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Example sentences for "depressant"

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  1. The treatment is to empty the stomach by tube or by a non-depressant emetic.

  2. With our better understanding of magnesium absorption and the depressant effect of magnesium on the nervous system, magnesium salts should not be used in serious conditions.

  3. The specific germ of the disease, or the toxin elaborated by this germ, may be especially depressant to the heart, as in diphtheria, or the germ may be particularly prone to locate in the heart, as in rheumatism and pneumonia.

  4. It acts quickly, is less depressant and is a safer salt than most of the other newer hypnotics.

  5. Further, the Council knows of no evidence to support the following claims: “As a stimulant Capsicum has the power of neutralizing depressant remedies like Lobelia and Tobacco.

  6. Capsicum, Melaleuca, and Laurus Camphora in Libradol tend to counteract the excessive relaxative and depressant effects of Lobelia.

  7. Its effect is to counteract the depressant action of low and miasmatic atmospheres, opening the secretions which they have checked.

  8. Strychnia has its most important field in the treatment of these cases after the depressant effect of the venom has taken place.

  9. Alcohol, like serpent venom, has two effects, the later or depressant effect being exactly the same as the depressant effect of the venom itself.

  10. The administration of the strychnia will follow next in order only if the depressant symptoms of the venom indicate its need.

  11. In my department of the University of Buffalo I follow Cushny, who claims that alcohol is a poison, a depressant in direct proportion to the amount ingested, and a so-called false food.

  12. The phenomena of sleep and coma as the result of a poison acting as a depressant of motor nerve force afford food for some interesting speculations, which, however, as more concerning the psychologist, the writer can only glance at here.

  13. It paralyzes respiration finally by a secondary depressant action upon the respiratory center.

  14. It lowers blood-pressure by paralyzing the vaso-motor centers and by a direct depressant action upon the heart muscle.

  15. Fresh air, moderate exercise, good food, and some mild nerve depressant is all that can be done.

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