane lifted off the ground, spiraled over the little group assembled near the water, with their dark-skinned guards standing close by.

  142. They asked particularly about the more lonely, desolate parts of the near-by country, where an airplane accident would not quickly be discovered.

  143. Thinking naturally that the airplane was Linda's, and that the girls were back again for some reason, Roger and his brothers went out to welcome them.

  144. Louise paused to watch an airplane that was flying overhead.

  145. We have been in an airplane accident, and we want to get to a telephone--" began Louise.

  146. She had forgotten for the moment about the necklace--that airplane accident, and the shock of finding Ted Mackay.

  147. It makes you feel that you never want to see an airplane again.

  148. There was so much to talk about--the championships the young people were hoping to win, the airplane stunts for which two noted flyers had been engaged, the contests in flying that anyone with a private pilot's license might enter.

  149. I thought perhaps you might enter the airplane competitions," suggested her aunt, to Linda's consternation.

  150. Early the next morning they bade their host and hostess a temporary farewell--for they were scheduled to return in a couple of days--and took a taxi to the airplane company where their Arrow was being kept.

  151. At that moment the airplane swerved and before the Yank thought to duck down he was seen.

  152. From watching your speedometer register something over thirty miles in less than sixty minutes I am convinced that only a motorcycle or an airplane would help us better to get on.

  153. After the Cairo conference, Mr. Churchill and I went by airplane to Teheran.

  154. His faculties were concentrated on the task of sliding the scout's clamp into the groove of the plane rack, but he was also surveying the lone airplane hanging from it.

  155. And, from one of the airplane carriers' broad decks, he saw two pursuit craft begin to rise.

  156. A ragged scream that marked the passing of Kashtanov split through the air for a flash of time, and the dark, blurred mass that was an airplane teetered clean over and flopped into the rushing spillway channel.

  157. The airplane was already feet off the ground and sweeping straight up.

  158. They whirled in circles of light in the sun; and the airplane beneath them poised, all but motionless, its main propeller swinging idly, and then began slowly to drop downwards.

  159. Moreover, the airplane had that same advantage upon which I have laid such emphasis in describing the anti-submarine powers of the submarine itself: that is, it was almost invisible to its under-water foe.

  160. Alone and unescorted he rescued the crew of a British airplane wrecked in the sea off Ostend, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by the British Government.

  161. Its great speed also made it possible for an airplane or dirigible to patrol a much greater area of water than a surface or a subsurface vessel.

  162. Expertly as this unusual train had been camouflaged, the German airplane observers had detected its approach.

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