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  1. And then, having received all the protection which wise counsel and advice could afford, the young airman was pronounced ready to begin his career as a combat pilot.

  2. The daring young airman who had astonished the students by his rapid progress had become once more the drugstore clerk, the very antithesis of what an airman might be expected to appear.

  3. No veteran airman or famous "ace"[7] could possibly have felt more exultant or proud.

  4. Then came the delicious moment of soaring upward--the ecstasy of feeling himself borne through the air as swiftly as the arrow from an archer's bow and that sense of wonderful freedom which the airman alone can enjoy.

  5. Some tender-hearted chaps smuggled in paper and I wrote sixty-four pages of my book entitled 'Life and Adventures of an Airman in France!

  6. Jolly lad, the airman fellow; wasn't done in after all!

  7. In any case, the solitary airman knew of the operations in progress.

  8. With the roar of the explosion still dinning in his ears, Alec saw the gallant airman disappear in a cloud of smoke mingled with far-flung debris.

  9. Accustomed though he was to see men slain in the heat of battle, the catastrophe to the daring airman had a depressing effect upon the Sub.

  10. Actually he gave a whoop of encouragement, for, marched off in charge of a file of marines, was the airman who had played havoc with the submarine mine-layers.

  11. Not a German airman must have an inkling of the assembly of the strange, ill-assorted armada in Dover Harbour.

  12. With their customary inclination to make "a show", the "spotting" aircraft had gone inland upon the termination of the bombardment in the hope that a Hun airman or two would try conclusions in aerial combat.

  13. This remark, ventured by one of the lieutenants, the chief airman ignored with a sniff.

  14. The airman was very much in earnest in his firm but respectful effort to correct the impression of his superiors in command that he had been guilty of some error of judgment.

  15. Billy would, indeed, have counted it a red-letter occasion if his old friend, and the boss airman of Dover, were really at hand to take in this show.

  16. An airman taking the big curve of the river would not be considered a good risk for a well-regulated insurance company.

  17. He inwardly trembled at the thought of the stocky airman suddenly turning from the fireplace to seek his precious reports.

  18. The man who had jumped into the machine was Anglin; the aviator was Gilbert Le Fane, the noted airman of Rouen, whom our boys had once followed in flight from Havre to Paris.

  19. The airman directed artillery fire by means of his pistol-light.

  20. The airman dropped flares to illuminate his target or his landing field.

  21. During the recent war the airman in the dark heights used the pistol signal-light effectively for communication.

  22. The enemy airman in this short time is unable to obtain any valuable knowledge pertaining to the earth below and furthermore he is likely to be temporarily blinded by the brilliant light if it is near him.

  23. The airman continued his journey on a wide circling flight, and we saw him coming back unscathed.

  24. On the ground a machine gun is fired essentially in a horizontal position, but the airman dives and leaps in his maneuvering and must be able to shoot at any instant.

  25. Then, with superb skill, the airman righted the damaged machine.

  26. The Turkish airman was not lacking in daring.

  27. For a few moments he felt a trifle uncertain of the manner of his reception, but he was quickly put at his ease by the young Sub, who, finding that the airman spoke French, was able to maintain a simple conversation.

  28. Jolly glad Iā€™m not a Hun airman these days, with men up against me like some of our chaps.

  29. In those days the only functions contemplated for an airman were reconnaissance and occasionally bombing.

  30. It was something to feel pride in, this taking part in the most ambitious expedition of the kind in which the Americans had ever embarked, without a single French or British airman along.

  31. Now and then the young airman managed to glimpse Tom's well known machine, for the two chums had decorated their planes with distinguishing marks that they could recognize even when a great distance away.

  32. The only thing that was troubling the young airman was a haunting fear that he might be kept out of the fighting for several days; and at this exciting stage of the advance that would seem like a real calamity to so ambitious a pilot.

  33. A Belgian woman was caught, near a battery position, flashing signals with a piece of bright tin to a Hun airman high overhead.

  34. Had a Hun airman caught sight of the traffic-filled road over which we had come the enemy gunners might have effectually closed it to traffic.

  35. Tom had never known a French or an American nor yet a British airman to adopt such a clumsy way of plunging so as to avoid punishment.

  36. They would be carried to some point from which, on another night, a daring Boche airman would attempt to take them far back of the French front, to hand over to the agent who was in communication with the master spy, Carl Potzfeldt.

  37. This would naturally be camouflaged in the customary fashion, at which the Teutons had become almost as proficient as the French; but trust an airman to spy out the lodging place of his kind.

  38. The London Daily Mail's Paris correspondent reports an interview with a French airman on the new French air bomb.

  39. Further details are now at hand of the Kaiser's narrow escape from death from bombs thrown by an airman attached to the allied army occupying the line from Nieuport to Ypres for five days.

  40. This might have endured until he returned to earth had not the airman stopped the engines so that they drifted ruminantly in space below the clouds.

  41. The young airman turned his head, and Mr. Lavender caught the surprised yellow of his eye.

  42. An attendant having taken hold of her by the collar, Mr. Lavender was heaved into the machine, where the young airman was already seated in front of him.

  43. Jack as a significant change in the clatter so thoroughly understood by any airman announced the hop-off from the surface of the lake.

