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  1. The figure of a wild boar is the symbol of their superstition; and he who has that emblem about him thinks himself secure even in the thickest ranks of the enemy without any need of arms or any other mode of defence.

  2. Both the broch and the nuraghe have low doorways which "would at once put an enemy at a disadvantage in attempting to enter".

  3. He thinks that the settlements of Easterners in Brittany were invaded at one and the same time by the enemy and the ocean.

  4. Not only did the dog attack beasts of prey; in Gaelic folk-tales it is the enemy of fairies and demons, and especially cave-haunting demons.

  5. That shrill, penetrating, ceaseless sound, which rose above all other sounds, could come neither from the advance of the enemy nor from the work of the sappers.

  6. A friend can not be known in prosperity; an enemy can not be hidden in adversity.

  7. Column after column had been precipitated for eight hours on the enemy posted along the ridge of a hill.

  8. He said unto them, An enemy hath done this.

  9. The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

  10. One of his followers might do so, if he thought that he might so throw an enemy off La Tournoire's track.

  11. Moreover, he is an enemy to the King, also a deserter from the French Guards, so that he deserves death on various accounts, old and new.

  12. He advanced towards the desk, and the captain, unable to restrain his emotions of pleasure, gave vent to exclamations of gladness by slapping his hand on the desk, while tears came to his eyes in proof of his pleasure.

  13. They were furnished whiskey, were debauched, and corrupted as a people, until virtue was unknown among their women; the men themselves selling their wives and daughters for the basest purposes.

  14. To see the flame from the guns, one would suppose they saw the enemy on some cliff above them, although the Modoc flame was on a level.

  15. These kings of the Cascades yield not to showers of leaden hail or flocks of flying arrows until the life of their enemy or their own gives victory.

  16. See how they run, and laugh, and shout, until the enemy is turned, and then the victory is followed up, each anxious to secure trophies of the battle.

  17. The pale-face hunter stood his ground, and sent another ball, merely to persuade his enemy to desist.

  18. Harris to take a position on the hill-side, and when the point was reached, Harris found that the enemy was still above him and commanding his new position.

  19. But Jane seems to have had no enemies, except Alexander Aless, who denounced her to Luther as an enemy to the Gospel, probably because she extinguished the shining light of Anne Boleyn.

  20. England involved in the presence of a foe on his northern Borders, in close alliance with his inveterate enemy across the Channel.

  21. If Europe could not combine against the common enemy of the Faith, was it likely to combine against one who, in spite of all his enormities, was still an orthodox Christian?

  22. With no enemy to check them, with no pay to content them, the imperial troops were ravaging, pillaging, sacking cities and churches throughout Northern Italy without let or hindrance.

  23. Everywhere the people pressed forward to help; in the Isle of Wight they were lining the shores with palisades, and taking every precaution to render a landing of the enemy a perilous enterprise.

  24. It is a public enemy and traitor, wherever it shows itself, to be subdued, in the discharge of solemn guaranties of Government, and in the exercise of unquestionable and indefeasible rights of self-defence.

  25. The soldier meets the enemy face to face; the statesman, by wise precautions, provides that the enemy, once conquered, shall never rise again.

  26. All now admit that in the Rebel States it is a public enemy and traitor, so that the Rebellion is seen in Slavery, and Slavery is seen in the Rebellion.

  27. But whether national nuisance or public enemy and traitor, it is obnoxious to the same judgment, and must be abolished.

  28. BLOOM: On this day twenty years ago we overcame the hereditary enemy at Ladysmith.

  29. We writhed and strained for the advantage; but the Lord was against me for He permited my enemy to overcome me and throw me down on the edge of the precipice.

  30. Ah, but, Benedicta, the enemy is strong, and you have a traitor to unbar the gates.

  31. Their supply of ammunition was abundant, and they were able to keep their enemy from coming to close quarters.

  32. All of his talking in the past had seemed in vain, so of what avail would words be now with the enemy so near?

  33. He was the chief of the mountains again, the implacable enemy of the Chilcats.

  34. With thirty men to support him, aided by the whites, he believed that the enemy could be defeated and driven back crushed.

  35. He was a spy, his merciless enemy who had come to seek him out.

  36. After a couple of hours' hard paddling and no sign of the enemy was seen they began to think that the Indians had given up the idea.

  37. They must separate into three bands, and spread off into the forest, and thus come up behind the enemy in three different directions.

  38. After a terrific volley from the enemy fiercer than any they had yet experienced, several of the men held a hurried conversation.

  39. It would not do to let their enemy get possession first.

  40. He might have been captured by the enemy and brought into camp.

  41. This flight was made at the moment when Dan had gone to the farther side of the barricade where the attack of the enemy was least expected.

  42. One of the few spots in Europe forced to battle for her existence, with a devouring enemy at her door, she thrives and continues century after century.

