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Example sentences for "closes"

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closed; closely; closeness; closer; closers; closest; closet; closeted; closeter; closeth
  1. Especially in spring are these cloisters delightful, when the old trees of the courts and closes put on their early green, an innocent green that contrasts so poetically with the crumbling grime of the ancient walls.

  2. Glam's entry and onset resemble those of Grendel: when Grettir closes with him he tries to get out.

  3. An epic poem only closes when everything is really concluded: not, like a modern novel, at a point where the reader can imagine the rest for himself[258].

  4. The poem closes with an account of the funeral rites.

  5. This closes the period covering the heavy fighting which commenced at Mons on Sunday afternoon, 23d August, and which really constituted a four days' battle.

  6. When I tell mamma this she looks at me in the same silence; her eyes dilate and then she slowly closes them.

  7. If mamma knew him, which she doesn’t, for she always closes her eyes when I pass on his arm, she would think him disgusting.

  8. The lightning flashes whenever he opens or closes his wings.

  9. The letter closes with a request for masses and prayers.

  10. Here, then, closes this wild and bloody act of the great drama of New France; and now let the curtain fall, while we ponder its meaning.

  11. What forbids it to do so and closes its mouth at the decisive moment?

  12. The book of the Paralipomenes, in which the assassination of Zacharias, son of Jehoiadas, is related, closes the Hebrew canon.

  13. The weighted valve now closes and the small connecting pipes are instantly filled with compressed air; the steam valve automatically opens, and the compression goes on in the regular way.

  14. The angel of life winds them up once for all, then closes the case, and gives the key into the hands of the angel of the resurrection.

  15. Faith opens a way for the understanding; unbelief closes it.

  16. When each comes forth from his mother's womb, the gate of gifts closes behind him.

  17. The heavenward path which a great man opens up for us and traverses generally, like the track of a ship through the water, closes behind him on his decease.

  18. For in the season, just in May, When many meetings meet, The jocund vestry starts away, And closes all the street.

  19. And further, in this beautiful millennial or resurrection scene, which thus closes this story, the stormy wind is hushed, and the lightning of the thunder strikes no more.

  20. This is, I believe, the mystic meaning of this new family of Abraham; and this strange and wondrous article is that which closes his history.

  21. The time of his servitude closes in chap.

  22. The path of truth, higher living, truer development in every phase of life, is never shut from the individual--until he closes it himself.

  23. Nature keeps her books admirably; she puts down every item, she closes all accounts finally, but she does not always balance them at the end of the month.

  24. You must see to this matter at once, for the bureau closes at two o'clock.

  25. He closes by assuring her that he will be more careful in future and that she need never fear but that he will keep her expenses paid.

  26. He closes by saying that he rather expects to go with Anson Burlingame on the Chinese embassy.

  27. He closes at last with a bit of pleasantry for his mother.

  28. It closes with the customary pleasantries and the final line: "But it is growing dark.

  29. He closes with an item from a physician's letter--an item which he says "gives you a sudden and terrific sense of the situation there.

  30. The preface of Boswell's "Account of Corsica" closes with an interesting bit of self-revelation.

  31. And after three hours he closes his great speech with this touching bit: "And now I shall leave my client's case in your hands.

  32. Brown supposes that the portion of the book written in prison closes where Christian and Hopeful part from the shepherds on the Delectable Mountains.

  33. Where a counter-opening is thus made it is found that it very readily closes with granulation tissue, and the purpose for which it was made defeated.

  34. The greater portion of the cavity becomes filled with granulation tissue, and the epidermis gradually closes round until all is covered except a spot of perhaps the size of half a crown or a crown piece.

  35. With the loss of pressure from beneath, occasioned by the removal of so much of the cicatricial tissue, the epidermis the more readily closes over the wound.

  36. Then, when body and soul are fitted for the change, there comes what ordinary mortals call death; and the pure being closes his eyes, to awake forthwith in his original glory from the sleep which mortals call life.

  37. Thou hast at length arrived at Purgatory; See there the cliff that closes it around; See there the entrance, where it seems disjoined.

  38. A shower pelts the deck and the sails of the ship as if flung with a scream by an angry hand; and when the night closes in, the night of a south-westerly gale, it seems more hopeless than the shade of Hades.

  39. The stopped fowls going round again, Mrs. Bagnet closes her eyes in the intensity of her relief.

  40. Though he crosses one leg on another, and folds his hands, and several times closes and opens his parched lips, he seems to all intents and purposes as insensible as before.

  41. Overpowered by his exertions, he lays his head back on his pillows and closes his eyes for not more than a minute, when he again resumes his watching of the weather and his attention to the muffled sounds.

  42. Mr. Weevle softly holds up his finger, and draws him into the passage, and closes the street door.

  43. That feline personage, with her lips tightly shut and her eyes looking out at him sideways, softly closes the door before replying.

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