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Example sentences for "depressants"

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depredator; depredators; deprehended; depress; depressant; depressed; depresses; depressing; depression; depressions
  1. And said my Master: "Ye can go your way And carry back again to those who sent you, That this one's body is of very flesh.

  2. Central nervous system depressants are compounds that have a predominant effect of depressing or blocking the activity of the CNS; often by interfering with the transmission of information across synapses.

  3. The two types likely to be encountered are CNS depressants and CNS stimulants.

  4. Various kinds of poisons circulating in the blood, both depressants and excitants, may affect the rapidity or the regularity of the heart.

  5. In this age of cardiac failure, heart depressants of all types, and especially the synthetic products, should be given only with careful judgment, and, never frequently repeated or long continued.

  6. This is one of the most serious depressants a heart has to combat; acute pain must not be allowed, and prolonged subacute pain must be stopped.

  7. The use of depressants can cause both physical and psychological dependence.

  8. The combination of depressants and alcohol can multiply the effects of the drugs, thereby multiplying the risks.

  9. Babies born to mothers who abuse depressants during pregnancy may be physically dependent on the drugs and show withdrawal symptoms shortly after they are born.

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