  43. To embarrass the enemy they cut down the olive plantations around the city, thus destroying with unselfish courage the revenue of a generation, for it takes some twenty years for the olive tree to bear fruit.

  44. Chiefest of the restrictions placed upon the black man by his white protector is that which prevents him, when his angry passions rise, from taking his enemy by the throat and carving him with a broad, curved blade of native make.

  45. When your word came that I should find Elebi--he being an enemy of the Government and disobeying your word--I took fifty of my young men and followed on his tracks.

  46. No wonder my own dog did not bark; he knew it was his ancient enemy without, and the instinct of the dog of war was to wait stealthily till the foe should get within his reach.

  47. The real interest of the little Cathedral is its ancient military strength, neither very grand nor very imposing, but very real to the enemy who hundreds of years ago hurled himself against the hard, plain stones.

  48. And I repeat that all these things have their military uses too: you may want to take up a wounded friend and convey him out of danger; you may want to heave an enemy over your head and make off with him.

  49. Speak, my son, in spite of all; give not this enemy occasion to blaspheme; let him not flout thy powers with tripod and water and frankincense, as though thine art were lost without them.

  50. Arsacomas is a personal enemy of mine: the superior esteem in which I am held, and the preference shown for me by our elders, are things which he cannot forgive.

  51. And strange to say, Elmer felt more pride over hearing one who had been an enemy speak these words of praise than he would have been had his chums gone into ecstasies over his work as a trailer.

  52. We hold the fort, and the enemy has skipped out!

  53. The enemy sowed tracts in the night, and the righteous men tremble.

  54. I--am afraid Tita has an enemy in this house.

  55. There is no romance in it, he tells himself; it is rather the feeling of an enemy who knows his foe to be close by.

  56. As long as we maintain control of the sea as far as surface craft are concerned, there can be no fear of the enemy establishing submarine bases in the Western Hemisphere.

  57. If an enemy raider appeared on the horizon, the escorting cruiser or cruisers left the convoy and began chase; a battle ensued, the convoy meanwhile passing on its voyage unharmed.

  58. Thanks to the vigilance and efficiency of the British mine-sweepers, however, the enemy gained nothing from all these preparations, for the channel was cleared of German mines before our vessels reached port.

  59. This illustration immediately makes it clear why the Allied submarine itself was the most destructive enemy of the German submarine.

  60. It was the fourth time that we went off in pursuit of the enemy that we suddenly discovered that a large number of hostile planes were proceeding towards us, not in the air with the other four planes but very close to the water.

  61. If it comes to the surface and fires its guns, naturally it advertises to its enemy precisely where it is; but it betrays its location almost as clearly when it discharges a torpedo.

  62. The moral of the enemy submarines is not broken, only about fifty-four are known to have been captured or sunk and no voluntary surrenders have been recorded.

  63. There can be no doubt but that this great force was a factor in persuading the enemy to acknowledge defeat when he did.

  64. At times in the past they have found one of these avenues of approach free of submarines under such conditions as to lead them to concentrate shipping therein, but invariably the enemy has become aware of the course pursued.

  65. He was a good young man and hadn't a enemy in the company; we buried him thar on the Peacus river, we did, and as we went off, these here lines sorter passed through my mind.

  66. He was a determined enemy to the French revolution, and seldom rose in the house for several years without volunteering some abuse of it.

  67. Did you say you had followed the enemy of your country over frozen ground, till every footstep was covered with blood?

  68. The Enemy sent several large Boats full of Men from their Ships into the Battery, which is pretty plain they did not expect Boccachica would have been attacked at that Time, or consequently they would not have sent them there.

  69. At length Owen’s good fortune and perseverance brought his enemy into his power.

  70. Henry, finding his formidable enemy thus advantageously posted on the crown of the hill, did not deem it prudent to attack him in this position, and therefore encamped his forces on the lower part of the Mountain.

  71. It was the first time Emmett had seen the enemy other than in pictures and the sight of the thousands of snakelike, wriggling antennae nauseated him.

  72. The enemy has studied the remains of our warships but there's a good chance that the information never fell into their hands.

  73. When he opened them again he could see only the unwinking stars and the enemy ship, which was still hovering nearby like a huge glaring eye.

  74. He was a carpenter and luckily, he had been working inside the barricades of an Army spaceport when the news came that the enemy had broken through the defense ring beyond Pluto.

  75. He dismissed it from his mind, and after what seemed an eternity, his feet touched the hull of the enemy ship.

  76. There's no sense in just standing here--waiting for the enemy to come.

  77. Why should one enemy prevent another from killing us?

  78. The enemy collapsed at his feet and writhed helplessly on the floor.

  79. Floating through space toward the enemy ship, Emmett felt overcome with an absurd sensation of freedom.

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