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Example sentences for "depressing"

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depress; depressant; depressants; depressed; depresses; depression; depressions; depressive; depressor; depriue
  1. Possibly there are few other districts in the world more depressing in continued wet weather than the Hebrides--a wild savage land of rock and loch and ling surrounded by stormy seas, and only too often shrouded in gray mist.

  2. Visions of a glorious future alternated with sad and depressing thoughts; high darings, and hopeless views of what lay before him, came and went, and went and came again.

  3. The depressing effect of the ever-present and ever-renewing supply of immigrant labor upon wages appears most clearly at the time of wage contests, and often seems to be the most important aspect of the question.

  4. This fact alone might well be taken as sufficient to offset whatever depressing effects the coming of the immigrants may have had upon the native birthrate, leaving the immigration nearly a net addition to population.

  5. And that people should go on existing by the million in the towns, preying on each other, and getting continually out of work, with all those other depressing concomitants of an awkward state, distressed him.

  6. His wife, whatever her conduct, had clear eyes and an almost depressing amount of common sense.

  7. To me it would be depressing to think that I would go on living after death, or live again in a new body, myself yet not myself.

  8. I do not see anything depressing in that.

  9. I wonder if one woman staying in a house full of men would find life as depressing as I do cooped up here under precisely opposite circumstances," he thought, as he made his way through the little churchyard.

  10. Certainly one cannot but say, after this depressing picture by one "to the manner born," that Ireland needs regenerating.

  11. It is not quite willingly that we pay our respect--just because of the depressing effect which this feeling exerts on our self-love.

  12. The wooden shanty which served as a shelter for telegraph, freight and passengers at Slippy Bend was as depressing as rain, flapping shingles and a skewed roof could make it.

  13. She had never seen anything quite as sordid and depressing as her surroundings.

  14. In the depressing adversities of the early morning, as well as in the success which followed later in the day, their courage was equally conspicuous.

  15. Now apply the positive or negative pole of the battery by depressing the battery key, and balance to the false zero previously obtained by varying the resistance in arms A or B.

  16. The battery key has single contact, but the galvanometer key has double contact; depressing it closes the galvanometer circuit, and releasing it short circuits the galvanometer, bringing the latter quickly to rest.

  17. The world which Mr. Festing Jones exhibits to us in his opening chapters is full of the drabbest and most depressing horrors of Early Victorianism.

  18. The other plays in the volume vary in quality from some excellent fooling in Great Catherine to a depressing mechanical liveliness, almost utterly without humour, in Augustus Does His Bit.

  19. It was a depressing fact that afterwards, as the Minister opposed to Bismarck, he was so unequal to his position.

  20. Only it is depressing to see this doctrine in its Roman Catholic form winning greater power everywhere every day.

  21. Many were the tears she wept after her depressing colloquies with Amy; and, as was to be expected, she thought severely of the cause of these sorrows.

  22. As a rule he made it a day of rest, and almost perforce, for the depressing influence of Sunday in London made work too difficult.

  23. Pyrogravure is also an efficient way of depressing the ground work of thick leather when the point is worked with repeated touches over the surface.

  24. A special tool, called Pied de Biche (hind's foot) in allusion to its shape, is also useful in depressing the ground at right angles to the modelling.

  25. George asked himself if she would have lifted the crop, if all these fortunates reacted to a precise and depressing formula.

  26. The game ended in a dusky and depressing autumn haze.

  27. Another depressing thought made him bad company for Blodgett after the callers had driven away.

  28. An area covering nearly thirty square miles is now but one sad picture of desolation, strewn with ashes and lava, to look upon which was both depressing and awe-inspiring.

  29. It was only a sullen gray dome over a gray and ghastly sea, depressing to the last degree to men worn as they were.

  30. In this depressing time Robert drew much courage from Charteris, who had been a prisoner a long time in Quebec, and who understood even more thoroughly than young Lennox the hollowness of the French power in North America.

  31. The disease is apparently due to insanitary surroundings, depressing constitutional conditions, improper and excessively nitrogenous diet.

  32. Food and depressing circumstances have, however, to be taken into consideration.

  33. In truth, her life would have been lonely and depressing enough, had it not been for the distractions which Claire Fromont procured for her.

  34. Image after image pressed upon her brain, each more pessimistic, more depressing than its predecessor.

  35. And as the woman left in charge of the establishment knew not Francatelli, and never rose above the rude simplicity of "plain" cookery--depressing word!

  36. In such conditions Marylebone is as depressing a district as any in London.

  37. As a rule, there is something very depressing about a woman's writing when she wishes to be amusing.

  38. Barker; "why should it be depressing to look at everything as it is, or to try to?

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