  44. The airman also tossed into Paris a German flag, to which was tied a postal card calling upon Paris to surrender.

  45. An outpost reports," he began formally, "that Captain von Eltz in his Aviatik biplane was pursued and wrecked by a French airman who was obliged to make a forced landing inside our lines.

  46. Several times the airman inspected his phosphorescent compass and map, each time thereafter altering his course.

  47. From a safe height the German airman and his observer watched their handiwork.

  48. He rendered valuable service to France as an astronomist before the war, and as an airman during the war.

  49. Stefanik, a distinguished airman and scientist, Hungarian Slovak by birth, the vice-president, and Dr.

  50. A British airman with an extraordinary record, Captain James B.

  51. By following an express locomotive, which must be stoked at frequent intervals, and looking out for the coloured signal-lights along the line, an airman can always reach the London area.

  52. I had gone down the Thames to spend Christmas with my old friend, Jack Watson, of the Naval Flying Corps, when, under cover of a light fog, a German airman suddenly appeared.

  53. While lost I had flown in a complete circle quite unconsciously, as every airman flies.

  54. To them, every airman who happens to have a nose-dive is a hero.

  55. But it was often necessary to spend more than half of the four hundred rounds allotted to a normal counter-battery shoot in destroying the trees round the target, before the airman could get a good view of it.

  56. Our nearest aerodromes were down on the plain, and a big expenditure of petrol was required to get the airman up the mountains and actually over the Plateau, and also to get him down again.

  57. The young airman waved his comrades back and cautiously approached the unexpected layout before him.

  58. It was certainly an expert airman who piloted the Comet away so snugly,ā€ declared Dave.

  59. There wasnā€™t an airman I questioned who recognized the machine.

  60. The young airman was curious and interested enough to lean over into the body of the machine and secure the object dropped by the bird.

  61. It seemed to the young airman as though a cannon had gone off near by.

  62. The young airman came directly up to the native and extended the trinket.

  63. The young airman found Adasse to be quite as kindly disposed towards him as Adrianoffski had been.

  64. The young airman thrilled, as in the full flare of the many lights he closely studied the face of this strange hermit aloft.

  65. The young airman had become greatly interested in an exploit in which he had been invited to take part.

  66. I think so, too,ā€ replied the young airman at once.

  67. Three of them were armed with guns, and they confronted the airman in a menacing way.

  68. The young airman was lucky in running across the manager, a man who knew his business thoroughly.

  69. The young airman let the landlord do most of the talking, replying evasively.

  70. The young airman left word to be called at daylight and the comrades were shown to a doubled-bedded room.

  71. There was only one thing to do, and the airman did it.

  72. Those on the torpedo-destroyer, although she was steaming fast, lost sight of the airman before mid-Channel was reached.

  73. The airman is, in fact, as much in command of his machine as he was before its motor stopped--save for one vital difference.

  74. A friend stretched out an arm, pointing across the water, and the airman nodded and sat back in his machine.

  75. He realised, too, a fact that the modern airman always bears in mind; and that is the value of flying high.

  76. But there is another force the airman can use, even when his motor fails entirely; and this is the downward pull of gravity, which acts unceasingly upon his machine.

  77. The airman studies a gauge before he ascends, ascertaining the strength at which the wind is blowing.

  78. But his motor did not falter--although, in this cross-Channel flight, the airman was asking it to run longer than it had done before.

  79. It is now that, turning a moment from his control-wheel, the airman points south-east across the Channel.

  80. This flight was made by Tabuteau, an airman flying a Maurice Farman biplane.

  81. Only the approach of darkness, in fact, caused the airman to descend.

  82. As soon as an airman has flown over us, ten minutes later we get their shrapnel fire on our position.

  83. The British troops buried the airman and burnt the aeroplane.

  84. This means that if an airman ascends alone he is unable to use a rifle and must depend for attack on revolver fire only.

  85. An army airman "simply craves for cigarettes and matches.

  86. A petrol bomb was dropped by an English airman at night into a German bivouac with alarming results, and another thrown at a cavalry column struck an ammunition wagon and killed fifteen men.

  87. A French airman wiped out a cavalry troop with a bomb, and the effect of the steel arrows used by French aviators is known to be damaging.

  88. The airman afterwards told his friends that for several seconds he could not get the machine to answer the controls, and for a time he was falling at a speed of 100 miles an hour.

  89. This skilful airman came with three other Australians to this country to seek his fortune about three years before.

  90. Ten minutes after Bolcke and I go up, there is not an enemy airman to be seen.

  91. And where is the little airman while all this crowd is gathering?

  92. How an Airman Knows what Height he Reaches One of the first questions the visitor to an aerodrome, when watching the altitude tests, asks is: "How is it known that the airman has risen to a height of so many feet?

  93. This intrepid Italian airman made a non-stop journey from Turin to Naples and back, a distance of 920 miles.

  94. And on reaching the coast the airman has to evade or fight scattered local defences, instead of penetrating the close barriers which confront him all the way to Paris.

  95. The artist had drawn the picture so skilfully that one could imagine the huge, knotted fingers grasping the shackles were itching to bring the airman within their clutch.

  96. It began to be recognized that publication of the name of an airman who had destroyed a Zeppelin, for instance, did not constitute any vital information to the enemy.

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